1. Swift1092

    Visit workshop oil level fault w211

    I keep experencing a fault on my w211 e55 the "visit workshop oil level fault appearing, when i pull over and carry out the level test is reads oil levels ok? Ive toped it up twice now (1/2 ltr of mobil one 0-40) each time but the fualut keeps apearing i dont know weather to beleave the warning...
  2. M

    2005 CLK320-checking oil level

    ok this is going to sound like a very noobish question but need to ask how I check bloody oil level in this car. ive never had a car without a dipstick. I went on youtube and figured out I have to go thru some menus on the computer to check it. so, I twisted the key to ignition 2, went to the...
  3. roshe25

    Expansion Tank Level

    Hi I am new to mb and have a 2005 c200 auto.Can someone please tell me the correct level I have to have in the expansion tank.In the manual it says up to the level indicator but on my one I cannot see a indicator level mark. After I have taken a photograph I can see on it three small dots is...
  4. S

    2010 MWB Sprinter 2.1 Euro 5 **(LIMP MODE/OIL LEVEL)**

    Hi there, My sprinter has an intermittent problem. The engine management light flicks on, and the vehicle goes into limp mode. There is no trend as to why, it can be on long journeys or short journeys. It can sometimes be reset by turning the engine off for 30 minutes or so. It goes into...
  5. Prickleypear

    W202 oil level light and wiring

    I had to replace the core plugs on the inlet manifold side of the engine block on my C220 1995, i knew before hand that the wiring in the engine bay is cracked and the insulation is hard so i took care to bend the wiring as little as possible but one has to bend it to get the inlet manifold off...
  6. S

    Lower engine oil level - DPF

    54 Plate C220 CDI sadly with DPF. Having some (expensive) issues recently. I bought the car privately and have enjoyed 2 years relative trouble free motoring. Absolutely love my car. Its my second Merc. My first one was a 190D (which I still have) which has covered 172,000 miles. Anyways, I was...
  7. karozza

    Oil Level Sensor

    Just had the car on STAR & diagnosis says the oil level sensor is faulty; although it seems to be working fine!?! Can anyone tell me the part number & where best to buy on line?? VIN:WDB2304742F027953
  8. C

    Gearbox oil level check clk

    Hi all new here please could somebody tell me whether there is a dipstick to check the gearbox oil on a 2003 clk 320 ? if so where about? thanks in advance
  9. P

    722.6XX Transmission Fluid Level - C32

    Hello All. Had the C32 checked over today by an independent MB specialist. Generally OK, but a handful of minor issues I'd like to sort as preventative maintenance measures (breathers leaking, wishbones etc). One of which is a small leak of transmission fluid. Anyway, this got me thinking I...
  10. A

    oil level

    Hello I have recently bought a clk55 amg and I think it might have to much oil in it, on level ground when warm computer says 9 litres. I have got a universal dipstick and I get 185mm of oil in sump, I think the dipstick is going to the bottom. Does anybody know what reading I should get on the...
  11. S

    S211 high level brake light removal of clips?

    I've got a rattle from somewhere near the high level brake light. I tried to remove it to take a look. Removed the outer fabric trim piece and 4 plastic nuts from the back of the brake light but there are 2 other fixings that I couldn't remove - they look like those horrible expanding platic...
  12. H

    light Coolant level low

    Hi all, I'm having a problem with my Vito 108 CDI 2002. Already go to the garage but the Collant light it still showing, I really need help, thank you.
  13. merc85

    2006 w203 c220 cdi trans oil level?

    Hi a friend has the above vehicle and has bought a transmission dipstick to check the level in the box. Do you check it with the engine runing?
  14. Ala

    w208 CLK 2.3 2001 Kompressor oil level sensor - optional extra?

    Hi all, I have just completed an oil change on my CLK and was expecting an option on the dashboard controls to check the oil level.. Were these an optional fitment as I do not have an option on the menu to do check the level/amount of oil needed. Thanks, Alan
  15. zoros

    level sensor

    Before I buy from MB, is there anywhere else I can look to buy a level sensor (rear axle) for my sl55 amg? I have googled it and it seems to be all in the USA?
  16. 5

    Coolant level low - dodgy :(

    Hi, Had my engine rebuilt (about 6000 miles ago). The problem is that the coolant level tend to decrease after a lot of driving. This is definitely not normal. I was thinking that it might be a damaged head gasket but can't find symptoms The engine runs really great, starts the first time in...
  17. A

    1999 R129 SL280 Oil Light Continuously Amber - Faulty Oil Level Sender Unit?

    Hello all. The Oil Light is glowing Amber continuously. The Oil level is correct and there are no Oil leaks. The car has only covered 65k. It sounds like a faulty Oil Level Sender Unit to me but could it be something else? Where is the Oil Level Sender Unit located and how easy or hard is...
  18. A

    CLK W209 High level Spoiler.

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get a spoiler for my Clk w209, already have the lip spoiler but looking for one similar to the DTM High level spoiler. Thanks.
  19. V

    engine oil level warning

    Hi , two days ago whilst driving i got a engine oil level high warniing displayed on dashboard . I stopped and checked level which was perfect . I was due an oil change anyway so yesterday drained and replaced with new oil and filter etc . at first i thought this had cured the problem because as...
  20. T

    WANTED - Fuel level sender W124 300D

    As above, need a working fuel level sender, I know 300E/TE ones fit as well, not sure about other engines.
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