1. brucemillar

    If Xhamster did food.

    I'll just leave this with you. Sent from my iPhone using sausage fingers.
  2. ringway

    Food Hygiene Ratings. Scores on the Doors.

    Before you fork out, check out your favourite pubs, clubs, takeaways and restaurants. I'll bet some of you have eaten at some right dodgy places without knowing. I have! :( You are able to search for a specific establishment. However, I found it more interesting to search a borough or town and...
  3. bpsorrel

    Food for thought

    This Group Defeated Expensive Keyless Entry Cars With Cheap Homemade Devices 19 different manufacturers were defeated! Take a look!
  4. MD5

    Food additives/intolerance

    Just back from nearly a fortnight away, and realised I'd left some milk in the fridge, which was perfectly usable! What do they put in it to give it such a long shelf life? Processed food I try to avoid like the plague, but so much of the meat chain is injected or fed with various hormones and...
  5. Spinal

    Organic food vs McDonalds

    Before I start, let me prequel this with two warnings. 1. I thoroughly enjoy McDonalds. 2. I tend to buy only organic fruits/veg as I'm allergic to one of the bug-sprays that is used, and if I eat them (even washed) I get a tingly reaction and swollen lips/tongue. Even buying only organic...
  6. John

    Fast Food / Takeaway - how often do you eat it?

    Following on from the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich and levels of fitness from other posts, made me wonder how often others eat crap (as in bad for you) like this or Pizzas, Fish and Chips, Ruby, BK, KFC etc.? For the record, we probably eat stuff like that once a month but mark it up on the...
  7. Spinal

    Dog Food Suggestion?

    My dog is getting a little bored of Orijen puppy (large breed); and I'm not putting him on a barf diet after some research... Any suggestions to an alternative to orijen? Needs to be grain free, cr*p free, and mainly protein based... M.
  8. verytalldave

    Another food scare

    Yes. Another. Only this time its really something to get worried about......see below.....
  9. S

    Man VS Food

    As you know, I am a major fan of this show. I will be undertaking a holiday in America to cover my love of food, road trips and photography. One issue, where will I get a C class estate or CLS SB to hire or will I be forced to hire a Corvette C6 :rolleyes: Do I fly to NYC, hit Cats Deli for a...
  10. A

    2012 Weight Loss challenge.

    Hello Following from a previous post we have I think our 'Members' 1) A210AMG 2) TheBoss 3) Tan 4) agatward 5) cornedA 6) Mike Walker 7) Colin B 8) NW Merc 9) NIPhil 10) Charles Morgan 11) Flanaia1 Now it's completely upto you if you want to post details of your weight, I'm thinking to...
  11. Charles Morgan

    Number Ten for capital food

    My favourite local Chinese, Number Ten, has multiple personalities. For the numerous tourists in Earls Court, it is a bog standard Chinese, the usual Cantonese and Peking done well, but without any real inspiration. For the adventurous though, the chef is from Szechuan, and wondrous things...
  12. ringway

    Panorama Tonight. What price cheap food?

    This makes for interesting viewing. BBC1 at 9.00pm LINK. The Big Four supermarkets are expanding at an unprecedented rate. It's being dubbed the new "space race", with Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison's fighting for dominance on high streets and shopping malls across the UK. But how can...
  13. Tiff

    Methanol in food

    A good friend of mine is involved with trying to get methanol removed from our food chain- as its contained in a certain type of sweetener mostly found in diet drinks and tea/coffee sweetener. It is common knowledge that this sweetener contains 10% methanol, which is highly poisonous. Excessive...
  14. Spinal

    Unusual Food

    So halloween is coming up, and as usual, I'm unprepared for the party I invited people to. I've decided I am going to cook food that people usually feel squeamish about eating... or food which is perfectly normal, but looks odd So my menu will have (dependent on what I can source): -...
  15. S

    Food to die for

    Put up on the other forum, but its too good not to share A Meal To Die For - CBS News Video My knida place. Makes up for this morning, Xmas ****e in the shops already!!!!
  16. flango

    Fantastic Food In Ayrshire

    Just thought I would post this in case anyone finds themselves in Ayrshire near Kilmarnock. I have been up there on business today and was taken to lunch by the client. We went HERE now I used to go to the Craigie quite often when I lived in Scotland and it was good, but now it has new owners...
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Thai food

    I adore thai food, having lived on it for three years when I was a student. The 'business lunch' menu at the local thai restaurant at £3.95 was excellent value and about the most nutritious option available without cooking myself. Mrs D's not keen though and so it's a rare treat these days...
  18. A

    How much is your weekly food shop?

    Hello Mrs A210 just back from shopping and we have what would appear to be the stock of a small corner shop now in our kitchen... Given I'm not much good at food shoping unless its for beer and pizza I've no real idea what a weekly food shop costs...until I asked.... £120 and thats not...
  19. gina2201

    Proof that fast food is bad for your health!

  20. Mudster

    Jamie's Ministry of Food

    I've always been a little ambivalent towards Mr Oliver....I thought the school meals thing He did was good, but I think He's hit the nail on the head with the Ministry of food. Hats off to the guy, you can see how he's got where he has, perserverance, and teaching cooking at home is where all...
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