1. C

    Mercedes vito 639 gearbox issues

    Hi I'm new to the forum just been getting a 2007 vito and trying to get through a few faults on it. one being it jumps out of first gear from cold for around the first 4 miles of driving then it's fine I've tried adjusting the cables and also tried changing the gear box oil with ATf as a read a...
  2. S

    New MB 2 Ltr Engine and 9 Speed Gearbox

    As anybody got any thoughts on these?
  3. S

    Gearbox program after remap

    I'm still looking at which map path I'm going to go on with my C350 But a daft question maybe if somebody could help me please Once the car has been remapped what if any affect does it have on the gearbox program ? at the moment I'm mostly driving in S but switch back to E when cruising...
  4. B

    W204 gearbox issue

    Hi, The last month or so i was certain my W204 was shifting in a way I can only describe as more clunky. Car was booked in at an Indy on Friday who with star checked for codes which there was none, however there was a software update available to fix a known transmission issue. With...
  5. Javedw210

    1999 w210 e320

    Hello, I am new to the forum and would like some help with my Mercedes Benz E320. The car is currently on my drive on axle stands, I have removed the exhaust from the manifold and the full length of the prop shaft. The reason why I have done this is to remove the gearbox but I do not have the...
  6. K

    Auto Gearbox

    Hi, is there any chance the auto box in a 1992 190d would be the same as the auto box in a 1992 300sl ?? It's just that I have the oils and filter for the 190d box but now own a 300sl and would be great of filter and oils could be used. While I'm on the auto change on my 1992 300sl is poor ...
  7. K

    W124 gearbox issue.

    I had auto gearbox swaped in my 320ce for gearbox from 300-24v. the problem is change from 2-3 takes place always around 3,5k and 3-4 always around 4,5k. I tried adjusting Bowden cable with no luck, there's only little difference if anything. Also if I drive 50mph it only goes to 3rd but when...
  8. P

    R129 Gearbox oil change advice

    Hi, I want to change the gearbox oil on my 5 speed auto year 2000 R129 320 SL. Is it a case of finding a drain plug and changing the filter after warming the car up for a while ? Or is there a sump ? Any special tips or advice & knowledge of what parts / tools I need , quantity of oil etc ...
  9. J

    Strange 220 CDI Gearbox Issue

    Hi everyone, I've got an annoying problem with the gearbox on my 06 CLK 220 CDI sport. Second gear in particular. In the morning when the engine / gearbox is cold, whilst driving out of the estate I live on, the gearbox changes into second smoothly, but whilst in second the revs will get...
  10. R

    w208 CLK320 Gearbox Oil

    I have bought dipstick to check the auto box oil levels clk 320 (yr 2000). When I put it in, it goes in and then hits something "springy" and I can push in a little further. Should I be measuring the level at the top without pushing the extra against the springiness? Thanks
  11. R

    Gearbox oil and filter change

    How regular should this be done? My C55 I believe has had two changes in its lifetime, the last one done approximately three years car has now done 75k miles.
  12. S

    auto gearbox display

    C200 compressor with tiptronic box. Under normal driving when in WD mode the gearbox display shows WD regardless of which gear the auto has selected and this is how it is 99.9% of the time. However on 3 occasions over the last 6 months whilst driving in WD mode the car has stopped auto changing...
  13. boomtings

    W124 5 speed gearbox swap question

    Hi, My 93 300-24TE 5speed 722.5 still needs serious TLC, I have found a 94 320TE with a 5 speed, but a different part number. Is a straight swap possible? Or should I keep saving for a refurb. Also Does anyone know what are the differences with the 722.501 and and 722.502 etc.
  14. 91dm

    722.6 gearbox filter: hole in plastic

    Hello, I was just about to change the gearbox oil and filter in my ML270 and noticed the replacement filter housing has a small hole in the casing. Looking for advice on whether this is still ok to use, will it allow oil pass the filter part? Thanks
  15. E

    2005 Clk320 gearbox question

    Hi all, like most at first I have been lurking, reading gathering information in the background. Now I need some advice after addressing the rocker cover gaskets and sealing those leaks,I still noticed an oil burning smell when the car was warm and stationary. I have removed both under trays...
  16. C

    58 plate c63 gearbox

    Hi all just got a 58 plate c63 and the gearbox seems laggy in c and when you floor it it seems to try to bounce off the limiter which i dont like any way to drive it fast but not ring its neck? Apart from manual mode?
  17. sprinterich

    Vaneo cdi automatic gearbox info needed

    Hi All, I have just got myself a little 7 seater vaneo, can anyone tell me what gearbox they put in these as it doesn't look like the 4hp-20 that was in my vito, I am interested to know what the box is so I can look up how to change the atf and what atf to use, it feels a bit like a cross...
  18. D

    Opinions about pre facelift and post C63AMG gearbox!

    Im seriously thinking to get c63 AMG now. We all know that pre facelift ones are cheaper(an bit older) than facelift ones.Also main deference is gearbox! How bad or good is gearbox in both models? Is pre facelift is drivebale at all etc? I like styling of pre facelift more,but thoughts about...
  19. greggster

    W209 CLK Gearbox Control Unit - Help!

    Hi all, I took the CLK to a local specialist who has Star for a few bits and asked them to see if there was a software update for the gearbox as i'd read that this could help with the characteristic harsh downshift into 1st when cold (wasn't a problem, but if it could be improved then all...
  20. Seank791

    W202 C250TD Manual gearbox issues

    Hi guys, my car has developed a fault In relation to the gearbox, it's now very stiff to get into 1st 2nd and reverse gears, there are no crunches whines or noises of any sort, however it requires force to get the car into any of these gears, the remainder of the box 3rd 4th and 5th are...
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