1. M

    2015(15) audi rs6 avant 4.0 twin turbo automatic tip quattro tfsi 552 bhp black

    Full Details Audi RS6 4.0 V8 Twin Turbo TFSI Quattro Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th May 2015 – 15 Reg • Two Owners From New – Last Owner Since September 2015 • 8,438 miles only with Full Audi Dealer Service History • 4.0 Litre Twin Turbo Engine – 552 BHP • CO2 Emissions...
  2. L

    Audi C6 RS6 Avant

    Hi all, I thought I'd pop this up here in case anyone is interested. So it's time for something new after owning my RS for over a year now which means I'm putting the car up for sale. The car has been faultless and actually more reliable than the BMW 520d I owned previously. The reason...
  3. B

    E63 estate or RS6

    After owning merc Amg,s and Audi rs,s ive ended up with the E63 estate and I hope I never get swayed back into an rs.Reason being the Audi rs6 and rs7 which I've recently owned is quite a boring car,simply because it does everything you want it to do effortlessly.Its very fast,planted and very...
  4. michaelk3289

    2003 Audi Rs6 Avant

    2003 RS6 Avant, Metalic Blue, 103,000 stamped up service history, huge history file, Cambelt change, gearbox service, recent brakes, heated elect leather, satnav, cruise, Bose, TV, 4 previous owners any questions please let me know
  5. D

    RS6 v XFR v RRS Supercharged v E63

    The RR Sport I was buying has turned into a debacle of major proportions so I'm starting to hedge my bets and look at other possible avenues... Narrowed it down to these four, rough budget is £25k. My own perceptions are: RS6 Estate - Positives - perfect all rounder, rapid power...
  6. ACID

    NOT a AMG Audi RS6

    Hey Guys we had the Following car in today for a stage 1 remap!!! @ Msl I have to admit the car is Awesome and mega quick!!! Stock 513.90 WHP (574 bhp ) 551.18 WTQ ( 617 tq ) Stage 1 ECU Map 641.30 WHP ( 718 bhp) 660.70 WTQ ( 739 tq ) watch?v=Ar_J_z1vwxE
  7. K

    Audi rs6

    My current car lease isn't due to run out until next year! Already I am thinking about my next car :doh: I set my mind on an AMG over 4 years ago, but each time when I due to change my car, I also change my mind as well, because I want to pay off my mortgage, so I ended up choosing a lesser...
  8. sheepy67

    audi rs6 v10 ?

    any one had any experience of the c6 audi rs6 v10 twin turbo, looking to change again 2nd quarter next year. Would be the estate version as its the only way my better half would let me change the car again... Thanks steve
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: Audi RS6 Vs CLS63 AMG Shooting Break

  10. W

    Audi RS6 v Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake

    Audi RS6 v Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake: Super Wagons. - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube Xm_RvrS67VU&
  11. D

    A Day In The Life Of An RS6 V10.....

    Just a mini-review of my friend's RS6 V10 that I had the pleasure of driving on Saturday. First things first; the power. Not as immediate as I would have thought, it's obviously fast as **** but it didn't feel rapid, like an Evo FQ400 does. The ride was pretty decent even in sport mode...
  12. O

    E55AMG or Audi RS6?

    Right, firstly I've had it with my TVR, an eletrical fault has left it stuck in Europe, luckily having breakdown cover I will be able to get it home and fixed, then promptly sold!, so really I need to start thinking about what next, I want something that's going to work and be quick too, would...
  13. simon1966

    Need an estate - E55, C55 or RS6 advice please

    Hi Guys - I am new to this forum and am after a little advice / recommendations. I currently have a Jag S-Type R (may be a swear word on this forum but...) anyway I have had my car for 4 years and it has been great! Understated, rare, supercharged V8, good performance etc, etc, but I really...
  14. smillion

    RS6 - wow !

    Had a little cat and mouse recently with an 2009 RS6 Avant. One of the few cars I have ever come across that left me staggered at its performance. A good old fashioned traffic light sprint (in the country and on National Limit road I would add) had me following closer than he might be used to...
  15. Mudster

    Audi RS6 Avant

    I saw one of the new ones of these this afternoon in Reigate High Street, the first one I've seen in the flesh so to speak. A very imposing car, this one was in an electric blue colour with black windows and fully badged. Look a lot better in reality than on the web.
  16. E

    Test drove 2003 Audi RS6 today

    I managed to get a test drive from the audi dealership today. The interior ok but not as nice as a W211 E class. The design of the back seats was good in that you could fully fold down the seats and have access to the trunk. Engine note was superb when starting the engine. Made a deep rumble...
  17. T

    spy video Mercedes C63 AMG wagon and Audi RS6

    Spy video Mercedes C63 AMG wagon and Audi RS6
  18. Carrotchomper

    Wrecked RS6- Scary pictures

    This is posted on PistonHeads. Not sure of the provenance of the photos, quoted speed or the assertion that the driver emerged unscathed, but LOOK AT THE STATE OF IT! :crazy: That is some serious impact force. However, since it's a LHD car the exact driver's seat area appears undamaged...
  19. Guy

    E55 v RS6 v M5

    Video review - but the commentary is in German... Lots of bananas for anyone who can translate the verdict!<img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':bannana:'> My O level German is not standing me in very good stead! Enjoy. Link
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