1. kusanku

    what wheel polish?

    What wheel polish or wax do people find the best? I currently have some Mer Wheel Wax, with which I am somewhat underwhelmed. Are there better ones out there, or would I be just a well using the Meguirs Synth wax that I use on the rest of the car?
  2. H

    Polish President

    So, for anyone who doesn't yet know, the Polish president, the 1st lady, army chief of staff, head of Polish national bank, possible presidential candidates and 85 other Polish political and military leaders have been killed this morning, when their Tupolev crashed in Russia on their way to...
  3. A

    5 copies of EVO magazine for £5 and free polish worth £35

    Hello Hope this is ok to post? Spotted on another forum I'm on, seems a good deal if you don't already subscribe. Apparently on check out it says nothing about the free gift, however when you get the e-mail confirmation its on there. just REMEMBER if you don't want to continue cancel the...
  4. G

    Mer Polish

    I decided to polish my azurite blue W202 yesterday and bought a bottle of Mer. It seemed to go on quite easily and also come off without too much rubbing. However, in the sunlight today, I see it has left millions of swirl marks. I won't be using that product again. Has anyone else had this...
  5. lynall

    Mr Sheen as a car polish?

    Wife has been washing her car and using mr sheen to give it a good shine and as its black you will know this is pretty hard to achieve and i have to say its looking pretty good, in fact its never looked so good:) So for last 2 car washs i have done the same and not only does car look better, a...
  6. The Boss

    Getting the shine out

    Hi would be good to know, what is the best way to get the truest shine on all the grill metal bits on my w124. The grill looks great, but ofcourse, over the years , it slowly looses its true sparkle, but shiney none the less. I mean is there a product other than what standard valets use, to...
  7. Baron_Samedi

    Polish for Silver Paintwork

    Right, Spring is coming and I will be polishing and waxing. I know Silver is one of the worst colours to get a deep shine, but is there a polish that can get the most from the colour? Ta Gary
  8. L

    What will the Wax and Polish brigade do?

    I see the new Lamborghini LP560-4 is available in matt white. The company hopes to introduce a matt black option soon. What a great idea!
  9. N

    What polish is best

    Hi I have been using Mer polish before I bought my Merc and then went to Carnauba wax. Some of the cars on the forum have a great shine what do the experts recommend. Thanks Norman
  10. gt-83

    CLEAR polish / wax

    ive always kept my cars clean and polished, but getting fanatical about my coupe,,,,,,,,,,,,,is there a polish or wax that is clear when buffed off, rather than leaving tiny white marks in any slight imperfections, i know a few are keen on detailing, so any recomendations?
  11. F

    Auto Glym Polish

    Just a quick question - those of you who use Auto Glym products i.e. Super Resin Polish etc. do you use circular motions to buff polish/wax off (as per instructions) and if so does it leave behind swirls on your paint work? Good thing about silver is that swirls show very minimal. In...
  12. G


    whats the best polish you can get, i know off auto etc, but there was a merc next door, all the cars on the road were full off frost, looking like ice bergs, but this one was parked over night, and looked liked it had been through a car wash?:rolleyes:
  13. I

    Polish Translation

    I've decided pro tem to hang up my hammer, screwdriver & drill, not to mention chopsaw and floor clamps. Thing is, I still have a few rooms left to do, (SWMBO tells me so) so I thought I'd see if I could avail myself of the services of the new influx of Polish "goodhardworkers" (this is a new...
  14. Birdman

    How long to machine power polish a panel?

    The E55 is at the MB bodyshop to repair damaged paint on five different elements caused by some low-life - roof & pillars, both front wings, bootlid and a rear door panel. The paint shop manager tells me that the insurer will pay for the paintshop repair all damage and "blend in" the newly...
  15. A

    Some pics of my ML163 after a polish..

    Hello, On holiday one evening I decided to clean my bus, its a ML350 Inspiration. Was very comfortable to drive over in Europe and travelled about 2500 miles. :) Pictures taken in Annecy looking over lake while polishing and the views of the cols are awesome.
  16. C

    wedding car (polish)

    my w210 silver saloon is at a friends wedding on sunday and i have to clean her up a bit what is the best polish to bring out the shine in a silver merc should i tcut first , polish by hand or use a electric polisher help :confused: would begrateful.
  17. PaulE230

    Not sure what you guys use on your alloy wheels but after a wash and polish I find

    this stuff really works well Just polish your wheels with a chemical polish not a wax. Then apply this stuff and let dry for 15 mins and then wipe off. I do 2 coats and it really helps keep the wheels clean and makes washing the wheels very easy Its about £12 a tub but it lasts for years.
  18. Goldfish11

    Polycharger - Steriods for Car Polish and Wax

    With my latest purchase from Autopia ( http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink...4u+index.html+ ) I decided to get one of the latest product being used by the USA car enthusiasts. Its called polycharger and is a catalyst for car wax which promotes polymer cross linking (Sorry for being technical)...
  19. uumode

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best polish of them all?

  20. F

    T CUT "Glass" Polish

    Has anyone ever used T Cut “Glass” polish on windows/mirrors? I’m going to use it on the windows of my W215 to make them look spotless (like new) and remove all the blemishes. It states on the instructions that I should not use it on the heated element of windows, therefore, do you think...
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