1. R

    ECO operation.

    I recently bought a 2014 C220 CDi from a Mercedes main dealer. I have had the car since December and never had the engine "stop start" operate, I reported this to the dealer and they said that "the system has to meet so many factors before operating that's why" does that sound correct. The ECO...
  2. K

    R129 Roof and roll bar operation

    First need to post here after 5 years of largely trouble free driving of my 1999 R129 SL320. Anyway here is the problem: With the roof down I raised the rollbar to remove the wind deflector. The rollbar would not retract. Tried the hold button down to reset but to no avail. Tried to raise the...
  3. jon.english68

    Audio 20/ Becker maps / Bluetooth phone operation

    OK so I need some help/ advice if you would be so kind, my 2012 C220 Coupe has the 6 disc Audio 20 system and I have recently purchased a Becker map pilot, all is well with both stereo and the Nav, I can connect my phone via Bluetooth without any issues, my problem is this, when I have the...
  4. W124newbie

    W124 electric window switch reverse operation

    Hi guys, Had some work done on the car recently (1989 saloon) which involved taking bits apart including the door cards and mechanisms. When put back together it seems that the drivers window switch is reversed so now it goes up when down is pressed and vice versa. Is it a difficult job to...
  5. A

    CLS Garage door operation on rear view mirror.

    I have a 2006 320 CLS and I have been trying to set up the automatic garage door opener on the rear view mirror, I have followed the set up procedure in my handbook, after clearing the code memory I find it will not program from my garage door remote. Can anyone tell me if they have had the...
  6. fabes

    W209 Clk roof operation at speed

    As the weather is slowly improving (less rain) I have started to become a little frustrated with the absolute crawl along speed that is needed to operate the roof. It's much, much slower than the Saab allowed Questions Can the speed be increased via Star (nothing stupid, but 25-30mph would be...
  7. G

    SL320 R129 Window & locking operation

    I have just bought a 2000 SL320 'SL Edition' - Questions about Window operation: If I press the down button on either window, the window goes all the way down automatically; if I press the up button, the window does not go all the way up - I have to keep my finger on it; Is this correct...
  8. J

    w208 Convertible operation

    All, I've read and searched for some threads relating to an issue I have with my w208 convertible roof not working. I will come onto the full story, but i wanted to know if anyone knows what the part in the below link does for the operation of the roof. I tried refitting the part in the...
  9. M

    Phone and Rear DVD and operation

    Hi everyone, I have a 57 plate ML320 cdi with COMAND system. It has the DVD option with the centre console mounted screen for the rear passengers. I dont know how to get it working, Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to operate it. I put the dvd in and i...
  10. Tim203

    Solenoid valve operation in the Noughties

    Can anyone remember Mercedes announcing the launch of a new engine in the c class at this time. I was curious as I knew that other manufacturers had already done work on this but it all went quiet and nothing more was mentioned.
  11. M

    Operation Stack

    As operation stack is now in place until at least 7 tomorrow evening and we are due to take our caravan to France at 10 tomorrow night has anyone got any advice as to the best way of getting to the tunnel terminal from the M25? The official advice seems to tell you to take the M2 from the M25...
  12. H

    SD card operation

    Hi, I am new here. I have an SL500 W231 2015 model (not sure of comand level). I have searched elsewhere and here, but need advice. I am irritated that comand does not select the next album after an album play. Comand just plays the same album over and over. It appears that you must...
  13. Herishi

    Paddle Shift operation

    I will be going to check out a 2006 e320 sport in the very near future, the car in question has the paddle shift option fitted and while im not sure I will use it I want to make sure it works correctly when I test drive the car. Do you have to press a button or engage a mode so that it will...
  14. B

    W220 Lamp Washer Operation

    I've done plenty of work on my S320 now with help from here, other forums and mercedessource on youtube. My S320 will not get through the next MOT this month if i cant get my lamp washer working and i'm struggling to get info. When i press the button i get a pump running for a second, then...
  15. J

    Vacuum valve operation???

    Hi Can anyone confirm that a vacuum control valve (EGR or Turbo) requires power to shut off vacuum, and passes vacuum with no power. Just want to make sure that mine are working as they should. Many thanks John 2003 S210 I6 320 CDI
  16. ringway

    Teddy has an operation.

    Things don't come much weirder than this. :crazy: AdYaTa_lOf4
  17. M

    SL 230 remote cabrio operation HELP...!!!

    Any members fitted a cabrio module.de .....?.... Having a nightmare fitting mine and have seen some members have had success so was hoping for some help as I have taken my SL apart trying to fit and 48 hours later I'm losing the will to live....!!!! I know members have had success fitting in...
  18. JohnEclass

    Boot operation?

    Strange thing happened today.......stupidly played golf in leafy extremely wet Cheshire :doh: Put the clubs in boot went for a shower.....back to throw bag in and go for some food, the boot remote locking clicked but the boot would not open, tried locking / unlocking a few times...no joy...
  19. esprit200

    Electric seats CLK270 partial operation

    Hello! I have an issue with the electric seat adjustment in my 2002 CLK on the driver's side. All functions operate excepting the seat back recline and head rest. The seat will recline forward (incline? un-recline? decline?) but not backwards, and the head rest will go up but not down...
  20. steviebabes

    Memory Lane Test: Operation Julie, 1978, LSD distribution, Trial at Bristol . . .

    Hi all! I'm currently writing a dissertation on civil recovery and have seen mention of a legal case I'd like to read. Unusually, I don't have a case citation - all I have is that a House of Lords decision (following on from the Operation Julie LSD case of 1978) held that £750,000 of seized...
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