1. R

    CLK W208 Audio Queries

    Have done a lot of searching on this topic. I have a yr2001 CLK convertible with Audio 10 - non Bose, I think. Photos of the sub are below. One of my front door speakers has blown and the sub is useless. The whole things sounds slightly muddy, but I am on a very tight budget to upgrade. -...
  2. A

    Couple of Queries re my new C220 Sport

    Hi, today I collected a fine example of a C220 Sport Estate. It's a 2010 5 speed auto. Just a couple of queries, 1. Can the lights in the footwells be programmed to illuminate when the lights are switched on? 2. Can the tailgate be opened with the keyfob to open handsfree? Thanks
  3. mercconvert

    CLK keyless entry - q's & queries

    Hi I wondered if any keyless entry guru's could help me please? My 2003 CLK has Keyless entry. Shortly after the cars battery threw a wobbler, the drivers side KE stopped working. Passenger side KE has never worked since ownership (so I assumed it wasn't fitted on that side). Boot still...
  4. Piff

    Air con condenser replacement queries

    Number 1 son has a 2009 A160. Last summer when out with him we asked him to put the air con on - it didn't work. He claimed not to have used it before so he wasn't aware it didn't work. Sent him to have it re-gassed and he came home saying that there was a hole in the condenser and replacement...
  5. BigChap

    C63, couple of queries

    Howdy chaps, picked up a c63 PPP yesterday and I have a couple of queries. Where is the best place to get the iPhone 5 interface cable (also, can you get ones that stretch to the centre console?) And regarding the much debated LSD, the previous owner wasn't sure it only says performance...
  6. K

    W124 300E 5-speed conversion gear shifter queries

    Hello all, Firstly an introduction. I have just registered but I've been into Mercedes for a good few years now. I have three W124 saloons, an '88 230E, an '89 300E and a '90 260E. In the past I've had a W123 wagon, coupe and a W201 2.6. I'm currently gathering all the parts I need to...
  7. mat8n

    03 sl350 sat nav queries?

    i've just recently got my car and the sat nav doesn't recognize any streets but one in my town? do i need to update my disc? and if so how and where is it? i've had a browse and can't work out if mine is dvd or cd? i'm also maybe planning on going to Europe so those maps would be useful too...
  8. John

    2 DIY kitchen renovation queries.

    So it's time to replace the kitchen as various appliances have or are dying. I am removing the old kitchen and I have come up against two issues which I'm wondering if the panel can advise... House is 2002 and the kitchen I am removing is the original. So firstly, I have discovered in the...
  9. NW_Merc

    W202 Brabus engine variants - queries

    I was just looking at Brabus bodykits for the W202 and thought what engine variants did Brabus produce for the W202? I can only find the CV8 which I assume was based on the C43 platform. Did they ever make a 2.6L? (Boring out the 2.3 kompressor engine to increase the displacement?
  10. T

    A Couple Of Queries?

    ..... If I may folks. I picked up my new (to me) W204 C200 CDi Elegance of late 2008 vintage on Saturday and I have noticed a couple of things which I am not sure about. I can find nothing to confirm or deny suspicions in the handbook and searching the forum has so far rendered nothing, though...
  11. kieranswood

    Intermittent wiper setting on wiper not working and other queries....

    Got the ce on the road and will be my daily driver for a few weeks. Couple of issues I'm wondering if anyone can help. The intermittent wiper setting doesn't work. All other wiper and indicators all ok. Light on the clock is out- what type of bulb? The windscreen blower doesnt seem to...
  12. SPX

    W211 Steering Controls & Memory Seat Button Queries

    On the W211 Sport that I've just bought there are a couple of things I need to sort. Firstly, the + button on the steering wheel controls isn't working, is it much of a job to replace? Secondly, the headrest button on the drivers memory seat is missing, does anyone know if it's a ball ache...
  13. C

    A Couple of new C-Class Queries

    Hello all, Just joined the forum (see new member introductions) as I have my first Merc on order, C220D Estate Sport (125 Ed.). I hadn't been on the site until last night and saw a few interesting comments on other threads that mean I want to just query a couple of things... There seem to be...
  14. Q

    W201 (190E) alternator output queries.

    I've already posted this query over on the 190 forum but lots of different people here who may be able to help..... Some advice needed from those who know more than I do about rough engine idle and a possible link to alternator output, that will be most people as I know very little :o...
  15. T

    Some Tyre Queries.

    Does anyone have a definate answer to being able to fit 255's on the rear of a C55, do they rub at all? Also, what issues would be created by sticking as lower profile say a 35 on the fronts instead of a 40? Would it just knock the speedo out? If so by much? Cheers Terry
  16. brens-e200

    new e240 owner and a few queries

    hi Well i finally bit the bullet and bought myself a lovely e240 (1999 108k on the clock and service history ) auto after spending some time driving my sons E200 manual . now i have a few questions for the experts here 1. as there is no auto-transmission dip stick how do i tell what gearbox...
  17. N

    What do you think of this SL55? (and general queries)

    I've been watching the prices of SL55's and SL600's and they now seem to be incredible value for money at the moment. I've just recently found this one for sale.. Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG - Harbour Cars and emailed them with a couple of questions as it's too far for me to go for a quick look...
  18. S

    CLK 320 cdi MY2007 stereo queries

    Following on from the other thread, can anyone give me a heads up about the stereo options that are in the MY2007 CLK 320 sport? People have mentioned the bose unit, but I've had a rental 2009 CLK that had a Harmann Kardon system (which curiously, didn't sound any better than the standard SLK...
  19. T

    Electric Queries

    Is it possible to re-program the W163 ML's to automatically close all electric windows when the car is centrally locked from the key remote? If not, are there any other wonderous things that the car can be re-programmed to do, like auto-fold mirrors etc?
  20. T

    W126 500SEL Valve Guides / Stem Seal Replacement Queries

    Dear All, If I am going to have the heads off my engine, for the purpose of replacing the valve guides, etc. could I ask for opinion on the following please? 1. Are there any other works I should have done at the same time? 2. How much should I expect to pay? 3. Can anyone recommend somewhere...
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