1. eugekav

    Oil seal on valeo radiator

    Hi to all,I've been searching and phoning but can't find this seal anywhere .Found a good rad site they answered the phone as well.Rad diagrams Car Radiators for less, Ford radiators, Honda car radiator replacement, Toyota radiators,Vauxhall, Bmw Radiators. I am not sure if it is my lack of...
  2. M

    W126 V8 Radiator

    Hi there, After some pikey lowlives relieved me of my 2 radiators (the old one I'd taken out and the replacement I'd bought, along with my 17" AMG reps, push bikes and various other stuff...), I yet again find myself in need of a rad for my 1989 420SEL. It's the type with the integrated...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Bit of a prang - need to source bumper and radiator grille for W124

    W124 is looking a bit sorry just now - a Porsche Boxster pulled out without looking from a side road this morning and I didn't have the time to stop completely. The bumper is a bit knackered, the radiator grille and trim has been a bit smashed and the nearside wing has been pushed back a couple...
  4. diandave

    Valeo Radiator

    Having gearbox oil cooler fitted tomorrow on E 320 CDi W211 straight 6, to make sure I dont get the dreaded glycol problem, indi is doing the work for £330 all in, how does that sound.
  5. 8

    Oil in radiator!!!

    Hi all, i am new to this forum and the joys of Mercedes motoring, i have recently bought a 1995 c200 auto and the car is really nice. Though today i noticed a water leak from under the car and thought radiator burst? so i removed the fill cap from the top of the radiator and there was a layer of...
  6. Q

    W210 Radiator Fan Running ignition off

    Hello, I have a 2001 W210 E220 CDI which has not been used much lately. The radiator fan has spontaneously started spinning ( and consequently drained the battery ) while the car was sitting locked - the only way to stop the fan has been to disconnect the battery OR disconnect the power supply...
  7. J

    W126 Radiator top hose leak

    My BEHR radiator has an anoying weep from the top connector. Having just replaced the head gasket and then the water pump to cure water and oil leaks, I wonder if it is all linked to a change in coolant antifreeze. The connection appears to have a joint in the horizontal plane and I am wary...
  8. eggzy43

    radiator grille removal

    I’ve just removed and dismantled the radiator grille and it was a breeze, I wanted to repaint the plastic grille back to its black glory, the chrome strips slid out so easily, I know its just plastic but it was all so accurately made! The grille is held on with 8 8mm screws and 1 Philips...
  9. Mercedes-2010

    What is this Radiator for?

    Folks, Does anyone know what this radiator does? That's the 8" square one to the left of the picture. On EPC it's called a "Low Temperature Radiator" Part number: A203501 01 01 ... Dave
  10. L

    W245 B170 Radiator Fan staying on

    Hi folks. The radiator fan of my B170 is now permanently running, which has been the same for the last week or so. Doesn't matter if engine is cold or hot. I've checked fuses - look OK, I've re-earthed the wires I can see, I've cleaned and WD40'd the large blue fan plug and pushed and prodded...
  11. N

    C32 valeo radiator

    I have read many threads "condeming" valeo rads on the 2002 c32 AMG I have a 2002 c32 with a valeo rad done 120000 miles and gear box feels fine.. I'm concerned about it , should I change it for a behr radiator and change transmission oil to be safe? Thoughts please, Is the problem actually...
  12. S

    1998 E300TD fan blades sheared (see photo's) and damaged radiator - cause?

    Hi, I own a 1998 E300TD. I've had it from new and done 161k miles in it. It's been well looked after but is now showing some signs of age. The other day, I heard a clunking noise when I started her up. I've got one glow plug down at present so I thought it was just associated with that as...
  13. Tan

    Half hot radiator.

    Hi We have yet another problem with the heating system, the boiler is still working which is a start, but the first radiator that normally warms up has only become half warm. The left side where the TRV is is getting hot but the right side is cold and the rest of the radiators are cold...
  14. A

    C180 - W202 Radiator Replacement

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, My father has a W202 C180 1.8 Petrol Saloon that has a leaking radiator, the garage want around £400 to do the repair, Does anyone know any links to a guide to changing the radiator? or can briefly explain the steps. I have tried to search the forum with...
  15. tagnut

    Valeo radiator strikes again

    Ok so I knew that I had a Valeo radiator and was planning to replace it soon anyway but..... I took my car in for service, new thermostat and ATF change today, I asked my local Indie to send a sample of the ATF away for a glycol test although I haven't had any symptoms in the car. He rang me...
  16. SportsCoupeRich

    Radiator cold.

    My bedroom radiator is warm at the bottom and cold at the top. I have used a bleed screw and whilst there was some air emitted, there was no water following it and nothing has changed? Laymans advice?
  17. B


    i have 2003 w211, i need to change the radiator but merc want 484+vat, euros have it for 180inc but its a valeo, on other forums they say that these have been upgraded so they do not leak into the gearbox, is this true or should i bite the bullit and buy from merc any help appreciated
  18. S

    how can i tell if my radiator bottle has anti-freeze?

    hi all, cold nights are most defanantly setting in now, and wondered how do i check if my radiator bottle has anti freeze in or not? it is a clear solution, so could just be distilled water and nothing else.... many thanks James
  19. T

    Valeo to Nissen radiator what do you think?

    Hello Folks, Just purchased a CLK320 2002 W209 55k and really enjoying it. All seems well apart from headrests that dont seem to adjust down properly, they do when putting seat forward but dont with the button , anyway all else seems good , gearbox smooth etc . Reading up before purchase do...
  20. WIBB

    hole in radiator

    just wondering if anyone here posseses a radiator for a 1993, sl320 that dosent leak, [unlike mine] that they no longer require..
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