1. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG Exhaust Sound Check (External Mic Test)

    Posted dozens of videos and everyone is probably bored of them but I've smiled a lot since the work done on the 32. Jerry was involved in making it fun! She sounds pretty good now! Recorded with an external microphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZW7TtcfDGQ&feature=youtu.be
  2. J

    Exhaust Supply Problems

    I own a 1989 Merc 300SL which I've had for about 5 years. The car has developed a blow on the exhaust and I'm attempting to find a source for a replacement. It has proved to be almost impossible without paying an arm and a leg for the new part. I would be grateful if anyone who has experienced...
  3. Ian Topping

    Exhaust ratle

    My CLK 55 has a rattle under the passenger side front seat or there abouts. I am told it is a cat converter that can be removed and left out. I initially thought it was a heat shield, but when you tap the mid box you hear the rattle. The CLK exhaust system splits at this point under the car and...
  4. EDDIE12

    Akrapovic titanium slip on exhaust C63

    Hi, am on the look out for the Akrapovic Titanium slip on exhaust for my C63 saloon if anyone knows off one for sale. I know these don't come up secondhand very often but thought I'd try before I bought new. Where would be the best place too buy a new system if I went that direction? Any help...
  5. brucemillar

    Exhaust Manifolds

    Folks My 124 exhaust manifolds are letting down the look of my engine and engine bay. I wire brushed them , which looked much better. I then applied POR 15 with a small wire brush. This looked perfect with a gorgeous factory cast finish. What could possibly go wrong? Well I washed the...
  6. Z

    Chrome Exhaust Trim

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so thought general thread? I just got my 2007 W221 S-Class 320CDi yesterday, and wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to get original looking Chrome Exhaust Tail Pipe finishers for the car? The exhaust pipes are kind of hidden, there aren't any bumper...
  7. L

    W204 Estate exhaust, is it the same as the saloon?

    Hi Newbie here, does anyone know if the W204 250 CDI saloon exhaust fits a same model but estate version? Apologies if this has been already asked, tried the search function but couln't see anything Cheers Simon
  8. Borys

    My new exhaust set up cls500

    After a failed attempt on fitting c63 boxes on my cls decided to go custom. Wasn't sure at first if I can replicate near the amg sound. Used company in Chadwell Heath - Fast Lane Styling. Whole experience in shop was outstanding. Owner and one of the fitters talked me through the whole process...
  9. M

    S124 / W124 exhaust hangers

    Hello The rear and middle sections of the exhaust on my recently acquired S124 E220 are either partially or completely missing (jubilee clip anyone?) I need to get some new replacements but as I don't have the originals, I've no idea what I'm looking for. Can anyone help me with the...
  10. bob6600

    WANTED: W210 E320 CDI exhaust clamp

    As per title, used or new considered. Ideally want similar to what was on the car but MB prices are ridiculous
  11. Kevlaar

    W211 E55/E220 Exhaust query

    Hey all, I have recently bought a 2004 W211 E220 Cdi, and have plans to swap bumpers etc to AMG bumpers along with other mods. My question is, does anyone know if the standard E55 twin backboxes would fit to the E220 platform? I'd have custom downpipe and center pipes fitted and adapted to...
  12. Screwdriver

    WTB: W123 300D Centre Exhaust (Mid Section)

    Greetings, I am looking a NOS/ New mid section for my 84 300D. If you have one lying around in this condition, happy to take it off your hands for an agreeable price. Best!
  13. S

    C63 Rear exhaust system 2014

    I have a cat back original system off of a low mileage 2014 C63. Resonator and back boxes all in A1 condition with mint tailpipe tips. Sell for £650 or close offer or deal with back boxes for W211 E55. Im near Maldon in ESSEX. John. 07984 153009
  14. S

    Help exhaust temp sensor recurring fault

    Hi can anyone help,I had the engine light come on, and borrowed a snap-on solus machine to read code, po2031 I think, it stated exhaust temperature sensor on bank 1 failed, I bought new one from mercedes fitted it ok, but engine light keeps coming on after about 30 miles,same fault I have...
  15. jih2000

    Exhaust System

    Hi, Regarding the exhaust system, how long does the OEM typically last? Are there any replacements that are stainless steel e.g. don't need to keep replacing, but similar noise level to OEM please and still have the valves (whatever section contains these)? I think OEM is about perfect for...
  16. Luke-BITURBO

    E63 AMG W212 custom exhaust today

    Had the exhaust done on the car today Custom fitted down at infinity exhausts Bristol had loads of work done there in the past on my gtr and various other cars Full decat system with 2 rear boxes Looking forward to getting it mapped now Videos to come :)
  17. J

    Cheapest place for Ml W163 320 exhaust system

    Hi guys, the exhaust system on my ml w163 320 is now past its best. Wheres cheapest place for a replacement? Mercedes will no doubt be crazy money, and im waiting on a quote for a stainless system was just seeing if anybody knew a another option? Thanks James
  18. DrFeelgood

    Exhaust rattle

    Hi, I have done a search but not found any specific posts to refer to. My W211 has started rattling upon start up, I have traced the sound to the driver's side exhaust and it can be replicated by giving the exhaust tip a kick. There is no rattle during use. Anyone else had the same...
  19. rosie5golf

    Exhaust trim

    Hi, Can anyone explain how I get the chrome end pipes off my exhaust on my e320. I have found a small screw underneath but loosening that still doesn't make them move. Do I need to give them a hefty whack ?? Thanks in anticipation.
  20. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 exhaust butterflys

    HI all, Have been trying to get my MB dealers to come up with a plan to have a switch in the car to keep the exhaust butterfly's open but have not had much response back from them except "we are looking into it". I noticed that the valves are open before you start the car so disconnected both...
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