1. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  2. Dizz

    How do I fix this

    Probably in the wrong section but has anyone had this problem with their door handle? I'm guessing it's a pain to replace, door trim off etc Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. V

    Camber/caster out and where to fix it in Dublin area

    Hi guys 1st post here, hello. I´m experiencing the well known exaggerated pulling left in a used 2003 CLK I bought 3 months ago and I don´t know where to find help. Im in Dublin area. wheel aligment is out of range for caster camber currently in front left wheel. I visited several...
  4. Davycc

    Rattle can fix

    Guys my 2001 W203 has the usual rust spots wheel arches bottoms of the doors etc. I got the car cheap so paying hundreds of pounds for paint repair when I will be upgrading next year (pension matures) isn't an option. So I spent £40 on rattle can primer, base coat MB 744 and lacquer attacked the...
  5. C

    124 Cabriolet - who can fix?

    My 1995 cabriolet roof was working perfectly. Then (is this relevant?) I took it for some underfloor rust treatment, including welding and under sealing. On the way home, I found that the roof action gets interrupted. For ease of discussion, the normal stages are: 1. Release catches...
  6. P

    Advice best options to fix scratches and scuffs

    Hi , This is my back driver side bumper after reversing slightly to a corner. Screenshot by Lightshot The car is brand new and those are the only marks really annoyed :wallbash:, took it to the local MB dealer and they want £240 to repair, and it would be ready the same day they would not...
  7. C

    Dreaded R230 stuck in park fix

    My R230 has started to get stuck in park every now and then ....I have got a replacement rear brake switch on order but as I can feel the solenoid clicking when I depress the brake pedal I am suspecting that I am going to end up replacing the "Achilles heal" gearbox bracket ...... is there...
  8. I

    Any advice on the best option to fix car after minor accident?

    Sadly I have damaged the front side panel (passenger side). As I was turning out of a carpark I did not notice a very low wall which hit the side panel in the middle (between the door and wheel) and dented and scratched it. When the side panel went in it also pushed the screenwash fluid...
  9. O

    Using sealant to fix a slow tyre leak

    I have a very slow leak in front tyre c. 0.5 Bar over 2 weeks and wondering if using a sealant, such as Slime, that is fed through the valve a viable fix? I am considered using Slime as it does not harm the run flat pressure sensors. I have already had the tyre refitted and the rims...
  10. S

    I found the glove box fix! CLK W209 / Any CLK

    Hi guys, I have found you all a fix for not having to replace the whole glove box because of that rubbish catch (like a birds mouth and bar set up) that Mercedes CLKs have. Basically buy one of these B&Q Ball Catch | Departments | DIY at B&Q A ball catch which is usually used on...
  11. Eddy77

    Spinning Number Plate Screws - HOW TO fix

    Symptom: The number plate screws for your rear plate spin and spin. You can’t undo them because the thread into which they screw is spinning behind the boot panel. Reason for Problem: MB, in their infinite wisdom, use steel screws to secure the plates. But the threads into which the...
  12. R

    How to fix rust problems

    Morning All Does anyone know of any god quality instruction uploads on You tube that guide a total noob through the process of doing body work repairs. I'm afraid my knowledge of cars is poor but I might need to do something in this regard shortly and I want to avoid wading through the...
  13. Horrgakx

    Broken external mirror housing - how to fix?

    Hi all - I've broken the clear plastic repeater cover on my near side mirror. How do I fix it please?? It's a C250 2015 W205
  14. thebig1

    Rear Tint Fix??

    Hi guys, just noticed a couple of "Chips" in the rear window tint on my C63s Saloon, like someone tried to remove a sticker and damaged the tint. short of claiming for a broken rear window on the insurance :naughty: is there anything I can use to cover up the chips? cheers!!!
  15. MB James

    Two visits to Merc and they cant fix my 2015 WD212

    Last week I took my 2015 E-class in to Mercedes (Sytner) for a major service. £600. (100,000 miles) The next day after driving approx 50 miles, the engine diagnostics light came on and I noticed the car was sluggish uphill and I couldn't select Manual mode. Took the car back in to Merc. and...
  16. A

    W208 Fastest fix for - Missing rear reluctor ring

    Hello, I'm looking for help please. I need to work out which is faster to change: the rear reluctor ring on 2001 CLK 230 K OR the whole (half) drive shaft? Bought it needing MOT'D started reading the forums have replaced speed sensor, cleaned out Mass, done brake light switch. Finally got a...
  17. O

    Finding an Indy to fix my sunroof

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest or recommend an indy to repair my Panoramic Sunroof which is stuck in tilt? The car is a 2002 C220 CDi Sports Coupe and I think there's something jammed in the mechanism of the left motor. I live in Oxfordshire. Thanks
  18. R

    Torque converter ! Sell or fix

    I have just had my car looked at by Mercedes & using the Star no codes , so that sounds great. They have told me that my Torque Converter seems to be on the slow road to failure in possibly 30000 miles so 18 months. They have quoted £2,000 for new TC. The predicament I have is wait till it gets...
  19. 350_Coupe

    CL203 Rear number plate bolt problem fix

    ok, the simple task of changing the rear number plate on my 203 Coupe caused me more of a headache than i expected, so figured i'd post the fix here, in the hope it helps someone else in the future. Originally, before i purchased my car, it was on private plates, and the garage that swapped...
  20. I

    Front bumper dent, cost to fix?

    :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Don't ask me how but now I have a dent on one side of my front bumper, colour is polar silver as well which is much harder to match I assume. See image: Whats estimated cost to fix this? I assume i'll need to go with someone...
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