1. snipez999

    E63S edition one trigger pulled

    Got my order in on one of these wee beasties. Decided against all the driver assistance packs to plomp for the rawer model. Traded my S63 coupe which was fantastic but how can one turn down >600bhp with AWD? Pics to follow in early September (I hope!)
  2. M

    Trigger Pulled on C220

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to boards and just want to say hi. Just pulled trigger on C Class 220 auto Estate ( brand new ) Cellanite Grey Metallic DAB digital radio tuner Garmin MAP PILOT navigation system Heated front seats Seat Comfort package 19" AMG Multispoke design...
  3. anfieldassasin

    Pulled over by police in my 300ce

    Got pulled over by the police in my 300ce, had my 5 year old strapped up in the back seat. We were on our way back from the pet shop so had a fish in the front seat (no not me!). Unmarked bmw, he was driving a little erratically gave it no thought then get flashed and pulled over. He...
  4. B

    GL350 BlueTEC - Just pulled the trigger...

    First of all, 'Hi' :) Have been looking to change our Disco 4 recently and have decided upon a GL350. We've had a long line of LR's and RR's in various guises, but with the new Discovery not due to be replaced until 2H16 next year I decided to look at other offerings. Criteria was that it...
  5. Sp!ke

    Have you ever been pulled over by the Police?

    Would you say that overall you were dealt with fairly and correctly or not?
  6. ricardo62

    mock interview pulled up for being non PC

    Hi I had a mock interview test earlier today ran by a training company , I am a bit annoyed and perplexed . In one of the trial questions I was asked to explain equality in the workplace , my answer was it means companys are not allowed to discriminate on the grounds that a person might be of a...
  7. P

    Pulled over by the feds

    Right, well I got pulled last night. apparently my plates were in a fuel theft in london. Never driven there, was working day it happend and it was a Zafira not a c class that stole it. I rang up and sorted this out...i thought. copper did PNL check and it still pinged up so he pulled me. He was...
  8. D

    Have becker pulled out of car audio??

    Heard a nasty little rumour today regarding Becker.... Someone said that they have or may be pulling out of car audio.:eek: I dont know how true this is, but it has coincided with me experiencing difficulty in locating Becker Grand Prix 7990 to purchase.... everyone seems to be out of...
  9. D

    Elderly person pulled out early on me!

    Commuting home from work the other evening litrally 100 metre out of my works gates, in mid flow of traffic an elderly driver pulls out of a junction & manages to pick me out denting my OSF wing smashing my indicator & scuffing my bumper. I've never had a collision before & wasn't to sure on...
  10. BTB 500

    Footballer pulled over for window tints ...

    ... and ended up having his Bentley Continental GT Speed seized, because it turned out he didn't have a valid driving licence! http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20090207/tuk-soccer-star-s-140k-car-is-seized-45dbed5.html
  11. B

    Pulled over today...

    was just zipping around the back of Oxford Street to day doing some Christmas shopping on the motorbike and come round the corner by the US embassy and get pulled over by diplomatic police checkpoint of sorts under the terrorism legislation. PC very polite and apologised for delaying me...
  12. T

    W124. vac pulled on coolant top hose when cooling down

    i have noticed when looking in my engine bay after cool down that a vaccum or partial vaccum is sucking in my rad top hose. i can free it off by openning the rad cap which pops it back out but surely this cant be right? i have also noticed the coolant reservoir overflow hose (free to flow when...
  13. E

    Who pulled the plug then?!!

    :crazy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDfZdfeJ1nc&feature=related
  14. NW_Merc

    How not to get pulled out of the snow

    http://shizzville.com/snow-tow Sometimes maybe its a good idea to leave the car where it is :D
  15. PaulE230

    Pulled back the boot seal on my w210 and look what I found

    I thought my car was totaly free of dirt In the end I removed the whole of the boot seal and cleaned all that wet dirt off. Then I polished/sealed and waxed it and cleaned the rubber seal and refitted it. It took me almost 2 hours
  16. R

    Pulled over for speeding...

    Whilst driving home from the orifice late Thursday evening, I pulled off the M23 near home and in short order had a rear view mirror full of flashing blue lights. "You were going a bit fast there Sir" remarked the young officer in response to my 90+ mph cruise on the quiet highway. His...
  17. kikkthecat

    Pulled by the fuzz.

    I just had a fortunate encounter with our local constabulary, I say fortunate because I was travelling at 40 ish along a dual carriageway that has recently been altered from a 40 MPH zone to a 30. The car was an unmarked red Vauxhall Vectra with 2 uniformed officers in and pulled alongside me at...
  18. Iyse

    Pulled by the fuzz

    Was on my way to Tesco at around 10pm to get some petrol and the car washed (if it was open, which it turned out not to be) with three of my friends who had just come for the ride along. For a laugh, I decided to put the neons on just for the journey there and back, seeing as it was 5 minutes...
  19. KLP 92

    Pulled over by police doing 60mph in 30mph!

    Well being a typical friday night i was on my way home in the early hours of the morning. I had 6 people in my S600 as i was the designated driver and everyone else was over the limit so had to squeeze an extra person in the back. Anyway was making my way through the back streets of Hendon to...
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