1. C

    Alloy refurb and scratch repair in Surrey

    Hi all, Anyone know a decent place to get my bumper scratches removed and alloy wheels refurbed in Surrey? I'm based in Kingston :)
  2. M

    Car Detailer in Surrey

    Just wondering if anyone can recommended a good mobile detailer in surrey around M3 corridor. Car needs some serious TLC in time for Dunsfold this weekend thanks
  3. 5

    Mercedes Benz World - Surrey, Weybridge

    Hi All - Since I bought an M3 I don't really post here anymore, but it was such a nice day yesterday I couldn't resist going to see MB Brooklands. Here are my pics, let down by the E36 and E60 AMG to be fair, they were not pristine.
  4. C

    W124 CE320 - New Owner, Surrey

    Hello MB folk. I've recently bought a car I was looking-for for a long time, and am mighty happy. Really impressed with the car, the vendor, and this site, and I look forward to making a contribution, In the meantime, however, I rather suspect I will be asking lots of questions! It's good...
  5. Lxb3

    IMAT (Ian Mathews), Caterham, Surrey

    Hi all, I've used Ian in the past - ex-main dealer (Rose and Young), extremely knowledgable and very helpful, and very reasonable rates. I've got my SL booked in with him for next Monday... let's see what he finds!!! :crazy:
  6. D

    Hello from Surrey

    Afternoon all, I've been reading the forum for the past few weeks and finally got round to registering. Ordered my first Merc and couldn't resist the C63 after testing driving alongside a C220 Diesel. 29 - wife - no kids - so I thought why the hell not. Car should be with me in 3 to 4...
  7. M

    Greetings from Addlestone, Surrey

    Hi Guys, Last night I became the owner of my first C class coupe - a 2002 C220CDi SE - very happy with it so far! I'm not new to Merc's (no expert either, this is number 4) but I am new to that model so I will no doubt be filing lots of (Dumb) questions in the relevant places but...
  8. simon1966

    Need a good dent man in Surrey/Camden

    Hi All I have a small dent in my rear door. It's shallow but bugs me everytime I look at the car. Does anyone know of a good dent man in Surrey or alternatively Camden area of London. Some years ago my local Subaru garage (Cheam Motors) used to use a really good man (I know as they used...
  9. C

    Searching for a Specialist in Surrey or Sussex?

    Does anyone have the contact details of a good, trustworthy Mercedes specialist in Surrey or Sussex area? What an honest opinion on a slipping autobox...
  10. C

    W209 cluster, speedo, instrument clocks, speedometer repair in Surrey

    As you can probably see from my previous posts I have only owned my W209 clk240 for only a month now. My cluster (instrument clocks) has been playing up since I've purchased the car. Problems: - Once in a while my speedometer needle will not pass 40 mph (fortunately there a an electronic...
  11. I

    Good paintshop in Surrey

    We are going to need to get the boot of our R-Class painted as it has three small rust bubbles that I want to get sorted before they develop into something more serious. We've also picked up an AMG style rear bumper on eBay that's going to need painting and fitting, so best get them done at the...
  12. W

    Mercedes Dealerships in Surrey - Brooklands Mercedes Benz world

    Have any forum users dealt with Mercedes Benz Worlds Brooklands and if so how did you find their service and attention to detail? I'm an old cynic and worry they could be just "too big" to offer a great personal service?
  13. S

    Hi from Surrey

    Hi, new to the forum, had a poke around and the posts on here seem to show you all as a great bunch of people so hopefuly I will be able to help some of you out (and hope for some myself!). Keep up the great forum! Best of luck to you all.
  14. G

    Garage recommendations for W124 servicing near Battersea (or Surrey etc?)

    Hello all First post, and I'm asking for help already! Yesterday I picked up a tidy W124 E280. It's in need of a service and I'd like to take it to someone who knows that they're doing with the 124 but won't charge the earth. I'm in Battersea, but am happy to travel. I also have a...
  15. wobbly

    Typhoon Fighters over Middx/ Surrey

    Anyone else see the two Typhoon Euro Fighters at about 4.45 pm today heading SouthEast over Shepperton. I know they are based at Northolt for the duration of the Olympics, but quite surprised to see them at quiet a low level, making so much noise. Anything kicking off ?
  16. nigel cross

    Wheel refurbisher Surrey

    Any ideas for a refurber of wheels in Surrey/ London Borders? I have heard that Wicked wheels near Guildford is Good
  17. G

    Anyone near Sutton in Surrey

    Was wondering if any one was local to a car dealership Malcolm Clarke, 95 Langley park road, Sutton surrey. They have a E63 wagon which I have put a deposit down on without seeing, the description and dealer sound honest but would great if someone could pass there eyes over the car...
  18. Whitey

    TM Motors, West Molesey

    Just wanted to say thanks again for great service from TM Motors. Invited me down last minute (3.30pm) sourced a starter motor, kindly fitted an auto box selector bush, spotted a gearbox leak from 'box electrical plug, plug replaced, topped up transmission fluids . . . Friendly family crew...
  19. J

    Anyone used these specialists in Surrey?

    Hi All, My W211 E55 AMG is due for a 'B' service now and I've finally decided to break with the full dealer history and go to a specialist from now on. After a simple search for Mercedes specialists in Surrey (I'm just south of Croydon) it seems I have a fair amount of choice with these...
  20. J

    N&F automotive MOBILE mb specialist (surrey)

    I just want to take the time praise a guy called NICK @ N&F automotive from caterham surrey (mobile upto 100 miles away). After having a problem with my merc that no other so called MB specalists could sort out. I used nicks services and the guy is so clued up its unbelievable. He sorted it in...
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