1. O

    Modified car insurance

    Hello It's interesting to hear about how people have modified their cars with different engine maps etc. Do you use standard insurance companies or do modified cars usually have to be insured by specialist insurance companies? Thanks
  2. roman82

    Hi with insurance))

    I just bought Mercedes 300ce SPORTLINE 1992. Can y help me guys to find best( and cheap)))) insurance company . Of course I do planning use this car only on weekends. I got main car and 9years ncd. Thx
  3. ShinyF1

    Household Insurance & GRP Roofing

    I just wanted to share a bizarre experience I've had through the course of the day in trying to renew my buildings and contents insurance. Having extended my house over the last year I now have GRP covered flat roofs that just exceed 50% of my total roof area, and thought it would be a good...
  4. P

    Mercedes alloy wheel insurance

    Does anyone else have the above and have you used it at all? I've got the black forged alloys on my 2016 c63 and in under a week of ownership I've managed to kerb one. In my defence my lane is single track, but it's no real excuse and I'm fricking fuming. Now, I was under the impression that I...
  5. M

    W211 Estate Insurance Write Off

    Hi I recently had an unfortunate run in with a low bollard and as a result quite a few panels are damaged. Main damage is to drivers door, passenger door and sill panel. Car is an '05 E350 Sport with a lot of extras and only 55k miles. Insurance want to write off the car but I wont be able to...
  6. R

    How does insurance work.

    Hi, Both my cars are miles apart from each other one is 80hp daily and one is 500+hp toy but.... 1) 2008 Corsa SXI 1.2 (my first car will never sell it) Costs me £987 with 4 years NCB. 2) 2012 C63 Coupe PP costs me £1100 with 6 years NCB. I asked insurance why its such a small difference...
  7. S

    Why does my insurance go up following a non-fault accident?

    My parked vehicle was hit and my insurance company successfully reclaimed the full amount from the third party insurer. Insurance renewal quote from current insurer was double last years! I kid you not, was paying £645 last year and now its £1276! However, if I shop online I can get it down to...
  8. W

    Wheel insurance

    Has anyone take out wheel insurance to pa for damage to alloys? Was it worth it?
  9. Fendttrisix

    MB car insurance

    Has anyone used MB car insurance.? Have been offered it with new car but quoting nearly double the price of my existing policy.
  10. Brian 1

    M&S Insurance

    Just been quoted £486 for my Cls250, last year it was£398, does this sound reasonable.....
  11. C

    Does your insurance cover pano roofs?

    Hi All - I've just pushed the button on a E350d Premium, had to upgrade to the premium pack for the memory seats (I'm 6ft 8 & other half is 5ft 3 and we share the car daily!) but we also get a panoramic roof, which I personally don't like. Not least because of the headroom issue, but also does...
  12. grober

    Whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40'

    Whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40' - BBC News So whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40' or increase insurance companies profits? Maybe at least reduce these concerned cold callers who seem to think you've been in a car accident recently. :rolleyes:
  13. S

    Mercedes Options Insurance

    Hi all, Just mulling over whether or not I should get any of the insurance policies I was offered when I bought my car? SMART Insurance £399.00: Covers me for any minor dents, scratches, scuffs etc? Alloy Wheel (not tyres) Insurance £149.00: Covers damaged wheels and either repairs or...
  14. P

    Insurance, remapping, voided insurance

    Hi there - I am NOT going to ask what has already been asked 5 million times since the start of the universe (i.e. do you declare your remap to the insurance company :ban:). But what I do want to ask - as google has not shown any shred of evidence :confused: - is have you ever seen, heard or...
  15. AnimMerc

    Wikileaks Insurance file release

    WikiLeaks unleashes new 88GB 'insurance file' onto the web ? but what's inside them? It will be interesting to see what's inside them.
  16. Gollom

    Insurance for ML

    Potentially picking up a 2004 ML270 tomorrow and my insurers tell me that it would more than double my premium on a 2003 E240 from approx. £300 to £650! Checked GoCompare and the quotes I am getting back are not that much different. Do 4WD vehicles really make that much of an impact? Any...
  17. R129mine

    r129 1996 insurance

    my lloyds insurance renewal notice came through and it went up from £450 to £550 with 9 years NCD. Shopped around and went with Hastings for £270 py. as I was going through the application i changed the value from £1495 to £10k (just had front wings replaced, and almost full paint job of...
  18. DannyHall

    European car insurance

    Hi, Currently have a CLA45 AMG but have now began working in Germany. My current car insurer won't insure me to work in Europe and it seems every european car insurance I try for EX-PATS says they cannot insure me due to my age. I'm 24 and every insurer requires 25+ annoyingly, as if the...
  19. kam09

    Help on car insurance quotes

    Guys can you please recommend some reliable companies to get quotes from on a 61 plate e350cdi sport, I'm 28 with a clean license, 4 years no claims and license held for 9 years.. Would be very grateful for recommendations..
  20. Borys

    Modern classic insurance Q

    Guys, Just bought back my s500 w140 Is there a chance to put it on classic insurance Its a 1998 model I will only use it occasionally Any recommendation?
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