1. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Air Intake Hoses wanted

    Hi all, Managed to split both hoses pulling off engine cover, struggling to find where to get any replacements without resorting to dealer. Anyone have or know the location of where to get some ? I can pay in either cash or W124 parts ........ :)
  2. AndrewOl

    X164 front brake hoses

    Hi, 2006 GL inspection advised that front hoses were replaced. Is this a straightforward job or is there anything I should look out for when doing this one myself?
  3. G

    W221 S63 air intake hoses

    Just browsing around under the bonnet today, it appears that both air intake hoses are splitting. Are these an MB only item or does anyone know if there is a real alternative, before I go to the dealer.
  4. Doc matt

    W218 air intake hoses split

    I thought I'd pop the bonnet and check the oil today and was gobsmacked to find my air intake hoses were all split. They were fine about a month ago...weird. The current hoses I think look and feel too flimsy, the feel of them almost makes you think any moisture that gets on them will travel...
  5. J

    w123 230e hoses

    Does anyone know where I can get the hose in the picture? The one with a red arrow pointed towards it?
  6. E

    When Should Dry/Cracked Hoses Be Replaced?

    Hi Guys, I was taking a closer look at some of the hoses today and some look cracked, and feel hard/dry. I sent the pics to my mechanic, saying we should probably replace them next time we do some work. He replied that it's only external cracks, and if they are not leaking, they do not need...
  7. Grovsie31

    SS brake lines or standard hoses?

    Hey all my brake lines look like they have seen better days, so thought might as well change them when I get the fluid changed. Should I be looking at stainless steel brake lines, or just go for stock ones? If stock are the ones from ECP ok?
  8. M

    need help 230 ce coupe high revs, where do the vacum hoses go

    just had new head and gasket fitted and engine is running well, but revs up to 2000 revs till u put it in drive then they drop again. has any one got any pictures of engine bays to see where ll the vacuum hoses go see if i have them fitted wright
  9. mirras

    Not impressed with OM642 hoses

    Spent a bit of time under my w221 S320 for the first time yesterday with the under-trays removed. Was replacing a split intercooler hose and I am very unimpressed but the layout of the various rubber hoses and pipes. There are a few air-con hoses with rubber 'spacer sleeves' deliberately fitted...
  10. B

    Oil Intake Hoses, EGR & Manifold.

    Hi, I had a leak on the feed pipe to the EGR, it required a new gasket. Whilst repairing this issue I noticed, oil in the intake pipe (after what I believe is the PCV); also in the pipe going into the intake manifold and inside the EGR. At there was enough oil, so that when the EGR was...
  11. C

    Braided hoses? SL55

    Just about to put by reconditioned calipers on to my R230 SL and wondered if there is any advantage to changing the brake hoses over to braided ones and if so where can I get them? The exisitng ones are OK at the front, but the rears look a bit secondhand so seeing as I have done the calipers I...
  12. R

    SL320 V6 Radiator hoses

    Good day everyone, I would really appreciate it if someone would kindly give me the part number for a 2000 SL320 V6 bottom radiator hose. Many thanks Rory
  13. D

    vito 110 cdi vacuum hoses and cabin heating problems!!

    Hi all, i'm new to here and new to MB in general, have owned loads of different makes of vehicle and never had a problem solving problems or repairing compared to the Vito! I have a vito 110cdi 2.2, which i have turned into a day bus for our weekend events we carry out, i have the usually...
  14. essieghia

    Wanted W124 200TE radiator hoses

    Does anyone have radiator hoses for a 1992 K plate W124 200TE? I could only find one part number. That's 124 832 9094. Any help would be greatfully accepted. With thanks. Stephen
  15. wadeyblue

    Heater drain hoses w211 eclass.

    The MB parts sheets shows a drain hose (in fact there are 2 of them) under the heater. Does anyone know where these drain hoses come out or end? Under the car somewhere i assume, but where.
  16. D

    w 210 brake hoses

    got advisory about a rear brake hose going south so decided to replace all 4 with goodrich braided. i got new ones & booked her in for fitment. same day garage asked to see me . i went and was told that they could not be fitted as they did not have the "point" in the end that attaches to the...
  17. sinewave

    Braided Brake Hoses?

    I'm looking at replacing mine with a set of Aeroquip/Goodrich etc? Anyone got any recommendations? Seen this site which although not a big name brand as above but looks perfectly suitable? HEL Brake Lines For Mercedes E Class 211 Series E320 3.2 CDi (2005-)
  18. chriss428

    silicone hoses

    any ideas ware i can get a good complete set from for my w210 320 cdi? ive decided to keep her so lets start improving lol cheers chris
  19. P

    Turbo hoses

    Hi guys ! As anyone have the part numbers of the hoses from the turbo/ intercooler system of a Mercedes E220 Cdi (W210) Avantgarde ? I'm asking because one of the hoses ( turbo to intercooler) has blown up :mad: I thank you very much if you can help me !:)
  20. DRBC43AMG

    SS flex brake hoses

    Anybody know the reference n° for Goodridge SS brake hoses (front + rear) to fit a w202 C43? Looking at the ATE parts catalogue, they come out with same reference n°s as other w202's Can anybody confirm? Thanks
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