1. C

    Clk 200 Exhaust

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help The rear part of my exhaust is blowing bad and I need a replacement I have tried all the exhaust stations in my area and everyone can get the front part with the cats but not the rear Can anyone tell me where I can get the rear only, its getting fairly loud now and...
  2. N

    Agency power exhaust

    Hi, Do you know agency power on exhaust? I am planning you buy a catback from them.
  3. C

    Broken exhaust bracket

    Hi, Car is CLS 350 W219 2006. This morning, heard metallic noise from back from cold start up. Looked below and looks like the middle section bracket has broke off the pipe. The pipe itself is ok. Anyone got any suggestions? Either welding of it back on or maybe someone to fabricate...
  4. Doc matt

    Detachable exhaust tips

    Hi does anyone know if the square AmG exhaust outlet tips are welded to the exhaust pipe behind or bolted on like the range rovers are? Car is a 2012 CLS63 Amg Ta :cool:
  5. thebig1

    C63S Switchable Exhaust

    Hi Guys, Might be getting a C63S shortly and it has the switchable exhaust option. Anyone comment on how different in sound the modes are, I believe there are three modes?
  6. S

    can use exhaust control valve on CLS350 CGI?

    Hi Members, My name is Andy and I recently registered on the forum. I'm excited to join and looking forward to a long stay. I drive a Merc CLS350 CGI (British Specs), on my side these are not many and very slim, but worshoped by many, he he he :thumb:!!! I wanted to check with you guys and...
  7. FROGM5

    W208-W209 Exhaust back box

    Does anyone know if swapping a back box from a 208 to a 209 is possible??
  8. C

    Exhaust system

    Im after a full Exhaust system preferably IPE or FI Just had my map so hoping this is the next best thing hahah, Cheers, Josh
  9. Q

    White smoke from exhaust low engine oil

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and Mercedes Benz. I have purchased an W211 e320 CDI sport from 2009 with 40k miles on the clock last month. Last week I have taken my car to a local MB specialist for an oil and oil filter change. I have since done a road trip of 400 miles. After starting...
  10. Tim203

    Sammelbestellung for exhaust parts.

    I couldn't think of the equivalent English but in Germany we used to do this for automotive forums. I have been debating whether to throw my hat into the ring for a while. I've noted that people have found some original components are hard to come by for older vehicles so If someone has a...
  11. Imbigboned

    W100 exhaust pattern

    Evening all I'm trying to locate the exhaust pattern or scale drawings for both sets of exhausts on a 65 SWB W100. Is there anyone out there that can help us out or point us in the right direction. I've got a guy local that can manufacture these for me in stainless steel, however as we no...
  12. Borys

    Amg exhaust tips

    125 p&p Used but great condition. Few scratches on sides-were touching the bumper
  13. T

    C43 Performance Exhaust

    Hi All, Has anyone got any experience on the 'Performance Exhaust' option on the C43? Apart from being louder are there any other gains for the £1000 extra?
  14. Crustyclam

    Smoke, or exhaust condensation

    Hi, Can anyone confirm from the video if the exhaust gases look normal. I personally cannot tell if it is steam or smoke. Hoping its just condensation from when the exhaust cooled the last time. No smell to it whatsoever. I just noticed this on a few recent cold start-ups. Only had the car...
  15. Justin1600

    W210 E55 AMG 1999 Exhaust Manifolds

    A pair of exhaust manifolds removed from a 1999 W210 E55 AMG £100
  16. M

    Mercedes G500 4x4² Exhaust System and Electric Running Board By BRABUS - Video

    Mercedes G500 4x4² Exhaust System and Electric Running Board By BRABUS [YOUTUBE HD]z0uzCkibLc8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  17. DSB SL AMG

    W211 E55K Exhaust Resonator Box...

    Hi All, Exhaust resonator box (rear muffler) for sale... from when I did exhaust mods on my 2004 E55K, note its quite heavy so pick up or arrange pick up only (Warrington, Cheshire)...if interested drop me a PM with offer. Thanks.
  18. V

    Improving exhaust note

    Had my car 3 months and 2500 miles. Had a aggressive drive yesterday and really enjoyed chucking the car around and using the box. What I noticed is the change in the exhaust note much better more like the N/A I had before. Tell me it's not just me noticing a change in a new AMG :thumb:
  19. ray d

    Exhaust upgrade help needed with butterfly valve

    Hi all, re my title I am thinking of getting a new exhaust system (new x pipe and power flow silencers) but am at a loss as what to do with the butterflyes in the rear boxes. So if anyone has modded their exhausts I would be great full as to how you got round that issue please Ta Ray D
  20. whitenemesis

    Lexus LFA - What an Exhaust!!

    Gotta be up there with the best sounding cars.. Glorious 'noise' (not sure the neighbours would agree though...) certainly be able to scare little children (and some not so little) I think the local boys in blue would take note should one ping it round to the 9000rpm limit :eek...
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