1. gramey

    This looks good for the money?

    For a two owner car with 86k and a pan roof this looks pretty good for the money although the seat looks pretty rough the mileage the MOT history check seems to confirm the miles. If I hadn't sunk so much money into my SL320 I would seriously consider this as a pan roof is being advertised at...
  2. nick mercedes

    magic money tree

    I keep getting spam and ads about PCP deals. Todays: "Mercedes-Benz C Class Diesel Cabriolet C220d AMG Line 2dr Auto" £249 a month. £42510 if you want to buy it But, the rentals and deposit only add up to £9570, leaving £32940, at the end of the contract it will be off to the...
  3. C

    Mercedes help yourself to my money why don't you....

    Unauthorised payment taken by Mercedes Garage Just checking my statements and Mercedes Benz have taken out a payment for £245 - called Mercedes Finance and apparently Wolverhampton Mercedes have just put me down for a service plan without my permission! This happened to anyone else?
  4. D

    Transferring money out of UAE

    Friend of my dad worked in UAE for a few years and has recently moved back to the UK. He's still got a fair few grand worth of Dirham in his UAE bank account and is under the impression that the only way of getting it out is to fly back over there and get it out of the bank in cash then fly...
  5. CLSMark

    If only I had the space and money... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Alex225

    Merc money pits

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I'm always looking on Autotrader at what cars are around and it always amazes me what you can get for not much money. CL600, CLS55, E55, ML63, S65....I could go on and all for under £15k. All of those types of cars offer a hell of a lot of car and...
  7. J

    Bought an ML350 and now I want my money back

    Bought an '06 ML350 6 weeks ago with only 43000 miles on the clock. It has started hunting on tickover, which is problem #1, problem #2 are the dipped beams which are very poor, problem #3 the 'check engine' light remains off when the ignition is on but not started (I thought all warning light...
  8. rockits

    SL60 For Sale - Top Top Money?

    1997 Mercedes Benz SL60 AMG Seems like a fairly expensive price does it not? Not sure I could justify the premium over my 2 owner same miles 1999/T SL500.
  9. D

    w124 e36 one of 24 coupes commanding big money

    1994 Mercedes Benz E36 AMG (RHD) 1 of 24 Coupe's worldwide | eBay check seller other items like w124 60 and 500 version all for telephone nos
  10. E

    Money Claim Online?

    I would welcome a little advice on this. I recently bought a Japanese motorcycle, advertised as a 2013 model, from a trader. The same trader had two virtually identical 2010 motorcyles for sale at substantially lower prices. Note, please, that I would not have paid the price I did if I had known...
  11. neil1951

    Money for nothing

    Thought id give my Merc a good interior clean today :D:D and paying close attention to the seating made a grand total of £12 in pound coins around the rear seats and the front passenger seat. once it goes down there most people cant get to it, :bannana: good for me now v been paid for cleaning...
  12. milleplod

    Saving money...

    ....does anyone else enjoy trawling eBay, Amazon, et al, looking for car (and bike) related bargains? I've recently picked up a genuine BMW oil filter, in a tatty box, for my bike for the princely sum of a fiver, delivered, and a Mahle air filter, unboxed, for the same price. And I found that...
  13. D

    190 sl for restoration asking very strong money only for the brave

    Mercedes Benz 190SL 1900 1959 BARN FIND 1 OWNER VEHICLE CLASSIC RESTORATION | eBay
  14. aquanaut

    Shell V power money off vouchers

    Just curious, try to use shell fuel as much as possible, v-power and member of drivers club where my choice is money off vouchers. Not received any since September last year. Was supposed to get some this month and again nothing. Anyone else been missing them or have mine gone missing in my...
  15. M

    Fantasy Garage - Money No Object

    As some of you will no doubt have heard, some lucky so-and-so in the UK has scooped the £51M jackpot on the Euromillions this week - shame it wasn't me but good luck to 'em I say. Anyway, I’m sure this will have been done before but for the sake of new members (and if long-term members will...
  16. D

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG Teddy Mayers car very big money

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG, Teddy Mayers car | eBay
  17. S

    Strong money for an SL55 F1

    Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - REF 75 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG F1 Performance Package
  18. D

    Money No Object... Which Car?

    Just a little variation on the great thread from Stuart. Curious to see how loyal MB Club members really are :bannana: For me it would be the barmy McLaren P1 Simply because I love the McLaren brand. Ant.
  19. S

    Money No Object... Which Mercedes?

    For me it would be a Gullwing. Utterly sublime!
  20. V

    Help getting money back from Prestige All Parts Ltd

    Hello all Might be a bit of a long winded one this, but have been having some serious problems with these cowboys and short of going around there with a van full of lads im not too sure what else to do. But basically, ordered and paid for an engine on Thursday 15/10/2015. Was to be delivered...
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