1. ringway

    How many miles have you driven?

    I passed my driving test aged 17. From the age of around 20 up until around the age of 40 I would cover around 25,000 miles per year. Since then (and in years 17 -20) my mileage per annum would be circa 10 - 12,000. That puts me in at around the 675,000 miles mark. I know that will be beaten...
  2. D

    Holiday family's car is driven 800 miles while 'parked' by airport firm

    Gatwick airport valet company drove car 800 miles while family are on holiday | Daily Mail Online Mercedes E220 had 7,226 miles on the clock. Read more:
  3. Somebody

    Has anybody driven a 115 diesel?

    Why is it that I always get the strange cars? A relaxing trip to the vintage car auctions, looking around thinking no more exotics, I am sick of cars that aint nobody know nothing about. That Benz caught my eye, so Im thinking, hmm, its a Benz, that means its practically like a Volkswagen...
  4. W

    Anyone driven a BMW 125D (F21)?

    I've seen an excellent lease deal on a BMW 125D M Sport manual. Has anyone driven or owned one, care to share their opinion? Cheers.
  5. HB

    What is the best all round car you've driven

    Myn was my Mk V Golf R32.
  6. HollowPoint

    Best all-round car I've ever driven

    Greetings! As of last night, I am the proud owner of a W204 C220 AMG Sport Estate, in white. The white part actually wasn't something I was keen on, but it was the only one they had and after test driving it, I wanted it, lol. It got it's first big journey last night from Doncaster to...
  7. gunning

    Driven the new s63 amg coupe

    Today was MB Exeters special invitation event for the new s class coupe and and AMG event (not into invitation only stuff but I thought I did want to have a look) So with a vast selection I drove the s63 AMG coupe and all I can say is it is amazing! The quality and finish of the interior far...
  8. The _Don

    Mercedes gla45 amg: Driven
  9. The _Don

  10. jamesfuller

    Driven to Extremes

    On ITV4 now!
  11. N

    55 CLK 280 computer displaying double the miles actually driven

    I've owned this car for over a year, and had noticed that the service due/overdue indicator on the dash had been advancing in two day increments instead of one. But I've just noticed, having done a 7 mile journey in 14 minutes, that the car says I've done 14 miles in 28 minutes! Obviously this...
  12. moff

    AMG Event - Loads of Cars DRIVEN!

    Managed to get an invite the AMG Driving Even at Lincoln Mercedes today. It was a truly awesome day so if you get the opportunity to go grab it! I drove some stunning cars: SLS GT CLS63 E63 A45 Other cars there included: C63 Coupe PPP, C63 Saloon, C63 Estate, ML63, and some...
  13. npuk

    Chauffeur driven cars

    From past threads I think we have a few memebers who business is to provide chauffeur driven cars. Could any that are London based PM me as I would like to get a quote, or if anyone knows who thoses members are if they could let me know please so I can contact them. Thanks.
  14. B

    Driven: E300 BlueTec Hybrid

    Well guys, I got a Bluetec Hybrid to test out for 4 days. Its a W212 Avantgarde in Cavansite Blue, with the standard AG spec etc. After some 400 miles (of which 280 has been motorway) the car is showing a dismal 45mpg average. This having reset all counters, and monitoring the actual fuel...
  15. The _Don

    Mercedes-benz sls amg black series: Driven Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: Geneva Show Report + Facelift E63 AMG Driven

    z9Vd4nUj5W0 Geneva show report: McLaren P1, LaFerrari, and E63 Road Test - CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  17. The _Don

    Driven: Mercedes-benz e63 amg 4matic Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  18. A

    Has anyone driven a facelift Vito Auto

    Just as the question says, does anyone here have any experience or opinions of the auto gearbox in the newer facelift Vitos ( 113 or 116). I'm thinking of changing my 115 Sport in the near future,but the pants manual gearbox is a big problem for me. Also, how do the 113 and 116 compare to...
  19. R

    How fast have you driven your current car?

    A poll: We all drive cars that are capable of speeds much greater than 70mph, but how much of our cars performance have we ever used. This poll is anonymous and we will assume that these speeds were obtained where it was legal and safe. So how fast has your car gone? My assertion comes from the...
  20. The _Don

    A45 amg (not) driven

    A45 AMG (not) driven - PistonHeads
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