1. gr1nch

    NAVI personal POI icons for C0MAND

    Hello folks, Do you know the Daimler/Mercedes IconId (POI icon) numbers for COMAND? Ideally, I'm looking for a spec sheet for their vpx XML extensions which includes the icon number codes. The standard speed camera IconId is "6". The trouble is all the sets of POIs (WiFi, etc) are all using...
  2. O

    unable to change scale on the Navi maps

    C class estate 08 plate we are unable to change the scale on any map,we have followed all the instructions, but rotating the control knob does nothing. If we upgrade do you think it will correct the issue. many thanks
  3. Pieater

    Navi Updates.

    Pulling my hair out :wallbash: I have an E250 2011 C207 Coupe with an Audio 50 system, I'm trying to establish the full version for update purposes (maps). I have no USB/SD Card slots, no aux input of any kind. I do not know what NTG number or anything else I may need. I do have a navi button...
  4. M

    Sat navi on COMAND

    Hi can anyone help ? Bought a 2010 Viano with a Comand Aps 2.5 . It thinks it is in France but long and lat coordinates are in Cambridge , but I am really in Lanark , Scotland . Is this just the antenna ? lookedinto Engineer section navi ECU is red/orange antenna is white and NG is...
  5. S

    NTG2 Navi + CD changer + Blutooth

    For sale from my 09 clk w209 the original NTG2 navi system with the blutooth module and the cd changer.... Looking for 300 pounds for the the NTG2, 60 for the blutooth and 60 for the cd changer. 400 pounds if sold as package.
  6. N

    DAB and Navi

    Hi all This is my first post and i have had my 2012 C220 Coupe for about a month. First Marc and well impressed. Two questions my DAB keeps dropping out even when I'm stationary. Same on all channels and not consistent in certain areas. Any thoughts? Second, when I press the Navi button it...
  7. I

    Comand NTG5 navi voice does not lower music volume

    Hi everybody I'm wondering if my COMMAND system has an issue. When I'm playing an audio source, the navigation instructions just talk right over the music - the music does not fade out or diminish its volume in any way. They just fight each other and it is impossible to understand...
  8. C

    Comand NTG4.5 Audio-20 missing "navi" option

    Hello guys, I hope someone can help me, I have Comand NTG4.5 Audio-20 on my Mercedes W204 2011 model, it had 4 options "Audio", "System" "Tel" and "Navi" when I bought it, but yesterday my rotary knob selector stopped working, ie., when I rotate it, it does nothing rest all works fine, so I...
  9. GordonTarling

    S211 Navi processor/DVD removal

    I need to remove the DVD drive/Navi processor unit from my car in order to be able to get into it to clean the laser lens assembly. I have it out of its rack and disconnected at the rear save for one blue coloured (Fakra?) connector which I think is the GPS aerial. For the life of me, I can't...
  10. K

    Problem with navi in E200 W211

    Hello everyone and congratulations for your forum. I have the E200 W211 2007, and the last month I have a very serious problem with navi. Namely, it does not show maps and it does not read the official cd. Step by step what is happening: So, I put the CD of aps 50 v7.0 (2007-2008) and...
  11. C

    iPod connection

    Hi all, I have a 2008 57 w204 c class and I'd like to connect an iPod or iPhone 4S cable only directly to the port where the old Nokia cradle came off from inside my cars armrest? Is there a wire that can help me to do this? I don't want to pay the expensive price of a cradle when I...
  12. Bambla

    Comand Navi problems

    Hi all I was driving with the sat nav on the other day when the car tracking went completely wrong, the map was showing I was going one way and I was going the other. The next day I put it back on and the vehicle location was not were I was, the arrow on the map still moves in the direction...
  13. ianchips

    Retro fit navi

    Hi, i just bought a new W204 coupe , i bought it off the peg from my local dealer , it has no Sat nav , they told me they could fit one for £500 ( seems extreme ) ? , i guess its already prepared for one , and i have seen them advertised on E Bay for £40 and upwards 1. Are they easy to...
  14. John

    W211 Navi map

    In a previous BMW, to update the maps you just replaced the DVD with a newer one. I presume this is the same in the W211? I would have thought anyone who upgraded their disc would sell their old one on eBay... I was hoping to find a cheap disc which is a couple of years old or so... Don't...
  15. N

    Update audio20 to NAVI

    Guys, I have in the my car a Audio 20, and I want to trade for an original radio navigation. It is only taking one and putting the other? Also I have to swap the screens right? Cables to connect to the navi are all there?
  16. J


    SL Navi COMAND NTG1 ECE EU VERSION WANTED! Please PM me if you know where to get it. Tried Ebay, no luck! Thanks,-
  17. J

    Navi DVD not reading?

    I have an R171 with the DVD reader in the back for the Command system. Yesterday a message came up saying "cannot read DVD, please insert disc". I opened the boot and ejected and re-inserted the disc a couple of times, but the message still appears and I can not use the Nav system or see any...
  18. alhucoll

    W215 2002 Comand Navi

    Gents, I have recently bought a 2002 CL55AMG - loving it :thumb: All is in order except for the Comand Navigation, it does not appear to be picking up any satellites at all. I have the latest DX UK map disc loaded with no problems at all - when I set the location manually I seem to drift off...
  19. N

    Navi system challenges

    Hi, My new GLK 250 just arrived (I live in Madrid) and it has come without an owners manual, therefore no detailed instructions for the Nav system. I am having a few challenges with the Nav system. 1. the GPS is about 200 metres off the actual location of the vehicle so it shows all the wrong...
  20. Norse

    Problem updating NAVI DVD

    Hi I tried to insert a v.10 Navi DVD for comand APS in my car today, but about 30 seconds after the update display came up the display read "SEVERE ERROR IN NAVIGATION UNIT" , and the update process halted. After removing the DVD and reinserting the old disc and waiting a few minutes...
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