1. S

    ML270 W163 Gearbox Problem

    Hope someone can help as I am a little confused. I have searched the forum for other people’s woes, but no symptoms appear like mine. I have a ML270 W163 (2004) 106,000 miles. It has been running fine with no problems, but yesterday it stopped changing gear into 3rd, 4th and 5th, and now only...
  2. R

    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    I am about to service my gearbox and have purchased all parts and tools. There are many discussions on which oil to use but I had had no issues in the past with this oil. There are many write ups out there so I didn't bother to repeat. I just thought I would pass on my findings incase any member...
  3. P

    1999 W210 E240 Auto gearbox problems.

    Hi there, My dad has been having problems with the automatic transmission in his E240 so he took it into the independent garage by his workplace. They didn't give him the code but told him that the description said "Control unit showing a fault on internal unit". Which I'm thinking means the...
  4. B

    E class 220 CDI 2013- Jerky Gearbox

    Dear All, I would like to ask for your help, I have recently purchased an E Class 220 CDI, 2013 with the 7G Gearbox. I have noticed at certain time- mainly low speeds going down and hill, or bumpy roads. the car jerks in 2nd gear and the REV counter is up and down between, 1,000&2,000 RPM...
  5. rmvembe

    CLS320 CDI gearbox problem

    Hi Guys, I need your expertise on a problem I have encountered. I've got a CLS ith 89k on the clock. It had a gearbox service at 80k and has generally been reliable. A few weeks ago when driving it went into limp mode and I was limited to 3k revs. A restart resolved this. A few more day later...
  6. Rosso1

    Cl55 gearbox oil change

    Guys i have no idea on the work involved in changing the gear box oil but surely £2360 is really on the steep side? I have not changed my gearbox oil on my Mercedes but have never spent anywhere above a few hundred pounds. Can anyone tell me what they have spent? Here the advert showing...
  7. Q

    Automatic gearbox fluid change

    Hello Could you advice if there is any decent garages doing automatic gearbox fluid and filter change for Vito120 w639 (204hp motor) around York , Harrogate, Ripon , Thirsk area please ? Mine needs changing , i have seen the thread about changing ATF here ...
  8. Dogbreath

    E55k Gearbox service.. How often ?

    How long between oil changes.... . Does it depend on mileage, time since last service? What's involved..? Cheers Lee
  9. N

    Replaced the gearbox

    Hello guys , I came here with a E280 a couple months ago with limp mode .I took the car for repair,Gearbos was fault and needed a new one . The garage cant code it ,can anyone advice how much is it likely to cost to get my gearbox coded. Actually i dont know what it means . someone help me...
  10. S

    ssangyong 722.6 merc auto gearbox clunk noise

    hi all need some help here or a miracle , i have real problems with this car , first got it about 4 months ago , drives like a dream until i took it to have a full service , brakes , filters , transmission fluid , filter and gasket , etc , after 5 mins of leaving the garage to the car started...
  11. C

    Slk gearbox oil change

    Hi all does anybody know the gearbox oil and filter change procedure with pics if possible for a 60 plate slk 1.8 kompressor? also how often this needs to be done? Many Thanks Charlie
  12. D

    Auto gearbox problem

    Evening, I have spent hours trailing through forums trying to find the same gearbox problem as mine but i can't Mine is 2004 W220 320 cdi and happens usually when cold, it seems to grab second gear sometimes with enough force to move you in your seat, I have a 3 mile stop start journey to...

    gearbox oil change

    My Sept 61 2011 E Class CDI Sport Blue Efficiency is due a service in 30 days. The assist says service A9. According to my Mercedes quote ( MB Ayr ) Additional work.....Autobox oil and filter change is required at a cost of £300 ish, plus the cost of the A service. Now...ESS says 722.9...
  14. O

    C220 Cdi auto gearbox selector

    Apologies for this long post, but I need some advice re my 2002 C220 Cdi Sport Coupe Automatic with approx., 225,000 miles and a gear selector issue which I think will be costly to fix. Background Last week I parked up and couldn't move the shifter from Drive to Park. So I shifted to Neutral...
  15. M

    Gearbox, drivetrain etc the same on C220 CDI as C250CDI

    Hi guys Thinking of a remap on my C220 CDI which will take it to circa 200 bhp which is similar output of the C250 CDI. Is the Gearbox, diff etc on my 220 the same as that fitted on the 250? Thanks Mark.
  16. D

    Which gearbox?

    Does 1995 E280 W124 5 speed have the 722.5 or 722.6 gearbox? Bit confused by some online resources. Thanks
  17. S

    Gearbox headaches

    Hi everyone. Got the codes from my gearbox yesterday p2500 p220a p2502. Can anybody help me decide what to do. I havechanged the oil and filter and check the levels everything ok. can't really afford to put a reconditioned gearbox in so looking on eBay at second-hand ones but very nervous about...
  18. B

    Need a bottom gearbox cooler hoes for V230

    Maybe a long shot but has anyone got a spare hose lying around. My gearbox started going weird and I found this hose had been leaking & the level had gone seriously down. Hoping no damage. Cheers, Dave
  19. T

    W124 E300D 24 Valve What is the correct gearbox code for the auto box?

    Anyone out there know what the gearbox code is for the W124 E300D 24valve automatic gear-box. I'm keen to source a replacement for mine as forward gears have stopped working on mine.
  20. T

    Automatic Gearbox for a W124 E300D 24V

    I'm looking to replace the auto gearbox in my W124 E300D 24V engined estate. Call me on 07961045260
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