1. Topman2u

    Fake insurance claim [emoji36][emoji36][emoji36][emoji36][emoji36]

    Well what a surprise I had today at 5.15 police turn up at my house and say on Monday 20/3/17 at approximately 8.25am you was seen to hit a car while passing it and coursed it to bounce up and down and mark all the bumper [emoji848] so we have come to look at your car ! Me please do I think I...
  2. nick mercedes

    fake news

    Yesterday on FB, some idiot friend commented on a story that Mr Obama is having an affair, tonight, for some reason, a google ad is telling me that melania and donald trump plan divorce. Every day more and more made up news stories, the work of Putin trying to destabilise the world, or...
  3. ivandraganov

    Is this genuine or fake

  4. N

    G748 APL. Over egged 190E 2.6 FAMG

    1989 MERCEDES 190E 2.6 AMG BARN FIND WITH 12 months mot | eBay "Hello there, welcome to my auction for my Mercedes 190e AMG first off may I point out I aim to be as honest and straight to the point I can be in any listing This is a 190e that was all the way at the back of the barn, covered...
  5. K

    Brabus Monoblock Q - How to tell if fake?

    I'm looking at getting a used set of Brabus Monoblock Q for my W221 S Class. They are like the ones in this link. 18" Brabus Monoblock Q wheels in Titanium | Full Face Polished - Alloy Wheels Direct (631639) The wheels have had a poor refurb and I would be stripping them back and having...
  6. flat6buster

    fake wheels

    saw this and thought it was quite interesting and disconcerting at the same time. here
  7. B

    SL 65 Alloys - genuine or fake

    Sorry - an additional question How do I know if SL65 AMG alloys are the real thing ??
  8. M

    Fake Exhaust Tips on C200?

    I'm on the market for a new W205 so just doing a lot of reading before I put some money down. I have a question for the UK members in here that have a petrol AMG trim C200 W204. Are your exhaust tips active? I saw something interesting on YouTube, the owner of the C200 was showing the...
  9. The _Don

    Orange with fake carbon c63 (ck63) amg

    Complete with a hideous bonnet - http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201410308603970/sort/priceasc/keywords/C63/usedcars/page/8/postcode/sw31aa/quicksearch/true/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/radius/1500?logcode=p
  10. blondee

    AMG Extras to 'Vamp Up' my 'fake' AMG...

    Hi guys... Happy Monday!! Just after some advice really as I have a CLC220 Sport with an AMG kit on but wanted to know if there were any specific extras you would buy to make it look and possibly sound / run 'more AMG' if that makes any sense. I've only had it two weeks but basically, I...
  11. developer

    Fake Britain - Car Cloning/Cheap Tyres

    Shown this morning, but a 2010 repeat (well, it is the Beeb) a whole programme about cars. Cloning Cheap tyres (with some interesting results) - at around 20 mins Service books Sale/buyer matching agents Including some inside shots of a police multi-storey car park, where stolen recovered etc...
  12. J

    Look out, look out - fake engine oil about

    As we all know the price of the more popular fully synthetic oils are approaching "gold" prices - As a result it appears that well known brand containers are being "forged" and then filled with the cheapest available oil before being marketed as the "genuine" product.
  13. S

    Fake airbags

    http://news.uk.msn.com//blog/trending-blogpost.aspx?post=e9450559-c02e-43a1-a51d-3b87487f2337&_nwpt=1+ Best hope mb doesn't cut more corners.
  14. B

    Warning on fake wheel badges..

    Just as a heads-up I bought some of these x4 ORIGINAL MERCEDES BENZ Wheel Center Caps E Class W212 W211 W210 W124 E55 AMG | eBay (seller has multiple auctions, so not this actual item number). As you will see they are genuine items in MB packaging with correct part numbers. The delivered caps...
  15. A

    Audemars Piguet Watch....Real or Fake

    Hello Bit if a story behind this, my dad while on his bike in his Cheshire lanes (near Knutsford) he finds a watch. Recognising this is an expensive watch he hands it in at the local Police station. Police station keeps it for a while and no one claims it, Dad is given the watch. He has...
  16. E

    fake ticket

    Any1 know where i can get a fake speeding ticket from to play a prank on a friend, had it done to me years back.....
  17. N

    Another Fake 190E Sportline

    Seems to me an awful lot of people are claiming their 190Es, especially the 2.6 version, are Sportline optioned when they are nothing of the sort. Spotted so far in case anyone is looking for one of these; J521 LOW, has none of the 3 Sportline options - Mercedes Benz 190E | eBay J282 PPT...
  18. ringway

    Had an accident? Fake an injury!

    An interesting (if lengthy) article. LINK. Plenty of worthwhile information that explains in depth, the rising costs of motor insurance.
  19. K

    Fake wheels

    Why would one put fake wheels on one's Mercedes? Or even worse case, on an AMG? Isn't it the same as wearing fake LV bag or fake designers clothes? Is it desire to look better than one really is? 'Look everyone, I am driving Benz with Expensive-Brand-Replicas! I couldn't afford the original...
  20. moonloops

    How do you spot fake wheels?

    Apart from personally checking the part number is stamped in the back, are there any tips for spotting fakes on the likes of ebay? I notice a couple of folks on here have shouted "fakes" in the past by just looking at the wheels..
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