1. brucemillar

    Severe Trauma & Recovery Help

    If you are of a nervous disposition then please do not read on: Yesterday (Yes I know it was the 1st April) I went with my wife and two teenage daughters to 'visit' IKEA in Lakeside. We arrived just after 13:00 and managed to get out just before 17:00. Dear God, it was hell in there. I saw...
  2. L

    Winter Recovery Mission

    So as the winter is slowing becoming spring, i thought it was a good time to get the CLS into a respectable state again and i had a spare day to do so. Started with my usual wash method. This involved a good soak in Magifoam, pressure rinsed off after dwelling followed by a two bucket wash...
  3. John

    Recovery lorries.

    I saw a double-decker bus lifted up being towed by a recovery recently and have seen them in the past. They sound seriously meaty when accelerating. What kind of power/torque are they running?
  4. D

    AA European Recovery

    Thought I'd write a little review, and maybe update as we go.... Friday, the day before we left for home from Southern France our car went into Limp Home mode once. Would not do it again, and nothing obviously wrong, we put this down to Landrover gremlins and the extreme heat. Left for Le...
  5. D

    what is the cheapest recovery acct can used to cover all cars to mechanic or home

    using paid expenses or bank accounts like natwest or anywhere else pls we all can use this as a method, as insurance brokers and companies are no longer offering complimentary roadside assitance which can be used on other cars any pointers hint will be gratefully received
  6. S

    Expansion or Recovery Tank removal SL600

    Hi, Does anyone have a procedure or know how to remove the expansion tank on a 2004 R230 SL600. Appreciate any help. Regards, Greg
  7. bob6600

    Vehicle Recovery?
  8. S

    mercedes sprinter recovery trucks

    hello all hope you can help me out with this one currently looking at buying a recovery truck & just wanted some peoples opions on a couple of older merc trucks . the truck will be usued only for small cars like clios ,corsas fiestas etc as im only on a 3.5ton license at the moment my choices...
  9. I

    Engine recovery (check component B5/1)

    Hi, I have a problem with my MB w203 220cdi. The drive is operating normally, but when the engine exceeds 3000 rpm, once released the accelerator enters the protection mode. In diagnosis mercedes this is the error: Check pressure transducer B5 / 1 I tried to read the error with a...
  10. The _Don

    Free-of-charge accident recovery for all mercedes-benz drivers
  11. developer

    Home Insurance With Free AA Recovery

    Just a heads up. I renewed my Dad's home insurance yesterday, using MoneySupermarket AA came in the cheapest and included 12 months Recovery for £0. Pretty good, I thought.
  12. smillion

    4 hour wait for MB roadside recovery :(

    Well, after 4 hours, lots of promises, no show, very disappointed. Looks like a flat battery and after 4 hours managed to turn over and spark up and drove home. Lost confidence in MB recovery though. RAC, or A A has to be better bet on this standard. Called 6 pm, at 10 pm told at least another...
  13. Igurisu

    Roadsie Recovery Reccomendations?

    I've not used any recovery services for 10 years of company car driving so am somewhat out of the loop. I want to cover two cars, my wifes 11 year old MX5 and my 5 year old CLK. In theory my CLK is covered by Mobilo (I think), as it has full dealer history with the Mobilo box ticked every...
  14. P

    new style merc recovery?

    dont think i will be using him. Moron Drives Crashed Mercedes on MSN Video
  15. Dave Richardson

    Mercedes Recovery in Plymouth

    An unlucky driver crashed his car through his garage wall & landed in his garden, his car was recovered yesterday. Take a look here: A great grandad told how he thought his time was up after reversing his car into his garage, crashing through a wall and landing in a garden. Ouch:crazy:
  16. C

    UKPC and Debt Recovery Plus Ltd

    I left my car with a mechanic to sort out the bushes and a month later I received a letter from UKPC saying this is a notice and is my final warning for parking in a disabled bay in a free carpark and the fine is 90, I ignored that letter since the car park was free and is private property...
  17. W

    MB european recovery - does it cover my trailer too ?

    Hi I have a 2010 E class whcih will tow my trailer to Germany next weekend. Will MB recovery scheme cover me in europe and cover my trailer ? thanks for your help wonk.
  18. fabes

    Outlook address book recovery

    Hi Similar to thread below, but I am on the back foot and in need of some help Reinstalled Win XP on main PC. Before that I backed up the whole PC (all of the many partitions on it - reason for...
  19. lynall

    Internet explorer 6 to 8 recovery advice

    Changed to ie 8 yesterday and i cant find all my old e mail files, anyway i can do this? Its not the end of the world if not just annoying:(. Computer now seems to run faster on the net. Lynall
  20. Sorry Pete

    Amazing recovery at speed on the Autobahn (Audi)

    Hello all, I've dug-up this video clip. It's a tremendous recovery, but I was more interested in just where it all went wrong for him? Did 4wd save the day? I didn't hear him lift-off before losing the tail; did he hit a bit of oil/diesel? I'm curious as to whether there's a recognised...
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