1. streethawk

    e220 w212 leaks

    Hi guys my uncle took his e220 for a service at mb today with a full mb service history and being brought by him from said dealer 9 months ago and 15000 miles later. Two major problems! One was the inlet port shutoff motor has an oil leak they say and it either needs replacing or maybe a new...
  2. V

    Accessing injectors to check for leaks

    Hi all Just looking for advise please I've just bought another Vito (115 Sport ) and it has a ticking sound , just wondering can you just remove the plastic cover and lift it off as simple as that or will I require seals etc , started undoing the right hand Allen screw and seen oil on thread...
  3. P

    Water leaks

    After heavy rain water leaks on either side of the rear window into the boot and onto thepump in the boot blowing the fuse for the central locking
  4. E

    Clk430 engine oil leaks

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy one of these. I went to see one today and was a bit appalled at the number of leaks I could spot in the engine bay so I walked away. One was dripping directly onto the exhaust manifold, a drop every 20-30 seconds, the other appeared to be from the left bank head...
  5. Optimus prime

    Gearbox Pan Gasket Leaks - Check it!

    Probably been mentioned before but serious enough to say it again. The pan gasket on my E63 MCT gearbox failed 6,000 miles after a gearbox service & had it not been for the fact that it was in the air at EMP for exhaust work I would never of known as the drips when stationary were almost zero...
  6. B

    M104 - more oil leaks

    The S124 passed another MoT last week, which I'm pleased about, but more oil leak advisories this year! I seem to be chasing oil leaks round this engine. Having fixed the cam cover, timing cover and oil level sensor leaks I now have one from somewhere near the oil filter. I guess it's...
  7. A


    i am getting rain in the foot wells of my 1986 300SL any suggestions,no remarks about wearing wellies!!
  8. M

    2002 c220 air in diesel wont start

    hi all on sunday morning my wife went out in our car,she stopped at the railway gates and after sitting there for a while the car just stalled and would not restart,when i looked the diesel gauge was a bit low so i put a gallon in but it still wouldnt start,i got the car to a friends yard where...
  9. Silver CL55

    2012 SL63 AMG still has water leaks shocker

    I was getting my winter tyres on the wife's SL (R230) this morning and had an interesting conversation with the tyre place's owner, a bit of a petrol head. He has an Aston Martin on the garage, drives a 2013 Range Rover and has the SL63 for his wife. He told me he has had problems with water...
  10. S

    w123 coupe sunroof drain leaks

    hi guys have a w123 230 coupe, discovered wet mats front footwell done some checks and found that water coming of thr front sunroof drain holes is coming out around the lower dash drivers side near accelerator pedal and around the door hinge, whats the fix any ideas
  11. P

    W124 estate window leaks?

    I wonder if anyone has had water leak problems into the area behind the back seats of their 124 estate? We've had some pretty bad rain here and I didn't notice till this morning when I removed some papers from behind the left hand side against the back of the rear seats that turned out to be...
  12. babyblueCE

    Coolant leaks from under radiator

    Hello all. I was driving the car yesterday and the radiator light came up on the dash board. Having looked at the coolant level I saw that it was and topped it up. I started the car and saw that coolant was heavily leaking near the front bumper. Having looked closely I saw that there is a metal...
  13. D

    ml270 - Leaks in the footwells

    Hi, Just some quick advice if anyone has or is having problems with the ML-270, Leaking water into the footwellls Check the water dispersant pipes from your sunroof down to your footwells, Probable Issues : water damaging relays and fusebox
  14. S

    NHTSA Opens investigation into fuel leaks on the E55

    Picked this up on PlanetSuperCar, extended for all W211 between 2003 and 2006 in the US after 50 alleged cases QUOTE As some of you may have known A number of us filed a complaint with the NHTSA Please see the following website. http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/pr...ct/results.cfm Today I...
  15. A

    W211 water leaks

    I recently had a worrying problem with the electrics that came down to water getting into a control box underneath the driver's seat. The guys at Auto Class in MK were brilliant, replaced the (heavily corroded) control unit and dried out the carpets - not easy with all that insulation foam. And...
  16. D

    CLK 320 oil leaks

    My CLK 320 is leaking oil. A relatively small amount but nevertheless a concern. MB say that the oil is possibly from a sump seal but also could be from the engine seal at the back of the engine as there is some evidence of oil around the auto gearbox bell housing . They say that the job is an...
  17. B

    SLK Oil Leaks

    I have a couple of oil leaks from the differential on my Slk 230. One is from the front pinion seal and the other from the gasket at the rear of the diff. I understand that the pinion seal has a squashable ring which ensures that tolerances are within bounds. Does anyone know how to get this...
  18. S

    w123 water leaks

    I seem to have the classic problem on the w123 estate that when it rains I end up with water in the rear foot wells. I need to remove the two plastic air vent covers on the bonnet/firewall to start with. They are attached with small square pegs that seem to push through. If I do this are they...
  19. F

    Windscreen Q's & A's

    Hello. I'm a qualified windscreen tech and have worked for the two biggest firms out there, and have experience that only sounds like boasting, so i won't bother mentioning.. I'm want to help out with ANYONES worries, troubles, faults, issues or whatever else you may need answering feel free...
  20. SilverSaloon

    whats this thing in engine bay that leaks engine oil?

    hi sorry this in on my newly-bought Mitsubishi Pajero, not my Merc, but i hope someone here will know what it is as you are a helpful bunch :thumb: on my 1995 2.8TD diesel Pajero I have what looks like some sort of valve or something leaking oil whilst the engine runs. it appears to then...
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