1. cellarmerc

    Better to do alignment before or after spring and shock renewal?

    I have to replace my tyres and doing alignment as upgrading to 215x55x16, if i plan to do the wishbone bushes and roll bar and also shocks and springs will it need realigned again after this work has been carried out or should I get this done first before getting the wheel alignment , just don't...
  2. R

    Insurance renewal AMG E55K

    Just recieved my car insurance renewal, expecting a huge jump from all the stories I have been listening to over the past few months, but very much surprised. 06 W211 E55 AMG saloon Fully comp, protected, cw legal services, and initial £600 access and £75 screen access. with 8000 mile limit...
  3. jeffwebb

    E55 Insurance renewal.

    Just got my renewal notice through from Sheila's Wheels. £417 :bannana::bannana:
  4. M

    Churchill Insurance Renewal

    Mrs E is very lazy when it comes to renewing insurance as has ended up with Churchill for the past 3 years through never doing anything... After a hike last year I was determined not to let it past, so when the renewal came in it had gone up about 15%. No claims, points, etc, in the past...
  5. EDZ649

    450 SEL Insurance renewal

    Just had my renewal notice through from the broker I insured the 450 SEL with last year. When I took it out they charged me £205 for fully comp, limited mileage, inclusive of legal cover, windscreen and RAC recovery etc. This year they want £261, despite the fact that I have made no claims or...
  6. R

    Insurance renewal nightmare?

    No. Renewal for wife's Rav4, with 3 learners and me also covered has reduced by 10% this year. :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:
  7. SilverSaloon

    Automatic insurance renewal....

    hi My car insurance was due to expire earlier on in the month, i'd not had any renewal documents through the post from them but, as i always do, i shopped around and also entered in myself as a new customer on their website. it was about £100 more than elsewehere, so i took new cover...
  8. B

    Insurance - how much, you decide

    I know insurance rates have been going up, but even thus forewarned I was a bit surprised. So anyone want to hazard a guess - from lowest to highest what my quoates for For background the car is a 1995 w124 estate In terms of insurance pros and cons -- I'm nearly 44, live central London...
  9. M


    In common with most major cities, London is constantly undergoing a process of renewal: on any given day there’s scarcely a street you can walk down without finding at least one building undergoing extensive renovation or replacement, evidenced by an exoskeleton of scaffolding and hoardings...
  10. reflexboy

    Warranty renewal

    My Tier 1 warranty is about to expire at the end of the month. Do MB Warranty Services tend to send out a renewal reminder with a quote for the next year or is the customer expected to contact them?
  11. 219

    SORN renewal

    I just got a nice letter through the door advising that the SORN declaration on the 280SE had expired in July ! ( So , firstly , why are they only writing NOW to tell me ? ) , and that I was therefore being fined for non-renewal plus back duty . The circumstances are that I bought the car ...
  12. mercmanuk

    insurance renewal

    just had my renewal premium through from bedford insurance,they are the broker and axa is the insurance company.£638. tried that gocompare online £400 again with axa. gave axa a call and its the same cover for £238 cheaper crazy..
  13. Satch

    A303 Willoughby Hedge to Mere Carriageway Renewal and Major Maintenance

    Well I saw all these "Road closed" and "Diversion" signs. Ho hum, thinks I, 'tis 06.00 so how bad could it be? Nightmare is the short answer. Avoid! Arrghh! Highways Agency - A303 Willoughby Hedge to Mere Carriageway Renewal and Major Maintenance
  14. 1

    W202 C280 Crankshaft Sensor renewal

    Hi all, could someone explain where the cranksensor is on my C280 Straight 6. Its a 1995 N Reg. Also where can I order a Crankshaft Position sensor online mail order?? Ive been searching the net and only found cheap ebay ones. Many thanks,
  15. Piff

    Opinions on insurance renewal?

    Wifes car insurance due for renewal in the next couple of days. Car is Citroen C2, her as main driver, named drivers: me, number 1 son (19 & 1.5 years experience) number 2 son (17 & learning for the last 3 months). Policy is TPFT, protected NCD. Renewal quote from Direct Line £677 Tried...
  16. N

    Insurance Renewal

    My insurance for the Merc CLK320 Cabrio is currently with Aviva and they quoted me £446 for renewal. Checked on Confused .com and the most attractive was Marks and Spencer insurance at £265.47. Tried phoning Aviva to see what they wanted to do about it and all they wanted to say was...
  17. S

    AA renewal

    Just got my AA renewal through. Had joint membership for several years only ever called them out once in all the time. The premium for this year was £130.50. It is on Direct debit so normally I do nothing - but something made me look on line - guess what special offer new AA members same cover -...
  18. AMGeed

    Insurance renewal time.

    Had a pleasant surprise yesterday after using the comparison websites for my upcoming insurance renewal. Having been with Norwich Union Direct for the past 3 years, the renewal quote was £258 for my '98 E280 Avantgarde. Pretty much the same as last year. I thought it was time to see what else...
  19. verytalldave

    Driving Licence renewal?

    Is it true the photocard part of your driving licence needs to be renewed every 10 years at a cost of £17.50? Or is it a wind-up? I dont carry mine so I cant check. See here.........
  20. R129mine

    Car Insurance renewal

    hi last year i took out my car insurance with Bell as they were then by far the cheapest, this year i asked them for a renewal and they ended up quoting me £30 more (£650) when i pointed out to them that I was looking for a reduction rather than an increase as I have accumulated 1 more your...
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