1. O

    Supreme Court ruling on insurance

    I heard today that the Supreme Court have ruled that fraudulent statements or evidence provided in support of an otherwise genuine claim will not now allow Insurers to decline a claim. Seems to throw out of the window the principle of utmost good faith one of the foundations of insurance...
  2. MancMike

    If insurance companies were honest - cracked video

    Cracked is a cool satirical channel presented well. Here's a video on insurance, which made me chuckle as it's all very true... zfdSTyAcXfs
  3. R

    MB Minor damage insurance and alloy wheel insurance

    Hi all. I am new to this group this week as I have just ordered a new MB GLC 250D AMG Line Prem Plus. Its due for delivery in Sept. Should I buy the Mercedes' own damage insurance and alloy wheel insurance or buy else where> I have done some research and can already get the same products as...
  4. Dave.tam

    Minor damage insurance offered by MB

    I just posted in another thread and kinda took it off topic, so I thought I'd start again here. When I bought my 2014 W204 C180, I was given MB minor damage insurance free of charge. The first time I had cause to use it, I had a small scratch and dent to a rear door. Looked through my flashy...
  5. S

    Recommendation for insurance repair work

    My parked car took a hit yesterday from a drunk driver. Rear passenger wing and bumper damaged and alloy badly scuffed. No probs as all seem repairable. However, the wheel is pushed forward and is now touching the wheel arch. Rang insurance company and they gave a list of their...
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Recommendations on GAP insurance

    I'm considering GAP insurance for the first time, but I'm keen to make sure that if I do decide to go ahead then I do so with a provider and policy which will actually be of use if the unthinkable happens. In short I recently had a car stolen which was on a Personal Contract Hire, and the...
  7. C

    Insurance valuations

    Hello - can anyone recommend someone to provide a valuation for insurance/AV purposes pls? Shirish
  8. nickjonesn4

    Insurance company for modified car

    Has anyone got any good options. Ours looks expensive
  9. M

    Dash cams & insurance

    Anybody managed to get reduced premiums for having a dash cam fitted? Thinking of installing one, but not if its a waste of time insurance wise.
  10. french

    Insurance palava

    On 8/2/16 I was hit by a woman in a range rover , we were @ traffic lights which were red, I was in the Left lane & she next to me in the right. Road markings showing ,right lane left & ahead while right lane markings show Ahead only/ Lights change we pull away , we travel about 15' @ approx...
  11. L

    Despair with Insurance Company

    Almost 1 year ago, my son (a named driver on my policy) was signalling to turn into a side road and was positioned at the white lines opposite the side road when a car traveling quickly came up from behind on the RH side. It proceeded to swerve round my son's car, hit a kerb, went through a...
  12. afflier

    Track Day Insurance

    I found a very old thread on this subject but nothing since. As it says in the title, Im looking in to getting some Track Day Insurance for the C63. Actually only thinking of TV4 drag as opposed to full Track Day (future maybe!) I found this page from Adrian Flux Adrian Flux Track Day...
  13. T

    Car Insurance c63

    Gents, My insurance is due for renewal next month out of curiosity age who you insured with how many ncb how much excess how much per annum got quoted renewal with sky £675 £250 excess 7yrs ncb 28yr old thanks
  14. toffee-pie

    Insurance companies.......

    Robbing me again. For the third year running I need to change insurer. Quote for CL55 - £1300. A 5 minute search yields < £700. Guess this is standard across the industry.
  15. F

    Kleemann supercharger CLK500 insurance increase

    So for a while, I've been thinking of getting a Kleemann blower, but entering it as a mod on comparison sites brings my insurance up to about 5 times what I pay now :/ is this accurate? I know because it's not a mod done by Mercedes themselves, they don't like it one bit, but for what it's...
  16. O

    AA Insurance

    Just got my usual hopeful mailshot from AA Insurance which always makes me laugh. AA had apparently "searched their suppliers" and found their best insurance offer of £420 for my annual policy. 60 year old driver 15year old Astra worth £200 11years NCB - the car was scrapped 2 years ago...
  17. A

    Do i tell insurance, or not?

    No nothing dodgy :D No idea how but the good lady has somehow managed to put a scrape on the rear wing/bumper. Whilst its not very big it needs to be done. Our insurance XS is £175, and a local repair company want over £300 so its a no brainer as far as cost goes. We have protected no...
  18. T


    I am going to put a new steering wheel (new to me ), do i need to inform the insurance company. It is not a standard steering wheel but an upgrade, flat bottom and thumb grips. Many thanks.
  19. G

    GAP Insurance

    Buying on PCP Do I need GAP insurance ? If so where is best to purchase? Thank you
  20. MancMike

    Help me with insurance

    Hi, Not wanting to pull the "how much do you pay for insurance" thread off on a tangent, I thought I'd create my own thread. I've always paid thousands for insurance, obliterating everyone else's rants about 450 a year being excessive, I used to pay more than that a month. Anyway, my...
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