1. N

    55 CLK 280 computer displaying double the miles actually driven

    I've owned this car for over a year, and had noticed that the service due/overdue indicator on the dash had been advancing in two day increments instead of one. But I've just noticed, having done a 7 mile journey in 14 minutes, that the car says I've done 14 miles in 28 minutes! Obviously this...
  2. R

    2003 c class coupe what double din adaptor do I need?

    My mate has 2003 c class coupe and he would like a double din unit installing I have looked at fascia adaptors and there is more than one available which one have people used? His double din has not come with a cage. Im ok with the wiring side just need to know what fascia fits and looks the best.
  3. Dieselman

    Double decker bus convoy

    Mrs Dm and I just nipped into a local town and were stopped at a roundabout with traffic lights on, when four double decker buses from a local company entered and came round. Mrs Dm commented on there being a lot of these buses together when seconds later the lead bus had to stop at a pelican...
  4. J

    Wanted set of e class 7 double spoke alloys

    Hi Im new to here I have a e350 sport convertible I could only get one with the 18inch amg alloys which I do really like , but at the time this was the only black on black 350 in stock , Im looking for a set of 19 inch double 7 spoke amg alloys if anyone knows anyone with a second hand set fore...
  5. U

    CLK w209 2003 Double Din Fitting Any cutting?

    Hello As some may know, I have purchased a 2003 (52 plate) CLK W209 to replace my W208. I am considering fitting this unit from Halfords Halfords | Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB DAB Car Radio/CD Player It is a Double Din fitting, and they will fit it for me. I just want to check before I order...
  6. SPX

    Wanted: Double Din head unit

    I'm removing the COMAND from my C32 and would like to replace it with something a little more up-to-date. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    Sprinter fitting double seat and base

    Hi Everyone, i wonder if anyone can help, i have purchased a sprinter 2004 311 cdi lwb with a walk through box body on, it came with a single passenger seat and base. I need to convert it to a double seat and know that I can purchase genuine second hand double seats and bases on ebay...
  8. P

    Vito Double Passanger seat base Chop

    Morning Chaps I have managed to acquire some BMW 3 series seats to put in the front of my dualiner. The drivers seat is easy enough but I have not managed to get a single passanger seat base and I have a dual at the moment. Does anyone know if its possible or has anyone chopped the extra...
  9. J

    Double din for w168

    Hi Newbie here :) Trying to find a double din for my w168, heard the c class 200 is the closest fit, but need to er modify it, anyone tried this? Blessings.
  10. Palfrem

    Double standards alive and well

    Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail but bear with me.... Disgraced, millionaire criminal, Mr Huhne buys an iPad on expenses and it's not worth taking him to court to get it back after quitting as an Mp Fury at Huhne who bought £600 iPad on expenses before quitting as MP with Clegg demanding...
  11. Derek Mc

    Opinions on the double star.

    As per the title, what is the general consensus on the sport grille on a C-class then the bonnet badge swapped for the star emblem as well? I saw one today and though subtle it caught my eye and made me think,,,, FWIW I liked the look :)
  12. C

    got stressed and fitted the double din

    finally bit the bullet and made myself a double din hole on my 1999 e55 amg although the head unit might not be everyones cup of tea it does everything bar boil eggs and the front is detachable so i can use as an android tablet. so after a bit of hack sawing and filler and carbon wrap...
  13. D

    Is Comand DX Double ?

    Struggling to find a definitive answer to this. The only thing that I am struggling to live with is Comand. I knew this would be an issue, and while I like the original look of it, I would prefer the functionality of a modern unit. I'll try and keep it as clean as I can. I'm slightly...
  14. S

    Clk Aftermarket double din

    I have got a double din head unit to go into a clk 320 auto coupe elegance w208 2002 51 plate. But the wiring harness/connector/iso is not a fit for my new unit. One side fits but the other has the pins in the wrong place. I cant seem to find an aftermarket harness that will fit right...
  15. G

    w210 e320cdi double din wooden surround/facia ?

    Evening fellow members. I want to replace my single din stereo facia with the double din command style facia. I have scoured the planet and cannot find one. They seem to be the first thing to be bought from a breakers!! Can anyone help me please? Cheers
  16. The _Don

    Manual gearbox sales double in the us

    PistonHeads Headlines - Manual gearbox sales double in the US
  17. Gollom

    Double Din audio/DVD unit

    7'' Double 2 Din Digital HD Car DVD Player GPS SAT NAVI USB Bluetooth 4G EU Map | eBay UK seller. What do people think of this into a 2002 W203? Bag 'o Worms or Go Man, Go! Could it be linked in? (I do accept that the SatNav is unlikely to be wonderful) Thanks
  18. ringway

    Anyone had Comand (or any Double Din unit) stolen?

    I've been weighing up the differences between a used Comand unit and a new aftermarket Double Din. Both units have equal features but the aftermarket unit has a detachable face which is my preference. I spoke with the owner of a car audio shop recently who said the theft of Double Din units...
  19. F

    Vito dualiner double rear seat

    Hi there, does anyone know the part number for the pin required to add a single seat to a double. Also the spare wheel of my lwb dualiner 2005 was stolen after a month of having it. Basically you cut the cable from the holder and the wheel falls off. Any sugestions to fully secure the wheel...
  20. Mozzer

    Double Glazing Question

    I'm sure at some point in my life, I was told that having wooden double glazed windows was better than UPVC from an aesthetic / snobbery point of view, not necessarily from an efficiency point of view. The house we bought about 7 years ago has them, hundreds of them, split into little panes...
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