1. D

    Work to be done on frontend S204. Pull airbag fuses?

    Hello everyone, this a 'better safe than sorry' question. The frontend of my S204 is damaged and I'm starting the repair which may include some hammering on the front inner bumperbeam. Knowing the two airbag sensors fitted there, is it sufficient to just undo them or is it wise to pull the...
  2. D

    IBF 65mm pulley about to pull the trigger

    After talking with Eurocharged last week I wanted to go and collect a pulley and map but they don't carry the pulley's in stock so you have to wait 2 weeks for it to come from the states. Well I'm not that patient and I really want to carry out this power upgrade asap, why they don't keep in...
  3. Charles Morgan

    How to open the bonnet on a W126 without a bonnet pull handle!

    My donor* W126 420SE has turned up and I thought I'd have a look at the engine, but of the bonnet release there is now no sign. How do I get the bonnet open? * I was going to use the V8 for my coupe but plans changed!
  4. C

    C200k lacking power and trying to stall on pull away

    Hello all, Looking for a little help. On my C200k 2.0 CL203 or W203 2002 the engine management light appeared a few weeks ago, so I bought an OBDII scanner and cleared the code which was P0101 I have just replaced the MAF but during this period of time a new fault developed recently...
  5. WDB124066

    Why would a car's speed alter its tendency to pull left?

    I've just had an alignment done and was wondering why the car feels like it wants to go left above approx 70 km/h - and the tendency increases the faster you go. What could be causing this [not tires its always the same even when things are swapped around]....!??
  6. T

    E Class Configurator - pull your finger out MB!

    If you go on the MB website you can configure and price a car. Most models. Except the E-Class. Maybe others, I've not checked every model. It's been saying "coming soon, our new configurator" for at least 4 months. You can go on the German site and configure a car, but of course it will be...
  7. M

    Lack of pull in higher revs

    Hi, I have an s210 e320cdi and I'm not sure if I have a problem or not when I take off from standstill it seems to pull reasonable until I let off, but if i'm cruising at say 70 and want to overtake in kick-down I get fairly weak pull in the upper rev range from say 3000rpm on but if im doing...
  8. M

    Boot/trunk won't open. Can't access pull out flap for roof. Can roof open manually?

    I have a problem with the boot lock on my 1998 SLK 230 Compressor but this isn't the main problem which is that I can't now open the roof as I can't access the vinyl safety flap located in the boot to pull it out. I can't open the boot with the key or central locking. Pushing the lock button...
  9. P

    Slight pull to left

    Only recently noticed this on my 2001 A class... Seems to pull ever so slightly to the left. Nothing major - just seems easier to turn left than right. Also, if I'm turning on a long sweeping left I can point the car and the wheel will stay as it is and maintain the turn. Not so for right...
  10. X

    W211 Estate floor pull snapped

    Hi all, my first post here. Just picked up my new/old E class estate 2003 w211. I'm sure it's not the worst thing that will happen, but the floor pull in the boot was snapped and I can't open the floor up to get to the spare wheel. I've tried using the key in both positions and lifting as best...
  11. G

    Help W211 E220 pull right under hard braking

    Had to hit the brakes hard at 60MPH approx the other day and noticed my Nov 2002 E220 pulled towards the right :eek: luckily it was dry! Tried this out a couple more times afterwards but always pulling to the right, triangular "ESP" light flashing on/off. I noticed a "motorised' like...
  12. S

    S210 e200k problem- slow to pull away from standstill

    Hi Over the past 12 months my 2001 E200k auto has developed a problem whereby it sometimes pulls away very slowly from a standing start. Both the engine speed and rolling speed are restricted for a few seconds then it is normal again. This only happens froma standing start and is now getting...
  13. D

    I think I am going to pull the plug very soon

    I had my purple A-Class for half a year, and I think I should really better let someone else "enjoy" that "beauty" :o. While I really like some parts of the design of that car like elevated seating position and compact size, without elaborating too much on the negative side :( I am going to try...
  14. A

    W124 1996 E300 engine pull?

    I've noticed recently that my 1996 W124 E300 auto diesel (OM606.910 engine) has started to do a very faint 'pulling', not steering but engine. Not easy to describe - it's an engine problem in that when moving along between 45 and 60 mph you can feel the car pull slightly, like its pulling...
  15. smudgelab

    W203 bonnet pull catch

    Hi, just managed to snap my bonnet pull catch :wallbash:. I can't seem to find any witht he PN: A2038870227 for W203 (2007 Coupe) but I have found PN A2028870027 at euromerc... will this part fit my car? Thank you for any advice. OR... cheeky I know, are there any going spare which I could buy...
  16. John

    Auto pull...

    I've not had a Merc before and the other cars I've had with an auto transmission have always pulled the car. In my Saab, it used to pull itself along and even change up into second if you weren't braking. Another car - Alpina B10 V8, was so torquey in drive the handbrake struggled to keep it...
  17. LastMinute

    Want to switch the fog light on, not pull the knob off!

    Any way to fettle the light switch so the rear fog light comes on in preference to the knob coming off in my hand? (Preferably while still allowing the knob to be removed for maintenance - so please don't suggest superglue... :)) (For a W126 - but I had the same problem on a W124, and I...
  18. O

    Leak from the bonnet pull

    Hi Folks, I have a 2005 C200. During wet weather, I get a leak through the bonnet pull handle. I've brought it to an independent dealer twice now and he hasn't been able to fix yet. Any ideas? :-) Steve.
  19. wheels-inmotion

    Definative explination.... Pull left

    I would like to give a definitive explanation for the historic "pulling left" complaint. We've all read, heard, experienced this condition, concluding with an official explanation from MB UK it's a "safety feature". It's not. My field is the chassis but trust me i'm not God in this field nor...
  20. T

    Hand brake release pull?

    I am changing a broken drivers side air vent got it unscrewed but cannot fathom how the handbrake pull handle is removed so the vent aperture can be slid off. As it is now the pull handle is stopping it from coming free?
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