1. R

    Fresh blood

    Well hello everyone, hopefully someone actually reads these things occasionally or I'm wasting my time (not unusual for me by the way), just a quick note to introduce myself and my my latest set of wheels. I'm a 50 something living down here in the tropics of Hampshire - having a week off and...
  2. T

    fresh air Cool Face & Warm Feet which cars do it ?

    Driving Home Late from leicester the other night really in need of a coffee but didnt want to stay awake till the early hours I Lamented that in all of my cars bar the 124 i cant have warm air on my feet / lower Body and cool Fresh air on my face A great combination when driving and feeling...
  3. gunning

    Fresh photos of my 300ce 24v

    So already had the arches cleaned out but I wanted to get all the tar spots off. The arches are like new now with no rust! Also gave it the usual quick wash and polish and took it out for some photos. The car will be going up for sale soon so if you're interested give me a shout. Also have...
  4. C

    Fresh in from the MLR...Ex Evo X RS owner

    Hi all, I've just moved from owning an Evo X RS into the world of power AND comfort in the shape of a 2012 C63 AMG. I live in the midlands UK and I'm looking forward to learning more about this great car :thumb:
  5. M


    Hi MB peeps. Just purchased my first Benz today!! After years of Volvo T5 ownership and an insistent, persuasive father i am (or will be Saturday) the proud owner of a 04 320 E class. This is my first ever Mercedes, my father has had them for years and swears by them - he currently has a Clk...
  6. MWCLS

    What's the general consensus on waxing/sealing fresh paint?

    Hi all, I picked my car up late yesterday from the bodyshop as I had returned later than expected from a work trip arrived at the shop 5.30 they close at 6pm not open Saturdays so it was my only window to collect the car for another week. Looked the car over and it all looked good under the...
  7. T

    Fresh air into cabin. How?

    Hi folks, Driving my C Class recently - only had it 7 days so still going through the manual - I noticed the air in the cabin seemed to give me a sore throat and a dry nose. With previous cars I have been able to set the heating system to give me a cool head with fresh air and warm feet from...
  8. optimusprime

    Wanted w124 fresh air vent driver side ..

    Any one have a vent doing nothing for this car. Removing old alarm i found the vent was broken when the alarm was put in 26 years ago and nothing was said just glued it in and hope no one finds it. It was only for the flashing light he could have put it in the centre of dash .
  9. M

    fresh 19's and rubber

  10. Meldrew2

    At least the meat is fresh

    I always thought curry was invented to cover up the taste of old meat. Not so in Poulton, Lancashire........ Live chickens found living in the back yard of Indian restaurant | Mail Online "A spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed an investigation was underway and said the chickens had since been...
  11. gunning

    Some fresh photos for you all

    After having its service and mot I decided to get some nice photos of it.
  12. T

    18" Sport E Class wheels - Genuine Ronal - Not welded - Fresh Refurb

    Evening all, recently bought a C Class so my W211 wheels are no good due to the different bolt/hole size so they need to go. Would like to keep them just in case i get another but would like a bit of cash to spend on my new C. They are genuine Mercedes Ronal 18" Sport Wheels fitted to the...
  13. flying haggis

    factory fresh merc SLK for sale

    cheap too!!........ Mercedes Ride On Car from The Original Factory Shop
  14. zenman63

    Bugs of fresh paint

    I have mega bugs on my new painted front end, flying ants. Whats best to remove them so I can wax.
  15. boomtings

    w124 center vent (fresh air vent)

    in need of a fresh air vent for a w124 dash.
  16. spikesheppard

    Fresh MB owner C180 sport manual

    Just got my first ever MB after 30 years of driving... It's a 1997 c180 sport manual red, 92k miles with 2 previous owners, last one for 11 years, and 1st lady owner for 5 years at new. Only known issue is a non working passenger electric window... Car is mint, totally cherry...
  17. O

    1991 190E 2.6 Fresh Head Job but now new problems!! Please Help!

    So I bought a 1991 190E 2.6 with 151,000 miles and it was overheating. I put a new head gasket in and got the head shaved. I got it all back together today and now it has the hardest time starting cold! And then once its running and warmed up it seems to limp along. Doesn't run smooth, seems...
  18. C

    what to use to use on the back of fresh brake pads

    Morning, What would you guys recommend to use on the back of new brake pads prevent brake "sqeel". Im buying new pagid rear discs (qty 2), pads (qty 1) and a new wear sensor (qty1) for my 2002 clk 240 from Euro car parts but im not sure what pastes it will come with. Also can anyone...
  19. GSEH88

    Fresh from TLC at Topaz Detailing

    I collected my car yesterday after 6 days at Topaz Detailing for a Level 2 (out of 4 plus orange peel removal as a separate major job) job. I'm extremely happy with the results. The 6 days included about a day and a half of leaving the Swissvax Crystal Rock wax to cure at 25 to 30 degrees...
  20. AMG Steve

    Clk55 amg.....

    Few pictures of my car....... Steve
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