1. R

    Santa Pod

    Hi Im new to the forum, and just wanted to know if any one on the forum takes their cars to santa pod or shakespeare raceway. And what where your quarter mile times. cheers :thumb:
  2. MattCox

    I Pod kit

    I'm not sure that it is available, but if it is, i'm looking for an ipod kit for a 2001 W203 Coupé. I have COMAND retro fitted too. Also, seller must be willing to post to Ireland. Thanks in advance, Matt
  3. S

    i pod connection

    Some advice please, I collected my new CLC today, well pleased. MB want £45 for a lead to connect an i pod to the 3.5 mm socket in the glove box, I have been told that you can get the same lead on line for a lot less, if so, does it connect from the i pod ear phone socket on the bottom or the...
  4. Gareth

    W211 Rear Light Pod Ambient Light, Fault?

    My W211 Rear Light Pod has two buttons, one for increasing the ambient light and one for decreasing it, pressing either button makes no difference to the lighting, with or without the ignition on. Faulty? Or am I doing something wrong, the car is under warranty.
  5. T

    W210 Digital Clock in the instrument pod

    Another feature of my nice E320 - W210 Variant relates to the digital clock in the instrument pod. The digital readout is 'garbled/scrambled/doesn't work'. By using the 'change the time' routine it is possible to see something happening - like the top half of a number 2 or part of another number...
  6. marty359

    Santa Pod

    I took my baby to Santa Pod for the last rwyb recently and out of all the cars lined up by pure chance I got to run against a growling Mustang GT absolutely stunning it was with huge 20" wheels:cool: We was level up to about 70-80 then he....well,left me:( Do the regulars on here ever...
  7. I

    I Pod connection point

    Interested to hear your thoughts on the 'Ipod connection' some of you may have on your new Mercs. Before buying my wife's A class I read several reviews in magazines (Top Gear etc) which claimed all new Mercedes are Ipod compatible. I should have checked this out better before buying the car but...
  8. A

    Santa Pod : some pics

    Hi, was at Santa Pod on sunday , it was fun :)
  9. pammy

    Santa Pod - RWYB day - Sun 22nd September......

    following on from http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=36699&page=3 Rather than get into a battle over who does/doesn't organise - shall we start by seeing if it's a runner ? Although it's a runner if only one wants to go ;) But if we want to make it a club do - we need to set a...
  10. GrahamC230K

    Santa Pod RWYB - Sun 20th May

    Just a quickie to let you know I will be at Santa Pod on Sun 20th May. Not an offical special event but there are going to be a few more German cars about than normal I think. There are around five Audi S4 2.7 bi-turbos intending on running I know of, a few other Audis and the same again...
  11. H

    W202 CD player pod

    I want to mount my CD player below the radio in my 1998 W202, has anybody seen a supplier that does a pod to replace the odds and sods container below the radio? Thanks Harley Man
  12. M

    Access to rear light pod

    i have a 2001 230 slk with faulty rear brake lights :eek: I've tried changing the bulbs, twice, with no result. Both sides are out but the centre led is fine. I would have been suspicious of something more complex than dodgy contacts if it wasn't for the fact that they didn't both go out at...
  13. simbad

    Santa Pod

    I was thinking of taking the car for a run on the 17th. (run what ya bring) Anyone done this? any views on if it is safe, fun, entertaining to watch & drive?
  14. Parrot of Doom

    W210 - blown bulb in pod

    Hi there A light is out behind the revcounter - does anybody know if the steering wheel has to come out before the pod is removed? I understand I need special hooks from MB to remove the pod? Also, what kind of lighting is behind there? LEDs, surface mount, bulbs....
  15. P

    make you own wooden I pod cover !

  16. M

    Santa Pod - Sun Sept 25th

    I need to take the CRX up to give it a final thrash before Jap performance day on 10th October - weather permitting of course Anyone else fancy coming along ? - then maybe I can get Allison to bring the SL and make a mini meet of it :) - It would be nice to see what the SL can actually do on...
  17. M

    Retro Cars Day - Santa Pod - 4 July 2004

    Anyone fancy a cheap day out. £7.50 to get in and £12.00 for three goes on strip with timings. MBZ6 and moi are going - anyone else fancy this?
  18. M

    Santa Pod 31/08

    We are going to Santa Pod to test some settings on the CRX this Sunday If anyone else is around it would be nice to see a few people - There are loads of Rovers going to be there though - so I wont be short of someone to talk to ! Mark
  19. S

    Santa Pod - USC - any of you guys there?

    I was working at Santa Pod at the weekend for the Ultimate Street Car event, and wondered if any of you guys had visited? I did'nt see much racing, but was told by one of my mates that there was a Burgandy coloured W202 C Class running some very respectable times, wondered if it was any of...
  20. GrahamC230K

    Santa Pod 26th Jan03 Pics

    The weather although cold and damp held out for us today at Santa pod. This the first run what you brung of the year, seemed popular, and left us queueing down the road as early as 10am to enter the site. Jap cars seemed the order of the day, with Nissan Sunny GTI-Rs, RX-7's and Skylines...
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