1. poormansporsche

    you could buy a real one for the money ....

    But this looks a cracker with cheaper running costs !! Mercedes-Benz E Class E240 Avantgarde 4dr Tip Auto [2.6]
  2. T

    Should I ask for my money back?

    I didn't get off to a very good start with my pre-owned C200. Paid main dealer rates (i.e. above the odds) and had problems from the start with the vehicle - delivered to me with a puncture, 2 tyres (including the punctured one) were well below Mercedes minimum of 3mm and the car was due for a...
  3. Dryce

    F1 - So much money - So little substance

    I spotted this on the BBC: BBC Sport - Formula 1 to award double points for final race from 2014 And I'm reminded of the way TV quiz shows stick the quick fire round or double money round in to make sure that things kind of go the distance. TV quiz shows are not sport.
  4. DSM10000

    Ideas on how to spend a sum of money.......

    I thought long and hard before posting this as I do not want it to come across as decadent in any way but I would really value your input and ideas Brief history is that I have just acquired (by a bequest) a reasonable amount of money, lit is between £15,000 and £20,000. I was just looking...
  5. BTB 500

    Woo hoo ... I'm in the money!

    Just received this - it's genuine, not a scam/spam. I pre-ordered the DVD for a tenner as an Xmas present for my son. They are now selling it for £9.99, hence the refund. Which I assume is costing rather more than 1p to process :rolleyes:
  6. jamesfuller

    A lot of car for little money!

    This might be handy for someone that wants a winter hack or a dog carrier. Mercedes-Benz E230 2.3 auto Elegance ESTATE LONG MOT | eBay
  7. Danny DeVito

    Wheres the Money in IT ?

    I'm thinking of a career change to IT so wheres the money at ?
  8. mickl

    Is this worth the money?

    Mercedes-Benz E320 Sportline Cabriolet 1997 P 79000 miles | eBay
  9. blondebier

    Better than money in the bank?

    Better than money in the bank? Colour aside, it looks to be in astonishing condition. MERCEDES-BENZ W124 3.0 12v 6 cylinder AUTOMATIC, 4MATIC 7 SEATER ESTATE | eBay I like the spare fuel tank option it has as well... those are rare indeed. I wander what he means by "needs some mechanical...
  10. Ant-toe-knee

    Your money their tricks BBC1 2000hrs

    The motor trade comes under the spotlight in this episode, as the team reveals how one of Britain's biggest garage chains gets drivers to pay for unnecessary work. Undercover cameras reveal mis-selling of secondhand cars, and there's advice on how to save hundreds of pounds on vehicle insurance.
  11. nick mercedes

    unlimited branding or much needed money?

    Should the UK be pimped like this? "Next stop: Wonga Circus? The arguments for and against branding Tube stations" "This week it emerged that London Underground stations may be allowed corporate sponsors under plans being considered at City Hall. The money-spinning idea, which some predict...
  12. mercmanuk

    ive come into money and ill buy ten members a new merc

    UNITED NATIONS PAYMENT RECONCILIATION OFFICE ASIA QUARTERS, KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA Payment Notification Attention Beneficiary, This is to bring to your notice that the United Nations Secretary General has deliberated with the World Bank for a compensation payment on scammed victims...
  13. nick mercedes

    eu helps itself to savers money

    10% of savers money to be taken off them in raid: Cyprus: panic as savings levy is imposed | World news | Daylight robbery or a much needed boost to banks?
  14. BillyW124

    G63 AMG and G55 Brabus going for peanut money!

    ...yeh right! Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 AMG | eBay Mercedes-Benz G-Class G55 Brabus | eBay check out their other stock.
  15. Gh3382

    Thought I had wasted money on tyre insurance

    When taking the car in to MB dealer for a fault they did a health check and said the nearside front had sidewall damage (more good driving form the wife) and needed replacing. I rang the insurance and told them and that it had alloy damage as well on both sides. they told me to get the tyre...
  16. J

    Very tasty V12 Silly money with less than 50k

    2001 MERCEDES S600 6LT V12 LONG WHEELBASE AMAZING SPEC ONLY 49K MILES FROM NEW! | eBay Have a look at this one, a very very nice thing indeed, and incredibly rare! This is a sensational 5.8 litre V12 S600, these are totally amazing! This one sports the higehst spec you will have seen on...
  17. W

    Money pit - what's your formula?

    Putting aside sentimental attachments to cars, what's your formula for declaring your daily car a money pit and walking away? Mine off the top of my head (subject to change) : Annual repairs exceeding £1500 or Time spent fixing issues exceeds time spent driving the car
  18. bpsorrel

    If I had the money... sigh....

    If I could afford it (and they built it!), this would be in my drive in a heartbeat! :) TMXRswBnqDQ
  19. sinewave

    Give a C63 a run for it's money part 2!

    TBH the C63 would have no chance against either! :eek: 200mph Drag Race: Porsche GT2 RS v. Ducati 1199 Panigale - CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  20. michaelk3289

    lot of car for the money

    Mercedes-Benz E280 24v Auto W124 | eBay
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