1. mickeystitch

    Radiator warning light HELP PLEASE

    :confused: Hi sorry to repost this but in case somebody can help but might not read the old thread I'm going ask here too, please see http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/135463-ml270-cdi-w163-coolant-light-but-coolant-level-ok-2.html
  2. Dazkeirle

    W209 2005 Radiator Cooling fan

    W209 CLK 220 CDI 2005 Radiator Cooling fan The controller has gone on mine and I'm told it's an all-in-one part. Also been advised to go for official MB if possible. Anybody have a part number pretty please?
  3. Dazkeirle

    W209 - Radiator Fan - "Coolant visit Workshop"

    Hi Guys, So last week upon switching on my engine I received the message, I immediately checked coolant, full, checked all hoses etc and couldn't see any issue. Drove around for a bit and no sign of overheating so suspected it may be sensor, checked, no issue there. I took to my indie but he...
  4. J

    SLK 320 Front stiffener & radiator support

    First time poster... Just got a 2002 SLK 320. Looks like someone tried to tow the car from the front stiffener and ripped the left side clean through. Want to DIY replace but need some advice. Can the job be done without welding? see pics... Thanks, Jim
  5. O

    2003 clk 270 cdi valeo radiator

    Hi, has anyone changed the radiator on a 2003 270 cdi clk as there seems to be a problem with auto transmission fluid being contaminated with coolant, if so was it difficult and are any special tools needed, any more in depth information will be greatly appreciated.:dk:
  6. moonloops

    W202 radiator grill

    I currently have a broken "avantgarde" style grill and need to replace it: This is what I want (without the missing bits) :D
  7. Charles Morgan

    Radiator life

    Just as a matter of interest, the relatively hot running of my 1990 190 2.5 (compared to my 2.0 190E) leads me to wonder at what age you would think about replacing or re-coring the radiator (for the price of the parts, I suspect a new one is in order)? 23 years and 140,000 miles strikes me...
  8. S

    radiator fan motor

    looking for the radiator fan motor for a cl500 2001 thanks
  9. J

    W124 E200 estate radiator

    hi, has anyone got a radiator for my '95 estate? it's the no ac version. i'd prefer one from a dismantled car rather than a new alternative, as long as it's in good working order. kind regards, julz
  10. S

    radiator fan motor

    i have a cl500 2001 new to this car but love it can you gat the motor fixed
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Leaking Hose, Caught on Radiator Fan!?!

    Driving along last night doing a 150mile trip, all was well until 'Check coolant' appeared on the screen. It was dark so was only able to check today. with the engine bay open I can see that the hose leading from the reservoir into the engine had fallen down and was getting hacked away by the...
  12. essieghia

    Wanted W124 200TE radiator hoses

    Does anyone have radiator hoses for a 1992 K plate W124 200TE? I could only find one part number. That's 124 832 9094. Any help would be greatfully accepted. With thanks. Stephen
  13. W

    Radiator for 1999/V E320 V6 Petrol

    Spotted a weep at the bottom of the radiator on my E320 Estate. It's a 1999/V 3.2 V6 Petrol. MB want over £300 with VAT, GSF are quoting £105+VAT (I reckon some discount should be possible as it's cheaper on their website anyway!). Girl on the phone reckoned it would be a Hella or NRF (?) part...
  14. J

    cheapest place in SE England for W209 valeo rad upgrade?

    Have just purchased a W209 clk55 and want to upgrade the rad to a newer behr for peace of mind. Can anyone recommend somewhere who will do it for a fair price in SE England (London, Essex, Kent, Herts) ? Also, if anyone knows where I can get one online cheap to take to the garage to save a...
  15. K

    The small radiator at the bottom of the main one(mercedes vito 111cdi 639)

    Just was wondering wether the small radiator is what they call the turbo intercooler,does it get serviced separately?if so how?whats inside it,water,oil?thanks
  16. M

    w202 c200 radiator...

    The rad seems to have given up after 18 years. Local garage is quoting 300 notes supplied and fitted. Does that seem ok? I had expected it could be more so no idea now if it's a good price!
  17. A

    w124 radiator overflow hose clip - part no request

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify the part number for the radiator overflow hose plastic clip that fits just behind the OSF headlamp. Mine seems to have gone AWOL and the hose just hangs loose without it. You can see it in the pics below, where the hose attaches to the front panel. Thanks :
  18. S

    Radiator motor

    Hi I need W220 S320 year 2000 radiator fan motor. Many thanks
  19. P

    C63 AMG Front Grill & Radiator

    Hi, Hit a pheasant this afternoon and reckon i will need a new grill and radiator. Both have been pushed back pretty far and i heard hissing from the radiator so presume its cracked and not fixable. I am trying to pay out of my own pocket as i have a high insurance excess. How much do you...
  20. Gollom

    Radiator TRV - plumber advice please

    I am going to replace a white radiator with a chrome towel rail one. I'd rather not have to drain the whole system so am going to do it with the TRV in-situ. But of course the top of the TRV is white - can I simply buy just the top but in chrome? What should I ask/search for?
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