1. E

    W203 key or ignition problem

    My 2005 W203 recently developed a start-up issue, but I am not sure what's the exact problem. Normally, when I insert the key and turn to position 2, the dash panel should instantly light up. However, sometimes the dash panel doesn't light up at all; or it delays for a few seconds before...
  2. J

    W123 230E Ignition Wiring Problems - Please Help!

    Hi there, Is anyone able to tell me how the ignition coil should be wired with the ignition control module (part no. 002 545 18 32) for a 230E (1984)? I removed an after market alarm and immobiliser and foolishly didn't note the connections. I can't find a wiring diagram to suit the...
  3. R

    Spark Present but not when Cranking w111

    Hope one of you gents can shed light on this problem. I am trying to test a 220 engine from a 1964 220SE w111. I'm using the electrics from another old Merc to supply the spark. So, I've basically wired up the starter and coil from the other car. I find that I can see a spark on the plugs when...
  4. oshea

    ignition barrel with keys wanted

    Morning everyone I looking to buy a ignition barrel and keys for a 91plate sl300, also a haynes manual please let me no if anyone has one of either thank you
  5. B

    ignition live in boot of w204?

    Hi all, Anyone able to give me some advice on finding a switched ignition live in the boot of my w204? I can't find one! Thanks Ben
  6. M

    W203 Ignition issue...?

    Hi all, A very weird thing has been happening for the past 2 days. I don’t think the car registers that the key fob is out of the ignition. When I take my key out of the ignition after driving, the radio will stay on for 7-10 seconds and the 'click' from the car won’t occur for about 10...
  7. T

    Ignition key

    Hi I need new keyless go ignition key (although not working) are these more expensive than a normal Mercedes key, which I believe is about £230.00. Many thanks
  8. J

    W123 No ignition problem

    Hi guys Major problem which is bugging the hell out of me! Using my car (W123 230CE) fine throughout the day, went to start it in the evening and it wouldn't start. After a lot of head scratching i have narrowed it down to being no spark at the plugs or and the distributor. After...
  9. dredd32

    Disabling ignition system

    Does anyone know how to disable the ignition system on a c32 amg?? I am replacing the crankshaft pulley but I don't have the pulley holder to do the job..I've seen that if you disable the ignition system then fit the ratchet and brace it,turn the car over it will release the bolt holding the...
  10. I

    Help W204 220cdi no ignition no start....

    Hi all any help on this problem, tried to start car this morning unlocked doors with the fob key in ignition, no lights came on no buzz of the ESL turned key and nothing? I tried to jumpstart it and nothing it's like the car doesnt recognizethe key anymore? Any help appreciated
  11. P

    Nothing Happens When I Turn Ignition Key...

    Hi, Ive not used my 2001 CLK for 6 months or so, it's been on trickle charge to keep battery topped up. Went to start it and battery was flat, so put in boost charge. Now when I get in and put fob in ignition it makes usual sounds, panel warning lights come on, but on turning fob to start...

    450sl ignition wiring diagram?

    After "tidying up " my engine bay , cleaning up wiring , and spraying the inner wings , i put everything back in place , or so i thought. However , being my usual badly organised self , i lost the piece of paper that i had noted down all the wiring on!:doh: Unlike the later SL models the 73...
  13. G

    W215 window opens when ignition started. Huh?

    Hi I've recently acquired a W215 for a knock down price as a fixer-upper. I think I've now sorted the ABC issues, but there's one vexing issue: When I start the ignition, the passenger window opens fully. WTF? This is like Alfa Romeo electrics. I've replaced the motor as I had a spare, but...
  14. O

    190E '85 won't turnover after new ignition barrel fitted

    Hello to all, new member here. Had the dreaded key stuck in lock position, after a week of stuffing around I finally got the barrel out and fitted the new one. All electrics are working when in accessory pos. but engine fails to crank. I've tested it before putting everything back on I took off...
  15. S

    W204 - Steering column switch/ignition switch issues.

    Hi new to the forum, Currently having some issues with my 2008 W204 220cdi Sport manual with 80k. Car has full MB service history and is about 3 months out of extended warranty, purchased from MB Sheffield. Car has been faultless to own, apart from rear tyres and the odd lamp replacement has...
  16. K

    Ignition switch

    Hi, really need to source an ignition module, part number: 210 545 0308 Can anyone help me out?
  17. K

    Ignition Module Delete

    Hi, fairly new here, trying to gather some info. I have had some ignition module problems on my 2001 (w208) clk 200. I am going to have to replace it, but I was wondering, is there any special circuitry in there or does it literally act as a big switch. If so I would really like to bypass...
  18. E

    W210 Ignition Switch

    The car is a '98 W210 E55. Yesterday evening in the car park it would not start (finally got it home on the back of a truck at 4 a.m, but that's another story). It turns over just fine on the key, very rapidly indeed with a new battery connected, but no start. I can move the gear selector as...
  19. K

    W126, R107 8 pin ignition EZL module

    I have an 8 pin EZL ignition module suitable for W126 and R107 V8's, tested and verified as working on my own 1989 500SEC. £250 delivered ono
  20. W

    CClass W203 sometimes doesnt start

    Hello, I have a problem with my mercedes. The car is a W203 2004 automatic 220cdi. For the past month more than in 1 occasion I cant start the car. When i insert the key i hear the ELV, then i open the ignition to position II i hear a "bzzzz" from the engine bay , when i try to...
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