1. P

    w202 radiator fan ?

    do the radiator cooling fans on the 1995 c180 w202's come on as soon as you start the engine,i always assumed like my old vauxhall it just came on to cool the engine from time to time ? or have i got a cooling fault.
  2. I

    K-Seal radiator seal

    Hi All, Is it worth putting the above type of product into the E320cdi w211, to help and try to prevent the Valeo rad issue? Iceboy
  3. R

    W211 E55 2006 Radiator Valeo?

    Could someone help shed some light on this for me please. I have looked at a couple of E55's lately, one a 2004 the other a 2006. Both have had the radiator with the square edged crimping. Searches show that this indicates that they are Valeo, but I thought they stopped using them around...
  4. withabix

    W204 Sport Radiator Grille Touch-up Paint?

    Any ideas on best touch-up paint match for the silver on the radiator grille? Seems to catch stone chips quite well and is of course black underneath :(
  5. M

    W124 - Radiator gone?

    I think this may be my first post here, even thought I've been registered for years and do lots of lurking. I have an 1992 W124 4matic estate which I am slowly working on. It arrived on the back of a trailer last week and after some general cleaning up, I started it earlier today. While...
  6. babyblueCE

    Coolant leaks from under radiator

    Hello all. I was driving the car yesterday and the radiator light came up on the dash board. Having looked at the coolant level I saw that it was and topped it up. I started the car and saw that coolant was heavily leaking near the front bumper. Having looked closely I saw that there is a metal...
  7. MarcelKan

    Radiator Fan Slow

    Hi everyone, I would like to get some opinions from you about the problem I have had now on my W203 C200K M111 engine as I was stuck on a traffic jam yesterday evening about 45 minutes due to an accident. I have noticed that my engine sound weird and when I looked at the engine temperature on...
  8. M

    C180 W202 fuel and radiator sensor faults

    Hi. I've just bought a 96 C180 Classic, which is actually in excellent condition except for 2 points. That being the coolant level sensor and the fuel gauge sensor. Coolant sensor always shows it requires fluid but is full and has no leak, petrol gauge intermittently tells me there is petrol...
  9. E

    W203 C32 radiator and condensor replacement- options? What do I need?

    Hi folks, the condensor on my 2001 W203 needs replacing, and I notice I have a valeo radiator too. . . I have no idea if this has ever been changed (it is very dusty), as I've only had the car a few months, but whilst at it, I shall give this attention too. What are the options: Replacement...
  10. GlenQ

    Radiator Fan Motor Replacement W220 S500

    This is a short how-to on replacing a noisy (failed bearing) radiator fan motor on a year 2000 W220 S500. Now your stealership will tell you that if your radiator fan motor is noisy you will have to replace the whole assembly including cowl , fan, motor and drive belt at considerable cost...
  11. D

    W209 Radiator Query

    Hi all, I bought my W209 CLK270 Diesel about 3 weeks ago now and its been superb so far - quick, economical and comfortable. Im very pleased with the purchase! I opened the bonnet today for the first time to fill up the washer bottle and noticed that the radiator is a Valeo item. The car...
  12. B

    2002 C320 Radiator Question?

    Hi All, I am the proud owner of a beautifull 2002 C320 in silver with full service history etc etc, I love this car! To cut a long story short, it needed some work doing to the suspension, I took it into a reputable garage near where we live. I was told that it neede work doing on the...
  13. bpsorrel

    Behr radiator

    We met up with my cousin and her husband, down from Scotland, at the Russian Spring Festival in Trafalgar Square yesterday. Well, he has a 2004 S211 320cdi which recently was diagnosed with the dreaded Behr radiator gearbox issue!! He was ready to have a real song and dance with the dealer...
  14. D

    C43 Radiator

    ECP don't list a radiator for the C43 AMG on the website...anyone know if this something that's a Merc only part or are there other suppliers? Mike
  15. D

    C43 AMG Radiator Leak

    When I jacked up the car this afternoon to adjust the wheelbearing, I spotted a trickle of coolant from the undertray drain. After a closer look, the leak was coming from the drivers side lower of the radiator but has now stopped. I've search the forum and there's only one thread from...
  16. GlenQ

    W220 Radiator fan motor

    Can anyone tell me of a UK supplier of the above motor? I can't find one on ECP and the only one I can see on Fleabay is mega money. I don't need the whole fan assembly just the motor. Thanks
  17. marty359

    W203 Radiator

    Im not sure if my car has the valeo raditor fitted I cant see any stickers or part numbers on it and after doing a search I cant tell if it has the valeo style fittings at the bottom either. Since it gets a fair bit of stick and its due a service in 1k miles I thought id get it replaced for...
  18. J

    Experts: Is this a Valeo Radiator?

    Ever since I purchased my E55 I've experienced issues with it jerking when pulling away and also rumbling (like going over a rumble strip in the road) under light acceleration. After a bit of investigation I came across all the threads regarding coolant getting into the transmission fluid and...
  19. Charles Morgan

    Radiator hose - internal diameter size question

    Not a Merc, but having fitted a new water pump to the flathead Ford V8 in my Allard, the cooling hose to the radiator base from the pump is now about an inch too short. To fit a new one I need to spec a hose which will fit over a 47mm diameter flanged pipe, which then tapers to 44mm immediately...
  20. P

    top radiator hose collapsed

    hi just found the top hose on my c250td flat rather than round,as if the system has a vacuum, car is not losing fluid temp never gets above 80 i changed the expansion cap last week, so is this related ( just put the old one back on)... hose is now back in shape, after taking the expansion cap...
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