1. Bigrichw

    CLS55 exhaust

    Is it me or is the exhaust note on ths car a little tame? I thought it may change in S mode, but no. I don't want to change the system just make some changes to make the V8 sound more pronounced. Any ideas on what can be done and associated costs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. C

    Imasaf exhaust quality?

    Folks I may need a replacement exhaust on my 89 560sec and I have seen the Imasaf range appear on eBay. The ad reads well, however as anyone got any real world experience with this brand? How was fit and quality ? Circa 50% of a genuine MB exhaust. I can't find an eberspacher exhaust for my...
  3. D

    W203 P1405 Exhaust gas recirculation issue

    Car went into limp mode on saturday. Had to drive 130 miles at 50mph. Couldn't find my OBD2 bluetooth ELM327 so decided to use my old wired one. Scantool no longer work and no drivers for windows 10. Finally found the easyobdII with the reset...
  4. Dogbreath

    Exhaust tips.. Metal polish ?

    Hi The tips on my exhaust look horrible, last owner must have never touched them so I was wondering what is best to get the black baked on stuff that's on the edges off. I've bought some Autosol but thought I would ask to see if there's anything better so I'm not doing it twice... Anything that...
  5. Audio Addict

    Frequency Intelligent Exhaust

    Afternoon, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with FI exhausts particularly on a C63? I’ve watched a few videos and they sound awesome but not heard one in the flesh. How do they compare to the standard AMG exhaust with the secondary cats taken out, are they just louder or...
  6. D

    W124 Front Exhaust Bracket

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a new front exhaust bracket from? preferably not Mercedes as they are usually too expensive. (The car is a non cat version) thanks in advance Dan
  7. M

    W202 C280 facelift Exhaust Back Box

    Hi, Have a C280 with the AMG kit but without the exhaust so the rear bumper in my opinion looks a bit wrong without a nice AMG twin exhaust poking out the back! I realise the AMG back box's are getting rare these days so been looking at the remus variant (although pretty expensive at 500 quid)...

    Cat-Back Akropvic Exhaust System 4 Sale

    Used Cat-Back System for a W204 C63 AMG, selling at £1500. For any information on price, delivery or condition contact us on 0121 772 4455.
  9. mark_le_b

    CL600 BiTurbo Exhaust Mods?

    Anybody had much success with modding CL600 exhaust It's a bit quiet, so wanted something with a bit more tone Is a simple resonator delete an option? Any wise words would be helpful Thanks
  10. c55

    AMG A210 W168 Evolution Sports Exhaust

    2003 W168 A210 Evolution A Class Sports Exhaust 2003 Genuine A Class, W168, A210 Evolution Sports Rear Exhaust box with twin Stainless Steel Tips. Removed from A210 Evolution W168 2003 LWB, can also be used on SWB W168s with minor modification and other W168s Support Bracket will...
  11. B

    Ipe fi flame flame tip exhaust tips

    The perfect accessory is back up for sale due to a non-payer. Any questions drop me an email: MEGA RARE BLUE FLAME TIP FI IPE C63 E63 CLS63 E55 AMG EXHAUST TIPS! | eBay Cheers
  12. nickjonesn4

    Slightly better E55 exhaust note vid

    Had another crack at this https://youtu.be/fhqvULAjuRY Could be better still but at least you can hear the change in the note Big difference with the Eurocharged headers and primary cat delete Playing with the throttle with the windows open is too much fun now x pipe next maybe...
  13. S

    C63 exhaust.

    Hi All, I have sold my C63 so I now have a full front to back genuine exhaust for sale. It is totally standard, it came off a 2010 model with around 19000 miles on it at the time it was removed. I bought a second system and gutted the secondary cats. I kept hold of this one I case I needed to...
  14. Barker44

    W204 C63 IPE innotech exhaust sysyem

    For Sale a full IPE innotech valvetronic system. Includes Headers, sports cell cats, X pipes, back boxes with chrome tail pipes, electronics and 2 remotes!!! Even an unused innotech badge. Recently removed from my 2014 C63 before I sold her. Was on the car for about 9 months and covered less...
  15. N

    2004 E270 CDI Loud rattle driving me mad!!!!

    Hey all, Have owned a couple of c class models and just decided to up size to a 2004 E270 CDI saloon (130k) Test drive went fine purchased the car but noticed a loud 'tinny' sounding clang on the drive home. Only happens just after a speed bump or pot hole and sometimes when i take my foot...
  16. w31ney

    C63 IPE, Fi, Armytrix?

    Does any one based anywhere between Watford - Central London have any of these full systems fitted to their C63? (Not the new model) Still toying with the idea but would like to hear the difference of the full systems for IPE, Fi and Armytrix rather than listening to YouTube videos. (Or...
  17. D

    Exhaust W124

    I am a bit tired of repeated patching the old girls exhaust up- was keen to,hold onto original as long as possible. Feel it is now time to replace the whole system. Any ideas on where to look or anyone's previous experiences appreciated. Tempted with Kwik fit as it is handy, quick and seems good...
  18. merc85

    Performance Exhaust cat bak w211 /s211

    On friends car, now has Quads, not very old and is not drummy at all, ive got the same system on my estate. ULTER Sports Duplex Exhaust System Mercedes E Class E270 Cdi E320 Cdi | eBay
  19. B

    Fi Blue flame tip amg exhaust tips

    Afternoon guys, Haven't got around to fitting these beauties do hope somebody else will: MEGA RARE BLUE FLAME TIP FI IPE C63 E63 CLS63 E55 AMG EXHAUST TIPS! | eBay Cheers
  20. F

    300SL-24 1991 Vibrating at idle + fuel smell in exhaust

    After a long search, I found this article (http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/96013-three-years-rough-idle-sl320-r129-v6-m112.html) which describes the symptoms of my car: - vibrating at idle when engine is warm - fuel smell in exhaust - some loss of power at low refs (not sure of this...
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