1. tron


    I haven't received the V5 for the W124 although when trying to SORN it, DVLA say they have issued it so I must Sorn by post and the direct debit continues unstopped so I am being taxed on a Sorn vehicle through their inefficiency. While we are at it, where is the unexpired portion of the tax...
  2. lfckeeper

    V5 not matching DVLA records

    Went to buy a new (to me) CLS this evening from a dealer. When I went online to register the car into my name with the DVLA, it said the V5 doesn't match the records they have. What he said is its in a traders hold (yellow slip filled out) and because he used the v5c/2 (new keeper supplement)...
  3. S

    DVLA private plate help

    Hi guys quick dvla question... Got a private plate to go on a car the logbook has been sent off into my name few days ago v5 still not come back yet, im wondering if i can still assign the plate top the car using the doc ref found on the v5c/2 (green slip) or will the doc ref change when the...
  4. L

    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Hi all, I imported a 190 Evo II about a year ago and am finally ready to put it on the road. DVLA is making me jump through some hoops though. One of which is that for some reason they have rejected my Portuguese registration document and stated I need to get proof of manufactured date from...
  5. W124newbie

    Current DVLA times for new V5C?

    I bought a car about 6 weeks ago from a private trader and still haven't received the new log book. He says he posted it straight away and I have no reason to doubt that. On the DVLA website it says it should arrive in 4 weeks but to wait for at least 6 before contacting them. Should I...
  6. jdrrco

    MOT computer glitch at DVLA

    I always get my cars MOTd as soon as I can to allow the breathing space of the "extra" month in case work needs doing. However, I took my CLS in a couple of weeks ago as usual and was surprised and disappointed to see that the new MOT ran out exactly 12 months after the test, not 13 as is...
  7. Z

    DVLA clamping

    I turned into a mates street at Hadleigh Essex,and right at the start of his road,was a 55 reg Honda with a wheel clamp,with DVLA on it,I have never seen one before,maybe the DVLA are hitting back at cars without tax :bannana:
  8. lfckeeper

    DVLA private plate online system

    Has anyone used the online system for putting a private plate on a car ? Any idea times of how long it takes before the 'new' plates can be put on?
  9. I

    DVLA Website advising 'Remain'

    Just clicked on a Government Website https://www.gov.uk/ about Vocational Licences and I got this link at the top of the page!! https://www.eureferendum.gov.uk/ Is that fair??!! That stinks!!!!
  10. K

    dvla having a laugh

    purchased my cls from main dealer,it had covered 23 miles since it's last mot,paid £185 road tax and waited 3 weeks for the v5 to arrive.i then tried to assign my number plate on line,refused.rang up Swansea to be informed that as the car had been untaxed for a period of time I would have to...
  11. A

    DVLA revoked Driving Licence

    I wonder if anyone can give me a bit of advice to offer to a friend and her family. Let me give you a bit of a back story, though I won't go into detail. For the past 18 months I've been supporting a friend who has tried to commit suicide 3 times due to life events from when she was 11, which...
  12. st13phil

    DVLA Ineptitude

    Come home from work today and on the doormat is a letter from the DVLA. I open the envelope to find a letter dated 6th March informing me that this my "Last Chance" and "Do Not Ignore This Letter" in bold capitals because I haven't taxed or sorned my new E63. "Well," I thought to myself, "that's...
  13. sgh

    DVLA Personalised Plate question

    Am in between cars at the moment (long story!) & wondered if I can buy a personalised plate from the dvla in advance of me receiving my car?
  14. Felstmiester

    Dvla robbing motorists

    What's the correct way of contacting the Dvla concerning them robbing money for car tax. Yet again!! I've sorn a vehicle on the 29th of last month and they've took the payment this month. It's not the first time they've done it since the new tax thing came out. Is there a number you can call...
  15. roger574

    DVLA - online vehicle info wrong

    Has anyone had any experience with the DVLA's online portal showing incorrect details for their car and then getting them corrected? I've checked out a used MB that I quite fancy buying by putting its registration number into the DVLA's MoT history checker. This showing incorrect info, such...
  16. T


    Had a spam e-mail today about updating driving licence details, so beware of any dodgy e-mails. I have read somewhere that this is a con. Again be careful.
  17. Dave Richardson

    Scam E mail from DVLA ?

    I've just received an e mail from DVLA licensing asking that I complete there web based form with my driving licence & credit card details within 72hrs or I'll lose my driving licence. I noted the following grammatical mistakes 'licence' is spelt 'license' and 'their' is written there :fail...
  18. AMGeed

    DVLA are checking.

    Spotted for the first time (for me) a small hatchback parked ahead on the grass verge of a 50mph carriageway just outside Bournemouth today. On drawing closer I saw a camera set up on a tripod and thought "Ah, speed camera". No. As I passed I saw the lettering on the car "DVLA Road Tax check"...
  19. Dryce

    DVLA licence check code now valid for 21 days

    I hadn't noticed this until going online to obtain a code. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-check-code-extended-from-72-hours-to-21-days The original 3 day limit was not well thought out. 21 days is rather more practical. But I'd prefer to see them simply provide a means of...
  20. Spinal

    DVLA Swansea

    A quick, urgent, question. Does anyone know if I can get a replacement V5 at the DVLA in Swansea? I know they closed all their regional offices, but can I drive to Swansea to get a one in the same day? I've somehow managed to misplace the V5 for my car... and leaving Saturday. M.
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