1. D

    Silly Money

    Mrs P wanted an early 911. And here's me thinking £60k-£70k might do it!
  2. terry@yarmouth

    Best machine for the money

    Ok people here I am again. What is the best car detailing machine for your hard earned. I've been trawling the inter web for a couple of days now, all look good but prices vary so much it's unreal, so I'm asking all those in the know what's the best machine for the money. Any input would realy...
  3. TheFoX

    Value for Money? Franchise or Independent Dealer?

    What a question? Do you buy your pre-owned Merc from a Main Dealer or a Independent Dealer? I have bought four Mercs, of which we still have the last two, and there is quite a story to each purchase. Back in 2008, I bought a second hand CLK500 Elegance Convertible for £30,000, from a main...
  4. H

    Deposit paid, spec changed. Can i get money back?

    Hi, I paid a deposit on a car with a bunch of options. Car not yet ordered, but have been told that multi-contoured seat is no longer available. I'm after dealer adding Drivers Assistance Pack, but they will not longer apply same discount they applied on overall package. Another dealer will...
  5. rsvgreg

    Nice CLK63-Top Money, but looks good

    Looks in great shape and may be a forum members car. MERCEDES CLK63 AMG - 57-Plate - Only 35K Miles | eBay Interested to see if this sells given the falling prices of C63 discussed elsewhere on the forum. I own one of a very similar age and spec' so I am naturally biased:D
  6. C

    1980s SL. Practical classic or money pit?

    Advice please. Seriously thinking of investing in a classic SL (we call it the Hart to Hart one), but no idea whether this is realistic or a recipe for bankruptcy. What are your experiences and what price point, year, mileage is less likely to be ruinous.
  7. Lenny63

    CW208 CLK430 - money pit ? run as a daily (approx 20 miles per day) thoughts ?
  8. markjay

    Yet another one of those 'More Money Than Sense' moments
  9. Charles Morgan

    Here's a Fiat for BTB500 - but he'd better have all the money

    because, yes folks, NO OFFERS I haven't seen such a bargain since my local Budgens priced their Gorgonzola at £188 a kilo.
  10. Reggie-rock

    What would you like for Christmas which can't be bought for money?

    Following my rather large inguinal hernia operation a week ago, I just want to be back to my normal active self and out of pain.
  11. Harrythedog

    Waste of money or not?

    BBC News - Parliament repair bill 'could top £3bn' £3b to repair The Houses of Commons. Tough one this as it's an iconic and historical building but there are also many other worthy causes that need money spent
  12. nick mercedes

    waste of money?

    "The parliamentary authorities have defended the practice of removing leaves by hand from trees at the Palace of Westminster rather than allowing nature to take its course each autumn. The Palace's gardening staff have been "pleaching" lime trees outside the main entrance to the parliamentary...
  13. mickday

    Overpriced eBay auctions, money laundering?

    Seeing the post regarding used tax discs reminded me of a question I often have regarding auctions on eBay You only simply need to do a search for sold items ordered highest price first and you see some everyday stuff having sold for ludicrous prices, such as iPhone 4 & 5 for over £8,000 and...
  14. AndyPCD

    Travel money

    Hey guys Im off to the states next week has anybody got some good recommendations of where to get travel money from. Dont mind if i have to go to the place to collect the money instead of getting it delivered if i get a better rate. Thanks in advance Andy
  15. gl boy

    If only I had the money

    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren | eBay
  16. C

    Money buys you taste?

    Oh dear, not for me I'm afraid.
  17. R

    there goes my GTR and modding money!

    Wifey stumbled across this during the week, and there today goes my GTR dreaming, and any major modding for the 55K for the foreseeable future!:( On the other hand, wife has new car, I have spare track day car,:pLOL, well in my dreams anyway!
  18. Palfrem

    W124 Convertible - nice but top money

  19. The _Don

    Tuning is a waste of money: Tell me i'm wrong
  20. Felstmiester

    Bonds. Are they worth putting money into

    Not sure how it all works. Has anyone used this method for investment ??
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