1. A

    ML320 w164 gearbox failure

    Hi, after some advice please on my 2007 w164, 75,000 miles, full MB history. Gearbox has had interment problems recently with revs jumping around 2000 revs, like the gears slipping. Also when a clearing at faster speeds. Had it checked in last month when serviced by MB and no issue found...
  2. S

    W209 CLK 320cdi gearbox "died"

    So i've had the first major fault with my CLK after 60k of ownership - and was with the gearbox last weekend. I@m leaning towards this being conductor plate / ECU issues, but would appreciate help. In any respect, it sounds expensive :) 2006 CLK 320cdi / 130,000miles / two gearbox fluid...
  3. D

    as rare as hens teeth 350 sl manual gearbox

    mercedes 350 sl manual | eBay
  4. F

    C207 7g gearbox oil change

    Could anyone tell me what oil should I buy ?
  5. G

    Gearbox oil cooler

    Can I fit a universal oil cooler ie air cooled to my w211 320cdi as has the problem leaking coolant into the gearbox.. ??does this cause any other probs and is this easier than replacing the whole rad ... cheers .. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. J

    C63 (2012) Gearbox dropped to neutral whilst driving and wouldn't engage gears

    Hi Folks, Driving home late last night in my (new to me) C63, when coming down to a roundabout (at normal speeds, not spirited at all) i double tapped the down paddle to drop down a gear or two, i think i was in 3rd or 4th at the time - the gearbox then seemed to (whilst showing D for drive...
  7. D

    560 sel without engine gearbox for somebody with engine n gearbox tovit in

    Mercedes-Benz W126 560SEL No engine/gearbox Spares or Repair | eBay
  8. J

    2000 SLK 320 6spd manual Gearbox linkage and then gearbox trouble!

    Hi folks, So, after many tribulations including brake pipes, fuel filter, belt idler and tensioner pulleys, belt, central locking, battery, paint, tyres and other things I cannot think of but I'm sure there is more, I finally had my SLK 320 back on the road... for exactly 20 minutes. I went to...
  9. butler23

    Which w202 gearbox can i use?

    Evening guys, i have a c230k with a manual gearbox and it has been annoying me for months... it sticks in second gear sometimes but the gearstick will be in neutral (does it when changing from 2nd to 3rd), when it happens i give it a hard whack and it will come free and be able to carry on...
  10. J

    mercedes sprinter 416cdi auto gearbox

    hi, my sprinter has a vibration that occurs at about 25-30 mph that feels like it's coming from the auto gearbox. has anyone got any ideas what it could be and a solution to fix it?
  11. S

    Ml55 gearbox tool. Dip stick

    Hi. I brought one of those dip stick tools and reckon its too long. Ive tried to put the dip stick in as far as possbile but it bottoms leaving a good 10inchs of sticking out of the top. Also there is no fluid registering on the other end. Starting to feel i need to add fluid. Anyone...
  12. Finzky

    Gearbox valve fault

    Hi, My gearbox was suddenly switching to neutral from first ger with hitting impact on 5 to 10 mph. When I`m putting car on reverse the whole car starts vibrate. Took car to garage, they are telling me it`s most likely Valve body. Labour - £240 + to fix valve £350 + oils and bits £80 = £670...
  13. Masktu

    722.6 gearbox help !

    Hello gents, bought a sh gearbox from a 2.2cdi and fitted on my 2.7cdi as my one had water damage from the radiator (i've also changed the radiator, gearbox filter, pan gasket) ; after I've fitted the new ( second hand) gearbox and done the oil smack on i went out for a try and when it changed...
  14. B

    W203 C180 automatic gearbox fault

    Hi my w203 gear oil is showing signs of burning what could be causing this
  15. Benzowner

    Automatic to Manual Gearbox

    A question for the techies, and possibly not MB based but could be. If you change from an auto box to a manual box, does anything need to be "adjusted" with the ECU? I will explain, my son has a car to which the above was carried out prior to him purchasing the car, but for some reason at...
  16. C

    HELP 2004 E220 CDI W211 722.6 5-Speed Gearbox surging jerking shift issues

    I have a shift/gearbox problems which are really bad but ONLY when the car/gearbox is cold. When the car is warm, there are zero issues:confused: The problem is when I set off and the car accelerates and all seems okay but the first time I stop and set off again, the car starts to...
  17. B

    E250 cdi gearbox oil

    Hi Peeps Had a new radiator fitted and lost quite a bit of gearbox oil in the process. Would it be okay to top it up or shall just go to a garage and have it totally changed ( although it is not due one according to the dealers). Plus its a 5 speed auto E250 cdi 2009. Any idea what type of...
  18. D

    Gearbox heat exchanger help.

    As iv not long rebuilt my trans i wanted to make sure i dont suffer the glycol issue so decided to check out what type of cooler it has, i followed the pipes to the cooler and its not what i though it would be, as i was led to believe the trans cooler runs through the radiator but mine runs to a...
  19. Adeinfrance

    Ml 270cdi gearbox

    Hi everyone. A friend of mine has just had a nasty experience with a dodgy car dealer, who sold him a heap of rubbish for good money and has now ceased trading, and is now looking for a second hand gearbox for the car above. It's a 2002 model. If anybody has one or knows of one please pm me...
  20. P

    64k mile C36 AMG engine, 5 speed gearbox, and ancillaires.

    Complete 64k mile C36 AMG engine, uncut loom, ecu, 5 speed gearbox, and all ancillaires. £3200. Located in Cornwall.
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