1. P

    R129 door position: flush, recessed or proud?

    Hi, By adjusting the position of the lock striker located on the door aperture near to the rear wing I can set how far the trailing edge of the door sits inside or outside of the the rear wing. But what is the correct position? Should the trailing edge of the door be recessed just inside of...
  2. J

    Position of ecu pms on C180 facelift

    Hi,in the w202 C180. '97 facelift where is the ecu pms?under wash reservoir is noting. Thanks
  3. A

    P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

    Hi All, I bought Mercedes C 180 Bluefficiency 2011 (40,000 miles) almost 7 months ago. The car drives okay, no power loss everything is in good condition - I was very happy till yesterday. Few months ago engine light came up, and then it went away by it self second day. And then again...
  4. M

    Help! ---CLK 320 cdi --no reaction to turning key to crank starter position

    Hi all, 1st time for donkeys years I've benn stuck by a car which wont go ! :confused:Car parked up a week ago after 160 mile trip. I've never had this issue previously. Battery just a bit on the low side but is on charge right now. All dash lightrs as bright as normal and do not dim...
  5. S

    Starting problem crank shaft position error

    I just serviced my car and changed spark plug, but there was problem with coil and connection on to wrong plug as i have sorted it out there is a error that shows now crankshaft position sensor A circuit. And car something doesnt start but after few min it starts. Please help, i have CLK240...
  6. L

    2011 W212 nav system position error

    Hello all. I'm trying to help a neighbour solve a problem on his 2011 E350 saloon with factory fitted sat nav. Since a few weeks ago it no longer places the car on the right point on the map; it's some 50 or 60 miles out. In the nav system's position screen the system appears to show no...
  7. M

    KO position

    Hi sorry if this has been answered but looking at wis to replace a lower wishbone on a w164 it says perform final tightening when vehicle is on a measuring platform or in KO position any ideas what the KO position is Thanks
  8. G

    bonnet will not stay up in first position

    does anyone out there know why the bonnet of my w124 1995 e220 will not stay up I have checked for springs shocks etc but do not seem to be able to locate any Thank for any help
  9. L

    Car not moving in drive and reverse position

    I've a 2003 c180 kompressor,car revs kept going up without any movement.Checked the transmission oil and found it to be milky.changed the radiator and the oil but car still does not move in drive position.Checked codes and found incorrect gear ratio and input speed fault.Any help. Sent from my...
  10. B

    Battery position

    Hi guys, Just bought c class coupe 2012 1.8L cgi, where can I find the battery, I want to fit a Ctec charger. Thanks.
  11. J

    Rear head rests stopping in the up position

    Hi. 2001 clk convertible 230k. The rear head rests are stuck up. Tried the 8 second fix and the 15 second fix holding the switch up and down as per other forums say.. Nothing. No holes down the side to hit some sort of re set switch. I can hear the motors running but not engaging. Is an Allen...
  12. Felstmiester

    C63 remap throttle position question

    Anyone with a c63, a eurocharged map and a obd Bluetooth scanner? If so do you know the percentage the throttles open after the map? Compared to what they open standard. Reason I ask is mine is mapped but not a eurocharged map. I would like to see if there is much difference in how much my map...
  13. abecketts

    Cambelt Change Position on buying a car from a motor dealer

    I might have missed something as part of our recent purchase of a RX300 regarding the cambelt. Car is a mid 2004 reg and according to the lexus service book which i've now read the cambelt should be changed every 100k miles or 10 years. I have no proof it has been done despite an extensive...
  14. uumode

    W205 exit and entry memory seat position?

    Does the W205 electric seats have an exit position, where the seat goes back when the door is opened, to facilitate exit from the vehicle. Then the reverse when getting into the car, when door is closed it resumes the memorised driving position? Seem to remember some W205 owners saying...
  15. carat 3.6

    Throttle position sensor

    Removed from a late w210, fits alot of models. Part number 012 542 33 17 £15, located in Buckinghamshire.
  16. N

    Axle stand position on the W203 ('01 CLK 320)

    does anyone have a visual from underneath of where to use a hydraulic jack for lifting and where to position axle stands on the car. Even better if there is a central lifting point to get the whole front/back in the air at the same time? Many thanks in advance.
  17. M

    crankshaft position sensor on cl320 convertible

    Hi All, Engine has randomly cut out twice now and reading errors tell me its the crank position sensor (code 052). in order to solve the problem that I've had twice now, it was a simple case of disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. So, is it a simple case of changing the sensor or is...
  18. brucemillar

    Crank Position Sensor?

    Folks Not a Merc but the same principle. Please bear with me, I need help. I have a 3.5 V6 Petrol - SWB Mitsubishi Pajero. It had a head gasket failure. Off it went to have the Gaskets replaced along with: New Water Pump New Timing/Cam Belt New Crank Shaft Pulley (these de-laminate so need...
  19. E

    Crank position sensor and codes

    Hi, Recently got a CPS code P2034 and another code P20A2 on my w211 e55. P20A2 when ZAS is turned off,some cylinder exhaust valve not work.;GERMANY Does anybody know if the second code is caused by the faulty CPS or is it a different problem altogether?
  20. m5anj

    W219 : CLS window not returning to close position

    Morning all, I hope someone can advise. Not sure what has triggered it, but the drivers window has stopped returning to the closed position after you close the door. It drops down the 0.5" as usual when you open the door, but fails to return after closing the door. The only way I have managed...
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