1. markjay

    IInstructions for Nannies: how to lose your job

    How professor/dad Robert Kelly realised he'd gone viral. Very, very viral - BBC Newsbeat
  2. Dogbreath

    Can a Key lose its code ?

    So I bought my car a month ago and have only decided to see if the spare works.. It didn't so I changed the battery, still nothing, it don't make that electrical noise connection sound when you put it into the ignition. Can it be re coded? and also can both my keys have a new code installed or...
  3. Y

    2005 CLS Sat Nav - lose map but voice continues

    I have a 2005 CLS 350 fitted with Comand NTG1 satnav (dvd). Some strangeness is happening with the satnav. During a journey, the map display will go blank and I give me a message that it can’t read the DVD. The voice directions continue and after a while the map display will return, only to...
  4. U

    engine noise C220 cdi W203 2002 power lose limp mode need urgent advice please

    engine noise seems air leaking C220 cdi W203 2002 power lose limp mode car show no error on dash after start car is taking temp up with out driving i have upload video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8psZwG_oP2w&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhJsFJPgmoU&feature=youtu.be...
  5. fab1975

    The ultimate Mercedes purchase experience: how to lose a deal.

    Hi guys, I had never bought a Mercedes before, but I found my experience so unusual that I want to share it with you. At the end of last summer I went to a main dealer in Cheshire to see the new C Class and to be honest I had a bit of a false start. In fact, despite my request, one of...
  6. U

    C220 cdi W203 2002 power lose limp mode

    C220 cdi W203 2002 power lose limp mode Hi need help please I have c220 cdi w203 2002 turbo Faceing power lose limp mode car rpm stay under 2000 gears changing smooth and normal but no matter how much u put foot no rev car is getting temp after 5 mint drive up to %80 1- i have clean Air...
  7. Meldrew2

    Lose weight with this simple exercise

  8. A1EK

    W208 CLK 230K , Lose pulley rattling , help?

    Hi Guys This morning I started my car and seconds later I could smell burning rubber and see smoke from my engine.! When I stopped and looked in the engine, it was coming from where the belt was slipping on one of the pulleys near the left side of my engine lookind down. There is a rattly...
  9. D

    Smart cars lose Mercedes $4.6 billion

    According to the Detroit news smart has reportedly lost a total $4.6 billion over its lifetime and European biggist money car loser of all time ahead of fiat stilo $2.9 billion and vw phaeton $2.7 billion . The smart never achieved any were near the sales Mercedes predicted and a specially...
  10. U

    lose of power

    Hi can anyone help i have a 1998. 3.2 clk i am unable to drive it as i have loose power and i keeps dropping down gears it all so flulters the revs when it not in gear(only when revved hard40000 revs msny thanks if anyone can help
  11. 2toast

    E320 Steering Fluid Lose???

    :doh: E320 CDI estate this has suddenly starting to lose a lot of steering fluid whilst on journeys...when I have checked I cant find the source of the leak? I need help..anybody got any ideas where this is going before I become broke keep replacing the fluid??:wallbash:
  12. E CLASS

    England Lose World Cup Bid.

    Looks like we have not won it. Real shame if proved right.
  13. EDZ649

    Insure yourself incase you lose your licence

    Well I've seen it all now... LicenceGuard - Getting you from A to B couldn't be easier
  14. RaceDiagnostics

    R107 450SL, another lose end

    Anyone know where this should go to.
  15. A

    Accelerator pedal feels a little lose? or wobbly?

    Hello Noticed after driving my car more in the past month than I have in the past 6months the accelerator pedal feels a bit 'lose'. I tend to use cruise almost all the time but notice when using the pedal and holding it at a set speed it feels as though it 'clicks' as it springs back. I...
  16. proser

    coolant lose

    went out earlier to pick up some paint brushes from B&Q and when I started up got the message "coolant low". I thought "okay, check in the morning, may just need topping up" and off I went. When I got back noticed a small pool of water on the slabs, where I park. checked it out and it's...
  17. Londonscottish

    Don't Lose Both Keys....

    My advice to anyone travelling over the Easter weekend is don't lose both keys.... When I bought the car I only got one so as a precaution I bought a second one a couple of years ago at the cost of £150. This lasted a few months and then went missing. I suspect my little boy, then two, of...
  18. grober

    Chinese lose the ability to count-allegedly!

    It would appear that search engine hacker Stryde Hax has uncovered evidence that several of the Chinese gymnastic team are under the 14 years old age age limit. :eek: The Chinese thought they had obliterated all evidence but traces of the official registration documents in the translation...
  19. B

    LPG cars lose London Congestion Charge discount

  20. O

    Why oils lose viscosity with use

    Why do oils lose viscosity with use? Viscosity Index Improvers. An oils viscosity will decrease as the engine temperature rises. Viscosity Index Improvers are added to reduce this thinning. They are a key addative in the production of multigrade oils. VI Improvers are heat sensitive...
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