1. O

    Retrofitting Atomiser

    Hi, I currently have a 2016 GLC and just wondering if anybody knows if its possible to retrofit the Atomiser either by Mercedes, an independent or DIY. I've searched the forum but couldn't find any results Thanks Mark.
  2. G

    Retrofitting Illuminated Door Sills - questions

    I just bought a new pair of illuminated door sills for my A200 coupé - wasn't easy to find, particularly at about a ¼ of MB listed price. So far so good ... Went on WIS, found and printed retrofit instructions (AZ82.20-P-0001AK), and it is frightening to say the least - half the car needs to...
  3. K

    Comand Online retrofitting

    A quick thanks to the guys at Unique Comand Europe Ltd in Surrey for the fantastic job they did retrofitting comand-online NTG5.1 - Apple CarPlay and a reversing camera to my GLE250 W166 - 2017 - superb guys to deal with - very pro and great prices I highly recommend them to anyone looking for...
  4. S

    Retrofitting auto lights to vito

    Hi everyone newbie here!!!!
  5. M

    Retrofitting lumbar support

    Hello. Just picked up a 2012 b class and was wondering if it's possible to get the 4 way lumbar control fitted to it on the driver/passenger seats. If it is would it be something a main dealer would do or would I have to find an independent to do it? Cheers
  6. Y8cel

    Retrofitting interior lights

    Has anybody got or retrofitted footwell light or lights in the base of the door panels where the little red reflectors are.
  7. nickjonesn4

    Retrofitting Options to E55

    To any E55 owners - has anyone any experience of fitting some of the optional extras to the car at this late stage, specifically - keyless go powered tailgate the 6th and 7th seats in the boot tyre pressure sensors Cheers Nick
  8. P

    Confused about retrofitting Comand 2.0 in 98 w210

    Hello all ,this is my first post ,I have learned a lot from this forum about retrofitting comand ,but few things are not quite clear to me. My car is 1998 w210. I am in process of installing MF steering wheel and the new style cluster. Anyone can explain what are the differences between...
  9. D

    W204 retrofitting 2012 amg flat bottom wheel ?

    Hi guys I just bought a new wheel and as you can see by the pics it came complete with Steering column too This also has the speed limiter and cruise control stalk. So my question here is can this be easily put into my 2008 w204 ? I have star so not afraid to do some coding ;) Id...
  10. 190

    Is there any point retro-fitting LED's

    I mean any point retrofitting LED's from an energy saving perspective. From what I can gather if I replace a filament bulb with a standard LED the bulb failure warning system won't recognize the LED as it draws insufficient current. There are LED's with additional parallel resistors to...
  11. Wraakian

    Retro-fitting of Air Scarf on E-Class 220 cabriolet

    I recently purchased a Mercedes E220 BEFF cabriolet that the far away dealership that advertised it as having air scarf. However when I drove it home I realised it did not have air scarf! I informed the dealship about this stating that I had only purchased the vehicle from them because it was...
  12. M

    Retrofitting TPMS to a 2014 W212 Eclass AMG

    Hi I have an Eclass AMG Sport registered April 2014. IT DOES NOT have TPMS fitted. Does anyone know if I can easily retrofit this and if so will my Command system pick it up? Secondly, if I fit TPMS how do I get the (TYRE PRESSURE LOSS WARNING SYSTEM) removed or disengaged as I believe this is...
  13. Z

    W169 NTG 2.5 Retrofitting

    Hello everyone, I was trying to find a step by step guide with all the information, everything lacked something. So I have a 2006 W169 with Audio 5 system. Will the COMAND NTG 2.5 fit my car? Will I be able to install it in my car? I found this unit on ebay: Mercedes Benz 169 A B NTG 2.5 SD...
  14. 6

    W204 : retrofitting AMG steering wheel

    Will the AMG steering wheels be a straight swap for my exisiting one ? I'd want all the multifunction buttons and paddles to work. Is it only the W204 C63 that will fit and work or can I use wheels from other MB AMGs'? Are the steering wheels different size, say between a 2011 W204 C63 and a...
  15. 6

    W204 : retrofitting memory seats

    I have a 2010 W204 C350CDI. I had full electric memory seat in my last car. This one has semi-electric heated leather seats. What's involved in swapping it with a full electric, memory, heated seats? I guess I'll need : 1) Electric, memory seats. 2) Door cards with the switches. I presume...
  16. P

    UMI disappeared when retrofitting Comand Ntg4

    Hello, First of all apologizes for very bad english. I'm living in Corsica and not very easy english language forums. This is my problem: i've bought a 2011 c220 cdi Glk fitted with an aps 50 and little 5 inches screen. UMI connected (Usb, ipod..a.s.o) I asked to a local auto tech (No MB)...
  17. M

    Autologics LTD - Mercedes comand retrofitting company

    Hi everyone I posted a similar thread in the Electronics section of this forum but realised it may be better to post it in this section so maybe more people can give me some advice. Could anyone advise if they have had experience dealing with Autologics LTD, who specialise in retrofitting...
  18. H

    Retrofitting headlamp self leveling on a W208

    I now have all the parts to fit HID headlamps and the correct OEM self leveling to my W208, I have fitted the rear level sensor and the holes were there pre drilled, when I got to the front I was unable to locate any pre drilled holes, does anyone know if they are on all cars when they are made...
  19. P

    ambient lighting : retrofitting to a W203 C class

    want to install ambient lighting. Anyone already done this? the parts are cheap and it'll make the interior feel a lot more refined at night (was in a new 7 series of a mate of mine which had it and was quite impressed) I found one retrofit ambient lighting project that I quite like the...
  20. Telebass

    Retrofitting electronic bits...

    My last car was a Renault Laguna II Dynamique Techno. This had a fair number of factory-fitted toys, but lacked cruise control. I bought the various bits and fitted them, and hey presto, it all came to life. Are Mercs built the same way? Can I just plug in a Distronic system, for example? Or...
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