1. H

    W203 Keyfob Repairs Southend-on-Sea

    Hi, Unfortunately my keyfob for my 2004 W203 C200 Kompressor has stopped working. I have changed the battery and the red light shows on the fob when you press either the lock, unlock or boot open but none of them work and the fob will not start the car. I assume this means the keyfob needs...
  2. uumode

    Leather cover for keyless go keyfob

    Transpires that I wasn't really using any buttons on my key fob and not actually using the key as a key and didn't actually insert it anywhere :D Just stays in my pocket. So I got a leather cover for about £3.99 off ebay to protect it from key scratches. Seems to be a good and snug fit...
  3. M

    Syncronising keyfob W202

    Hi all, I have a 1997 C200, I have replaced the batteries in my keyfob and now it will not lock or unlock the car. I have had this problem before and synchronised the fob to the car, but I cant remember how to do it. does anyone know how to sync keyfob? any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. D

    Help keyfob won't unlock

    hi need same help not having a good end off year with my car went out thursday no problems key fob work fine had to go out yesterday and the keyfob will not open the car put new battery i get a red flash when i press the fob have put the fob in front off a camera get a white light when i press...
  5. L

    C200 - keyfob won't turn or unlock

    Hi All Bit of a nightmare, just had to abandon car & get a taxi home after a dental appointment (talk about adding insult to injury!) It's an S reg C200. I walked up to it, the door unlocked on the remote. Put the key in the ignition, it only made a half hearted unlocking sound and wouldn't...
  6. C

    Battery in keyfob not lasting long

    Hi, I have a 2002 clk and for some reason I keep having to change the battery in the keyfob. I've had it now for only 4 months and have had to change the battery 3 times! I've tried re-syncing it by holding down the lock button and pressing the unlock button 5 times, which didn't work. Has...
  7. C

    W203 Keyfob won't unlock car in the Mornings

    Hi i hope someone can help with this. I have 2 problems and I'm not sure they are related but they are both related to my keys. I have a C180 W203 2001 I got it a few months ago, it came with 2 keys the first one (silver) worked straight away all of the time. the second one (black) worked to...
  8. C

    C124 - KeyFob not working.......!

    Guys, My car is in for paint...and low and behold its stopped working! Apparently the Keyfob is no longer unlocking, locking the car and it has to be done manually? Batteries? Anyone had this problem before? Perhaps its related to my intermittent starting problem? Thanks guys.
  9. OneCarefulOwner

    Dead <s>parrot</s> keyfob - what are my options?

    I bought my W124 with a dead remote keyfob, and printed instructions from links on this site (how I found you!) about how to solder the switch back down. I know my limits, so I got my brother to do it for me - he's studying robotics at Uni with an eye on joining JPL, so he really knows his...
  10. B

    W202 C180 Keyfob must be constantly resynced

    Hi All I have a 1997 manual C180. Lately whenever I try to open the car using the keyfob it fails and I have to open the door manually using the key and then resync the keyfob. Once I have done this I can open & close using keyfob for a while but getting to point where resync only lasts for a...
  11. A

    want to discharge battery, if there got a problem with keyfob for c180 w202?

    I am thinking to discharge my battery during winter but is there any precaution I must aware of? This is my first car and I am dealing with w202 c180 mercedes. I read in a forum saying that its better to install Mercedes-Benz Battery Disconnect Switch so that it will not affect the key fob if I...
  12. cplnoonoo

    C-class coupe 3 button keyfob compatibility

    I have a 2003/04 W203 c-class coupe that has the 2 button keyfob for locking and unlocking. However i have found a 3 button version for sale on fleabay that has a boot unlocking button. Would this work with my car even though my existing keyfob doesnt have the boot unlock button? I guess i...
  13. Wizeng

    C220 Keyfob Switch

    Hi, Does anyone know the specification of the switches in the keyfobs for a 05 model C220, the unlock switch is OK but the Lock switch doesn't work, or click when operated, Thanks.:dk:
  14. 1

    W202 Keyfob

    Just a quick question someone may be able to answer, i am thinking of buying a keyfob off ebay, its the 3 button type with the key blade tucked inside, the one i have works but the buttons are badly worn and the circuit board is exposed so i was going to get an ebay key and change the whole...
  15. markymark1

    Cost of W202 keyfob

    Hi rang MB for the cost of a key fob, single button flick out key and was told £150.00 plus vat is this right as have read on here that they were about £120. Why i ask is do MB dealers charege the same for parts or are they all the same have tried a few but the parts dept are always busy...
  16. markymark1

    How to program the keyfob on a 1997 c230

    Looking for the definitive answer how to program this key, had the car valeted now wont unlock central locking/start. I wonder if the guy kept pressing the remote to far away as i have read that this can screw up the remote and i have also just replaced the batteries just in case. Saw a picture...
  17. R

    Prosedure for KeyFob Replacement

    Hi everyone, I own a W208 CLK 230K vintage 2001 [in Malaysia] and need some advice on how to get a replacement for one of my 2 keys. One key works fine but the other won't start thecar but is able to unlock it. I will be making a trip to London in mid-November and would like to get the...
  18. C

    w208 3 button keyfob

    hello all, well it had to happen after a year and a bit of MB ownership my clk has let me down. on a plus note i've done 350 miles this weekend and it waited untill i got home to play-up so im not swearing at it yet...on to my probs the key will not turn. the steering does not unlock. the...
  19. bobby

    Sporadic full closure from keyfob (C43)

    Gentlemen, When I try to invoke full closure (by holding down the lock button) this works only on average on 1 of 10 attempts. I've tried doubleclicking, different positions/ distances, still the same. Any ideas as to why this could be? TIA
  20. Chas

    KEYFOB wont turn in ignition

    My friend has a 2000 E CLASS KOMPRESSOR. The key he uses all the time works fine.The spare key opens the doors ok but when he puts it in the ignition it won't turn ! Any ideas folks cheers Chas
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