1. L

    Lost AM reception after installing aftermarket unit

    Hi Ive removed the unit from my A170 (w169) and have good FM but no AM. My car had a standard roof aerial not Fakra, do I need to power an built in amplifier? Ta
  2. T

    1996 R129 SL500 stereo - installing Mercedes head

    Hi guys I've had my 96 R129 for about 6 months and now the weather is starting to improve I'm starting to do some jobs which have been on my list of things to do since I got it... First of all, I appreciate that there are a lot of topics on this. I have done a lot of reading through past...
  3. S

    Installing pure highway 300Di DAB radio

    Just got the kit to install. Question is can i just chop off the supplied loom connectors and hard wire in 12 v and ground connections, one permanent lice and one ignition controlled? If i use the supplied iso connectors would these plug and play in an 2011 s212 E 350? also I assume i use the...
  4. gIzzE

    Part No's for NTG2.5 Media Interface Cables needed for installing?

    I have an NTG2.5, I would like to add the Media Interface as I have just been given one, however...none of the cables, just the interface itself. So just wondering if anyone knows the part numbers I needed and a rough idea of costs? I guess I need the harness from NTG2.5 to Media...
  5. notsofast

    Installing stone chip protectors W219 CLS

    Can anybody advise exactly what the "Lubricant, Rubber assembly" p/n A0009890367 consists of ? I don't want to buy a litre of this stuff to only install a few protectors.
  6. D

    Installing HIDs on Mercedes c class 2002 coupe

    Has anyone any idea how I mount hid bulbs into the light casing on a mercedes c class 2002 coupe? It appears I need some sort of clip or casing to hold them in place?
  7. Codger49

    Installing SAP v4 in W209

    I wonder if any more knowledgable members could tell me if I am trying to do the impossible? Car is 2006 W209 coupe with NTG2 Comand and w386 phone prep. Car is new to me, and looking at all the phone options (Viseeo MB4, HFP, SAP etc) I thought SAP with a SIM card would suit me best. I use a...
  8. M

    Installing An S Class Fridge

    Bruvs, I bought an S Class arm rest fridge of ebay about a week ago soon to arrive does anybody know: a) how easy it is to install myself b) best person in London to go to in order to get it fitted (hopefully it fits) Cheers all
  9. C

    installing new stereo

    Hi I've got a c220 cdi 03. I've bought a new pioneer stereo I have the fascia for the stereo fitting I'm just wondering if the power plug and speaker plug will fit in the adapter plug I got with stereo
  10. omega1

    Installing tablet as ICE

    Hi all, I'm back after the reluctant sale of my previous MB to take a company car a few years ago, but I'm just about to take posession of my new (used) MB as I hand back my company car... The vehicle I am buying is as per the image, does anyone know what model this is (not the model of the...
  11. G

    Installing USB in c200k se sports coupe middle console

    Could someone please enlighten me on how complicated it would be to install a USB in the front seat middle console of the c200k se sports coupe. An idea of expected labor cost by a 3rd party (if necessary) together with any recommended kit that would suit the job. Would still like (need) to...
  12. C

    Installing Renntech Lowering module V2

    Anyone have any direct experience of installing one of these lowering modules on a car with ABC It looks reasonably straight forward although MBWorld had a thread where they said the instructions are misleading. Would rather do it myself if it's as straight forward as it looks, but if anyone...
  13. W

    Installing a remote locking key to an old A140 (W168)

    Hello guys, I have an old MB A140 (W168), came with two mechanical keys. I'm wondering if it's possible to install the remote locking system by myself, which would be much easier to use. I found some kits on eBay, for example: Remote Central Locking Upgrade Kit UNIVERSAL Keyless Entry...
  14. kam09

    Installing a usb port?

    Hi guys, wondering if it's possible to install a USB port in the glovebox of my 59 plate w212? I haven't got the cradle and don't intend on buying 1..
  15. Merty

    Installing a pioneer or kenwood

    Hi guys I want to install a pioneer touchscreen app radio to my merc . My question is would it still function with the steering wheel button for on call and off ...
  16. M

    Installing Sony XAV-601BT

    Hello Folks, I've recently gotten a C-200 (02 plate) and the stereo in it has developed a fault, and need to replace it, so decided to take the plunge and purchase a Sony XAV-601BT as it looks a solid unit, with plenty of connectivity! I plan to install it myself, but thought I ought to...
  17. Charles Morgan

    W124 - installing 300TD from 210

    How easy would it be to replace the existing engine and transmission in a W124 estate with the turbodiesel and 5 speed from a W210? I love the engine and transmission, but don't like the rust of an early 210, while I love the W124 multivalve but would like a bit more oomph and a 5 speed box...
  18. T

    Installing a V8 on W123 in India

    Hi, I own a 1982 W123 300D in India. I intend to swap the existing engine with a V8 (Petrol/gasoline). Its hard to find V8's in India and I will have to import the engine with transmission and accessories. Please suggest places from where I can buy. I have seen several W123's with V8's and...
  19. khanvict

    Installing xbox360 in a cls500

    hi, i have a mercedes cls500 2006 with comand aps NTG2 system with dvd/nav/tv/ipod. i would like to install an xbox360 in the boot and would like to know if it would work with the aux option in the video section of the system? would appreciate the help. thank you
  20. B

    Installing Parking sensors to vito 639

    Hi all I'm planning on fitting rear parking sensors once I have the van (hopefully Wednesday) and needed to know what I needed apart from the kit itself Can I just connect the power to the reverse light?
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