1. garystu1965

    Just bought an RAC 1000 sat nav but don't know where to download POIs

    The forums say there is a folder where you put them but they always refer to an SD card. It has an SD slot but the slot is empty. In explorer it shows up the flash memory and I assume I cannot place the CSV file anywhere there. So do I need to buy an SD card and copy them on there ? I assume I...
  2. pills12

    rac near useless

    hi everyone had a puncture in my clk front tyre deflated while driving only had car for 1 month got spare out to find different size bolts needed so cant fit it call freind who pumped the tyre up for me but it bulged on the back so called rac explained situtation and asked for a lorry to...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    RAC (HPI) Checks only £5

    RAC have reduced the price of their checks to £5 HERE Bit of a Bargin! :)
  4. M

    RAC HPI Check For £5.00

    The RAC have an offer on at the moment HPI Check 1 for £5.00 or 3 for £12.00 May be of use to some of you :cool: http://www.rac.co.uk/web/vehiclechecks/status_checks/
  5. PaulE230

    Thanks to RAC windscreens West Bromwich

    Had my car fitted with a new windscreen the other day at RAC windscreen's in West Browmich (close to Junction 1 of the M5) Genuine glass fitted no authorisation needed but I had to wait a few days for mb to supply it. Car went in imaculate and came out exactly the same New windscreen looks...
  6. High-Lo

    RAC Car Checks

    As mentioned by some members before it appears that the RAC Status Checks site now links into HPICheck.com and thus does not give us additional information such as colour, fuel type, and previous owner count. Just in case you don't have it already, I still have the old link saved in my...
  7. boggie

    W210 320CDI RAC report - Advice needed please

    Hi All, I just got the RAC report on the car we are planning to buy. It lists a few problems, most are minor such as scuffed wheels, stone chip in screen, small crack in wheel arch liner etc. There are a couple of parts missing: Small grille next to front fog light, drivers side sill tread...
  8. imadoofus

    AA or RAC?

    I've decided to ditch Direct Line insurance because since they were bought by RBS they've become a usless bunch of disinterested gits. Going to Admiral Multi-car, and saving 39% :eek: Anyway; my breakdown cover was with D/L so I need to move that too. I'm not going to GreenFlag, becasue...
  9. Z

    Autoglass or RAC auto windscreens?

    My windscreen has got about a 4 inch crack in it after a stone hit it so I am pretty sure they wont be able to fix it but Privledge has given me the choice of going with either Autoglass or RAC windscreens. My past experience with Autoglass is that they didnt put enough sealant at the...
  10. D

    Tracker or RAC Trackstar +

    Hello all, I know that there has been some discusion on Tracking devices before, but I'm considering having one installed in my SLK. My question is, does anyone have any experience of the Tracker or RAC Trackstar+ the Tracker seems slightly cheaper by about £30, but the RAC Trackstar+ has an...
  11. stats007

    RAC Gold Warranty

    Has anyone had any experience claiming with this? is it any good for MB electrics / gearboxes ?!?!
  12. B

    AA, RAC or AN Other?

    So which do people use these days for Breakdown services and why?
  13. mickl

    anyone used the RAC history check before?

    do they use the same database as HPI?
  14. P

    Anyone a member of RAC?

    Hi If you are a member of the RAC and are expecting a discount for not using them then I suggest you check that they are applying the discount as they did not apply mine. Regards, Peter
  15. splang

    Check this RAC site out:

    Hi all, If you want to find info about a car (see if the number plate is correct.. etc) I found this site ( some of you know it already i guess ) May come in use.. you have to register but its free: https://www.rac.co.uk/myrac/vehicle_data_check/results?vrn=t865rax Cheers , Steve
  16. Z

    RAC Trackstar and Safe Speed.

    Can fit this in quotes sorry. "A new, improved and cheaper satellite system to track stolen cars has been launched by RAC Trackstar. Called RAC Trackstar Plus, the set-up costs £351 plus fitting with an annual subscription of £120. That's £150 less for installation and £60 less a year...
  17. P

    Signature used car - RAC or Mobilo ?

    I'm confused... Bought a Signature used Merc from a dealer a few months ago. Did'nt get much in the way of documentation at the time. All I've had since is a document confirming that I'm covered by warranty. However, no handbook or anything to go with it? Also, I'm sure at the time of...
  18. Sp!ke

    RAC Autowindscreens

    On Saturday, I decided to get my windscreen changed as it was cracked. What a mistake that was. :( When I collected the car, it was raining and getting dark and the car was by now parked up outside. I drove it home got it in the garage for a look at the work done and was horrified at what I...
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