1. 350cls

    W211 E55k Engine oil level

    What Engine Oil level should the W211 e55 be at when cold, checking via the cluster ? Thanks.
  2. J

    Oil level

    Hi, does anyone know how low the engine oil level needs to be before the sensor activates, it's a GLA 220D
  3. I

    W124 Manual box level check/filler hole - where?

    Hi All, I just can't seem to find the thing - -though I am on my back looking upwards. There's a horrible crunch getting into reverse, and it's now getting harder. It used to go in after another declutch, occasionally with a little complaint, but now it grates strongly. 717.430 box, five...
  4. T

    ml270 oil level sensor

    hi does anyone know the location of the oil level sensor? i changed the inlet manifold over the weekend and i must have got close to it and disturbed it as I've got the light on,before some people ask yes I've checked the level lol,cheers in advance:wallbash:
  5. L

    Low Fuel Level and Air Con

    Is anyone aware that on the latest Mercs, if the fuel level is low, the Air Con stops working? Some dealers appear unaware of this. If the car is put on STAR, it shows AC working but when car is started, AC stops.
  6. U

    Level Calibration Not Successful

    I have recently fitted new upper arms and two new struts one front left and one rear right, the rear one was built by myself out of two bad struts to make one good strut.. Now the problem I am having is the car is sitting about 10mm or so lower on the left hand side which isnt uncommon...
  7. U

    ABC Level sensor voltages and calibration?

    Anyone have any idea how the level sensors should work? i.e should the voltages go up or down when the car is raised or lowered.. Mine seem to go up and down on different corners of the car when its raised or lowered so there is no way for me to know what is right. Also I cannot calibrate level...
  8. R

    W211 2007 E350 Can't Figure Out How to Check oil level

    Sorry to ask guys but I've followed several YouTube videos about how you're supposed to check the oil level from the display and I get to the screen shown but there's no mention of the oil level! I've double checked the engine bay and can only see one dipstick at the back of the engine but...
  9. merc85

    om648 s211 2003 Oil level? in mm?

    Hi i have a Workshop dipstick for my e320 cdi om648 s211 but does anyone know what the reading should be. Hot and Stone cold when left over night? Any help much appreciated, I relise i can use the computer but id like to know manually aswel. Thanks in advance:thumb:
  10. BIG_G_1979

    when to check engine oil level hot or cold

    Hi guys I'm baffled, when I check my oil level cold the oil reads way over maximum (actually on the wire dipstick) but when I check it after 5 mins after stopping when hot it's at the minimum I what to make sure it's at the right level can anyone advise correct time to check as if I go by hot...
  11. K

    High oil level

    W212 350 Sport 60k miles. Noticed that the oil level is too high on the dipstick (awkward thing to use, how did they design that?) Using my oil extraction pump I removed about 1 1/2 litres to get it down to the high mark. Wonder whether its been overfilled or is it possible that diesel has got...
  12. D

    2012 E250 coolant level - pictures included

    Hello The 'check coolant level' light came on earlier a few miles from home. I've let the car cool and I've had a look at the tank. I've included a picture of the current level. Can't see any signs of leaks, it's parked on a rather clean driveway so it would show pretty quickly. Does the tank...
  13. P

    Brake fluid level warning light

    Hi guys, traded my 55 plate 200SLK in for a 200 SLK on a 14 plate mid January. It only had 1700 ish miles on the clock at the time of purchase. Anyway, bought the car, got it home and didn't use it for about seven weeks cos we were decorating. Came to work in it this morning and minutes...
  14. uumode

    Which is the correct oil level?

    The Mercedes manual gives two methods to check oil level. 1. When engine is cold (my usual method because it's easier to remove the oil cap and top up if necessary). Or has been started temporarily wait 30 mins. 2. When engine is hot at normal operating temperature, stop engine and wait 5...
  15. B

    Checking transmission oil level on C55

    Hi. Anybody know if it is possible to check the transmission oil level from within the engine bay? Hoping it has a dipstick hidden under there somewhere to save getting it checked by a dealer on a car lift. Cheers. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  16. W

    2005 SL350 (R230) Gearbox Oil Level and Vibration?

    Hi, I have a 2005 SL350 where I noted this cold morning that when I put the car (gearbox) into reverse and started to move backwards (slowly), that the gearbox became noisy, sounding as if there was a slight vibration or knocking coming from the transmission. Driving forwards was absolutely...
  17. M

    Oil level keeps rising

    Hi I have a c220 cdi 2011 and having only had it a few weeks this is one of the main issues. The level was high and so I got a friend to do an oil change and over the last week it has gone above max level - risen about a centimetre as I filled it to between Halfway of min and max. Anyone any...
  18. Robrees88

    merc owner: level - beginner

    Hi im rob, Got my first mercedes a week ago! 2006 C220 cdi sport. Absolutely love it! cant wait to do some little mods to make it look better.
  19. D

    s211 e55 oil level

    I tried to check this today on arriving at work. Engine to posn 2 and the car starts its measurement but it won't get past the measuring stage, it just goes back to the speedo at 0 mph and doesn't give me any info on the oil level. I have done this successfully in the past but I've also had this...
  20. A

    Clk w209 coupe electronic oil level

    Is there a hidden menu where i can check the oil level electronically on the clk coupe 57 plate, there is a dipstick but want to know if you can check electronically too Cheers
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