1. D

    S211 Airmatic - Scanned fault fixed - wont rise ?

    I had my car scanned today after the rear dropping when drivingCarit wasn't quite on the stops but close. During tests with a mates RAC scanner ( hes an RAC guy ) we got the rear to lower but wouldn't rise. Pump error was found, Ive just been out to the car and the pump is like new Id eat my...
  2. gr1nch

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Just for back from Portugal and after getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Porto, tried Uber later. Chatting with the driver, he explained that he worked (wage + commission + full use of car) for a boss who had a fleet of 10 cars all fully maintained. All the driver had to do was clean the...
  3. L

    sudden rise in revs

    Hi all We have just sold our c class estate and bought a 2000 ML270CDI for both the 7 seats and to tow our horse trailer and whilst driving have noted a bit of a problem. Every now and again we can be driving steadily down the road at say 1500 revs and the Rev counter will shoot up to 3000...
  4. G

    AMG theft - recent rise in keyless theft around the UK

    Dear all I am a proud but very concerned 14 Reg C63 owner following all the coverage re. the increase of keyless thefts around the country - especially around Redbridge-area where I reside! Has anyone heard or have knowledge/experience of AMG products and aprticularly C63s being stolen...
  5. M

    c180 Temperature Rise Problems

    Hi Everyone Been viewing this forum since a few weeks now and hands down I have never learnt so much about MB in such a short time even though I have have my c180 for 9 years now! lol Recently my c180 - w203 (2001) has been taking ages to warm up. I have been reading around the forum and...
  6. D

    Text-driving fine to rise to £90

    Text-driving fine to rise to £90 | IT PRO Unfortunately I doubt that raising the fine to £90 will make the slightest difference to any of the total idiots who use their hand-helds whilst driving. For reasons totally beyond me, the police don't seem that bothered either. At best they may wag a...
  7. A

    GL Rise and Lower time

    Hi, How long should it take for the car to rise and fall between between each level (1-2-3), on the off road package.
  8. effbee584

    Classic cars rise in value

    For those of you lucky enough to own a classic Mercedes, have a look at this ............Historic Automobile Group
  9. bpsorrel

    Etc Grand Tour 3 Bike High Rise Car Rack

    For sale. Never opened, still in original packaging! Product Features: Fully assembled with no tools required High rise design keeps bikes away from number plate and lights 30mm oversized tubing 6 safety straps Elasticated bottom straps for extra security Fully adjustable to suit most...
  10. bpsorrel

    Etc Grand Tour 3 Bike High Rise Car Rack

    I have for sale a brand new (unopened) Etc Grand Tour 3 Bike High Rise Car Rack that was intended to carry our bikes on the Saab. This is a stock photo of it.. (oddly shown on a 211!!) And the spec here: Product Features Fully assembled with no tools required High rise design...
  11. T

    W124 thefts on the rise

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but W124 owners might want to be aware of this. Mercedes W124 Thefts on Increase Again | Motoring News | Honest John
  12. ringway

    Petrol Prices Set To Rise Once More, Say AA

    Petrol Prices Set To Rise Once More, Say AA. LINK.
  13. The Boss

    Just Ordered a Brand Spanking New Car to arrive 1 week before VAT Rise - Yay!

    So after weeks of shopping around for the best deal - talking to 30+ dealers, i have finally got a super super SUPER Deal on a brand new car and deposit put down... If any one wants to have a guess as to what i bought, please do.. All will be revealed on arrival in December - which is already...
  14. 48hp

    Project Arizona, the rise of the Phonix...a wide body story

    Project Arizona, the rise of the Phonix...a wide body story It's been nearly a ten months since the bird landed in southern California. The rough little coupe sat quietly in the driveway being completely picked and probed, documented and photographed during each step of her dissection...
  15. Marque

    Crash for cash insurance scams on the rise

    Has anyone here been involved in an incident like this? BBC News - Crash scam figures at record high, insurers warn Surely, insurance companies should be on top of this by now.
  16. P

    Is there any cheap way to rise avangarde UP buy 4cm

    Hi, every one is lowering, but I'm different, what i would like to know, is there any cheap way to rise front suspentiion up to 4-5cm ? in W210 avangarde ? i almost cracked my front bumper, i cannor park it nowere in shopcentrum, they set rubber on the ground and set sighns "drive until the...
  17. AANDYY

    MPs get a 2.33% rise tomorrow!!!!

    :devil: Just heard it on Sky news:devil: Words fail me. Anybody else here getting a rise in this recession? :crazy: I guess not many.
  18. w124nut

    Fuel duty rise?

    I don't remember this one getting through. http://www.petrolprices.com/blog/duty-rise-set-to-bring-fuel-tax-to-in-weeks-110.html
  19. Swiss Toni

    2p rise in fuel duty from 1 April

    Just a brief reminder that there is due to be a rise in fuel duty on 1 April - 2p per litre. :mad:
  20. H

    Speed Penalties to Rise -Deaths Down

    Tougher penalties for speeding and other "excessive behaviour" by motorists are to be proposed by ministers as part of a bid to cut road deaths. Drivers who break the speed limit by a large margin could be given six penalty points, a consultation is expected to suggest, meaning they would be...
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