1. Aletank

    AdBlue - Does It Reduce DPF Issues ?

    AdBlue - Does it reduce DPF issues ? Also is there a gauge to tell you how much you have put in or is it just fill until it overflows ? lol
  2. L

    Mapping a 2012 C350 CDi to reduce turbo lag?

    I've owned my car from new and although very happy with overall performance, there are times when I find the turbo lag a little tiresome. Has anybody had this engine mapped and can tell me how much difference it's made to the throttle response please? I'm not especially looking for increased...
  3. A

    Engine Error Mesage - Reduce engine oil !

    Occasionally get an error message telling me to reduce the level of engine oil. It says on for a couple of seconds and goes away and doesn't register as a malfunction on the centre display. It has one of those electronic sensors and no dipstick I run a E 320 CDI with nearly 70k on the clock. I...
  4. clarea

    Reduce oil level warning??

    I recently bought a 2005 S320 cdi. I drive it daily but I don't do that many miles in it, just short journeys. Today I drove it a bit further but not far and a warning came up saying to reduce oil level. It didn't stay on for very long. Is this something I should worry about? :confused: if so...
  5. B

    17" down to 16" to reduce noise

    1. Hi all, I am going from 17" with Continentals Sport Contact down to 16", probably with Goodyear as suggested by aquanaut and flanaia1, to reduce high road noise. I will be sticking to genuine Mercedes wheels but am trying to find a better price than they are quoting of £189 + vat. Whilst...
  6. C

    Reduce Tyre Wear

    Hi Guys, Anyone done the below? Results? Front left Camber -1.5 Front Right CAMBER -1.5 Front LEFT toe OUT 11mins Front RIGHT TOE IN 43 minutes Factory rear left Camber -1.5 Rear Right CAMBER-1.5 REAR RIGHT Toe IN 27 mins REAR RIGHT Toe OUT 5 minutes Reset to FRONT -1.5 camber...
  7. A

    Reduce oil level

    This massage keeps appearing on my C240 A2005. I have measured the quantity before pouring and is exactly 7.0 litres.
  8. grober

    Honda reduce their workforce.

    Honda are to reduce their Swindon plant workforce by 800 down from 3,500 [ 23% cut] announced today due to reduced demand in Europe. New car registrations are down especially in Southern European states with their current economic problems. Registrations in Greece down 41% in the first 11...
  9. Mike Walker

    Time to reduce the car fleet?

    Change of Project location means me commuting by train rather than driving to work so we have one car too many. W203 C Class is auto and has footbrake which my wife will not contemplate driving so it is currently sitting unused. :o Fiat Punto is nearly 7 years old and whilst reliable may...
  10. Godot

    National Campaign to Reduce War Memorial Theft

    This a copy of an email sent to me this morning, via an "Old Comrades" contact, to draw my attention to this campaign, so with, hopefully a Moderator's permission, I'd would like to draw it to your attention.:thumb: Any little Hamlet or Village or even Wayside Memorials that you know of, even...
  11. finisterre

    Does it make sense to reduce fuel duty?

    Does the price of fuel limit your mobility? Following on from the fuel thread where it was clear that we pay a fair bit of tax on petrol I was wondering how necessary it is to tax at the rate we do? Is it possible that the quantity of tax raised could be increased by dropping the rate? From...
  12. I

    Reduce engine Oil level [2001 C240]

    Hi, I've newly (like 5 days ago) replaced the engine oil, and when I drive like half an hour slowly in the city in pops up the red warning message "REDUCE ENGINE OIL LEVEL". I've entered the dyno mode, started to drive and the oil level was between 6.5 and 8.2 litters, what can be the cause of...
  13. S

    How to reduce resolution of pics on computer

    I have some 300 picture on my computer which I would like to put onto discs,but I have run into a snag.It is taking forever. It seems that my pictures are high resolution,typically 4.7 MB.So each one is taking ages to load onto the disc. Is there some way reduce the resolution of the pictures...
  14. The Boss

    I want to loose weight AND reduce my BMI to 22/24 - Diet and exercise advice please

    Ok. so as some of you are aware.. i am getting married in the next 9-15 months.. dont know yet when, but we are nailing down to discussions..:eek: Anyhow, i need to loose some weight and get .. um fit! i weight 15 and half stone, or 97kg, have a 37/38 waist and am about 5"10/11 My BMI is...
  15. G

    Asda to reduce fuel prices by 2p from tomorrow

    "Every little helps"
  16. Sorry Pete

    Driving like a Jerk actually reduce the risk of traffic jams

    Just for fun guys: Driving like a Jerk actually reduce the risk of traffic jams
  17. Donza

    Will the price of Diesel reduce?

    After sifting through the fuel thread.. I want to ask some of you folk whether you think the price of diesel will decrease. Me personally? I cannot see it happening for some time. My father rang me today to tell me it cost him near enough £110... its crazy..
  18. bobby

    Is there a way to "reduce" fuel consumption

    I drive a C43, and have heard if I put it into Neutral when sitting at lights, waiting in queues etc it will reduce fuel consumption. 1: Is this true? I have seen that the idle is at 500 RPM when in "D" but moves up to 750 RPM when in "N", so surely it would take more fuel in that mode...
  19. D

    Car Diagnositics - too much oil - reduce oil?

    I just acquired a 2003 E220 CDI with 134k miles. Changed oil and filter, one week ago. Used 6.5 liters of Mobile 1 oil. However when the car is doing 60mph and after few miles, get a message on the dash, "too much oil - reduce oil" in white background. However this goes into red back ground...
  20. grober

    Mercedes to reduce Number of MODEL Options

    Mercedes are possibly going to reduce the number of options available on their models to cut production costs:confused: see
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