1. SouthEastHire

    Hello from Surrey- New C63 Owner

    Evening All, I am now the proud owner of a C63 AMG Coupe after falling in love with the V8 lump back in 2008. I picked the car up from MB Brighton Friday 27/03 and have had a few ups and downs since then. The car ended up going back to Brighton on a low loader last weekend all arranged by...
  2. CreosoteChris

    560SEC Parts Car (Surrey) Apparently Free to Interested MBClub Reader

    Posting here to give this post some exposure Note - I am not connected in any way with the vehicle or OP, just thinking that 560SEC owners may not have spotted the original post with original title in original location Regards Chris 93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 104k...
  3. J

    Hi from Surrey

    Hi guys, I have joined as I adore the Mercedes 560SEC but don't actually own one myself. Recently, the chance has come up to get my hands on one but the problem is it is an MOT failure and needs £2000 worth of welding to make it safe and the owner of the car has not bothered picking it up...
  4. C

    Hello from Surrey!

    Hi all, I'm a new member but have done this slightly the wrong way around by posting a couple of times elsewhere yesterday. We have a 2009 CLS 320 CDI which we love and based on feedback so far are likely to own for a long time! I love cars generally and have a small but varied collection...
  5. G

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 01/03/2015

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club Sunday 1st March 2015 09:00hrs - 12:00hrs (approx) Walton Lane Riverside Car Park, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1QW (ish) Google Maps Link... Hello again folks, I'd just like to thank you all for making 2014 a really great year for the WBBC to be born in...
  6. G

    Anyone use DDR Surrey for AMG service?

    Hi everyone, I have done a quick search and have found DDR surrey come reccomended on this forum and Pistonheads but all those I have seen have used them have been non AMG cars (at least as far as I can tell). My early 2009 C63 requires a large B service (according to the manual slightly...
  7. R

    AMG Servicing Berks / Surrey

    Where is recommended for C63 servicing from a main dealer around the Surrey / Berks area? There is Slough, Beaconsfield, Brentford and Brooklands. I imagine they're all similarly priced.... is there haggling room generally as I'm new to Mercedes? Cheers
  8. J

    Wheel Alignment in Surrey

    Just had MOT on SL55 and inside edge of both front tyres are badly worn. Have only done 1200 miles on them since I bought the wheels and tyres and so likely that previous car they were fitted on had the problem. Will need to fit new tyres so to be safe want to get wheel alignment done. Any...
  9. Y

    Valet services in surrey ?

    Hi guys ! Can anyone tell me of a good valeting service in the Surrey area ( preferably around the Guildford area) , I want to keep my E350 in the best condition possible but I don't seem to have the time ( or any decent weather lately) to do it & I HATE it being dirty ! Any help would be most...
  10. N

    Surrey Rolling Road £40 Saturday

    As per the title.....Charlie is having one of his £40 Saturday's this weekend (15th November) at his new place in Farnborough. I'm on at 10.15am so if anyone else fancies a go email Surrey rolling road and see if there are any spaces left!
  11. P

    1992 W124 320TE AMG - Surrey - £7.5k

    320TE on 181k with a full AMG package except the engine. This includes full gen 2 bodykit, which is rare in estate form. Genuine AMG Aero one’s, diamond cut with black center and AMG center caps, minor curbing. AMG springs and shocks, which includes the correct TE AMG SLS Shocks and matching...
  12. R

    Recommend a paintshop surrey area

    Hi All, Thanks to a silver haired lady who didn't stop to meet I have a minor bumper scuff to deal with, it is right on the corner and whilst I polished most of the damage away I am left with an area missing a small amount of paint but no so small to be able to touch in. Could anyone...
  13. G

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 27/04/2014

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club Sunday 27th April 2014 09:00hrs - 12:00hrs (approx) Walton Lane Riverside Car Park, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1QW (ish) Google Maps Link... *** Pre-1990 cars only please! *** Come along to the glorious riverside in Walton-on-Thames for some good old...
  14. RattlerRattler

    Looking for a quality painter in Surrey area...

    Having had the SL detailed, it's now really showing up any minor paintwork blemish, stone chips etc.... even more, so I'm thinking of getting all the stone chips and scratches repainted, can anyone recommend a quality painter in the Surrey area? It maybe that it can't be easily retouched and...
  15. M

    Greetings from Surrey

    Good afternoon I have been a Mercedes Benx enthusiast since a youngster and own a 250sl 1967 and 250se coupe 1965. Currently the Pagoda is 99% Complete and the coupe is going in for its bare metal respray on Thursday after months and months of work carried out by myself and friends in my...
  16. Owen009

    New Member Surrey.

    Hi all Just saying hey to all C63 members. I'm new to the forum as I've just put a deposit down on a 12 plate red C63 Coupe (with PP) from MBW in Brooklands. I currently own a 09 plate GTR R35 to which I'm trading in. Sad times but I've had my fun and now it's time for something a little more...
  17. RattlerRattler

    MB Specialist in Camberley / Surrey area

    Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable, decent MB specialist in the Camberley, Surrey area? TIA
  18. W

    Recommendations for Alloy Wheel repair in Surrey / London

    Hi all, I'm sure they're are suggestions on the forum but as I'm really tight for time I hope you don't mind me asking a repetitive question; I'm looking for a reliable, good quality alloy wheel repairer in the Surrey / South west London area for my girlfriends Audi wheels. The alloys...
  19. R

    Auto Electrician in Surrey (preferably mobile)

    Hi, A Class W168 2003 Petrol Manual A210 has starting problems. The battery is fully charged I have disconnected the battery overnight and it solved nothing. Put the key in, all seems normal, but when you do the final turn of the key to start the car it does nothing. No clicks...
  20. reflexboy

    Specialist in Surrey

    Anyone used these guys? Mercedes Servicing Any good?
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