1. P

    Swapping C180 to C250

    Well we were not even in the market for a diesel car but at the Merc dealers today picking up some parts and saw a lovely top spec 2013 plate C250 AMG Sport CDI with only 20,000 miles new MOT & just serviced. After some aggressive negotiations I managed to secure £7k trade in on our 2011 C180...
  2. G

    E55 1998 - Xenon lights swapping of

    Hi guys, I have (what I believe) are 'non adjusting' xenon head lights. I've found a pair of 'auto adjust' headlights, will they fit my car? One of my lights has a small crack in it and the other has condensation. Here is a photo, please correct me if I am wrong in my assumptions. The front...
  3. steve333

    Swapping an audio 20 over

    Hi all,I've managed to find a tested audio 20 on German ebay for the wife's slk(her CD player no longer reads discs),question is,how easy is it to remove the old unit and replace it with the new one,many thanks for any help!
  4. shadenfroh

    CLK W208 - problems with swapping Audio 10 with Audio 30?

    Hello everybody :-) I'm looking to buy a CLK and since the head unit has somewhat limited support, I'd like to install one of those Dension devices that replace the CD changer. However, as far as I know, Audio 10 doesn't support one. Unfortunately the car I'm eyeing come equipped with it...
  5. MikeAMG

    Swapping the CL55 for a 911 - Mad??

    Hi all I'm thinking about getting rid of the CL55 for a change to a 911. So my CL is pretty much spotless, no corrosion, no leaks, only 48k miles. I've spent the year covering all the area's that can cause issues with these, and just done a full (all fluids and filters) B Service...
  6. V

    Swapping seat pads in vito

    My vito is over two years old now and the drivers seat and arm rest are showing signs of wear/heavy use compared to the passenger side. I can just unscrew the arm pads and swap them over but anybody know what's involved with swapping the two seat pads over? I can't just swap the seats over as...
  7. P

    Swapping drls

    My A207 cabriolet has the "hockey stick" drls in the sport front bumper, anyone on here swapped them over to the straight style ones, lots of conflicting advice wether it's a straight swap over or not.
  8. I

    Swapping to a 6CD multi player

    I have recently bought a 2012 CDI 220 sport that has a single cd player in it, because my last one had a multiplayer in it I'm thinking of swapping it. I have a few queries over what to do: How do I find out if I can swap it? If so how do I find the part number If I was thinking of getting a...
  9. T

    Merc techs - engine swapping advice please

    I have a 98 c240 Sport estate which I love, but is rather lacking in the 'go' department. Consequently, I have been looking at the low price of similar aged rusty E55 saloons and am thinking of using one as an engine donor. Although I have a fair amount of experience with fabrication and engine...
  10. XJguy

    Swapping out driveshaft support, question?

    I need to change my driveshaft center support. I would like to know if the bearing needs to replaced too? I see the bearing and the mount is sold separately. As far as I know the bearing is still good its just the rubber mount that fell apart. Car has 103k miles. Also do I need to press out the...
  11. Y

    Slk window switches, swapping them over. - give me a clue please!

    Hi again, I need to change the window switches on the drivers door on my SLK, I have the replacement, does anyone know how to do this please, does it just lever out or is there another methods such as taking off the trim from the handle......cheers.
  12. mikemac

    Swapping AMG Slk55?

    Hi guy's, I love my black slk55 AMG, so much so for my next car I will probably just get another one! I would like a small change, so I was wondering on the possibility of simply swapping my car for one in white. I know our cars are quite rare but was wondering if there is anyone on this...
  13. K

    W203 C180 swapping the engine?

    Hi everybody. Im just wondering is it possible to swap the engine for ML111 EVO Kompressor? At the moment I have it ML111 EVO non kompressor with only 129bhp. Is it only the engine and ECU that Ill need to change or also differential and drive shaft?
  14. H

    Swapping M104 in W114 Coupe. Is dual fuel pump a must in M104 E320?

    The original setup for W114 (250 CE) uses one fuel pump. In a W124 E320 the fuel is supplied by two fuel pumps. Is it absolute necessary to install this setup in my swap or can I use the existing one that is bolted on to the chassis already?
  15. BaldGuy

    Swapping SL R230 rear lights

    I swapped my rear lights from the all red normal SL500 lights to the SL55 lights lastnight, however I sourced the 55 lights from a car in Germany, they fit fine obviously but the fog light does not work on the drivers side. Am i correct in saying that on LHD cars it would be the passenger...
  16. W

    swapping suspension springs

    Hi I have a w124 1993 sportline coupe, the ride height is too low for where I live, can I just swap the springs for standard w124 ones, or do the shocks etc have to be changed as well. Thanks
  17. amg3.6

    ECU swapping W202

    A quick question for our gurus on the forum. If an ecu is taken out of w202 and put in another will it work together with EIS and steering lock? Is it plug n play or is there more to it?
  18. B

    Swapping an E55 for an E220 CDI

    Folks Find I'm not using my 2004 E55, and am seeing a dealer tomorrow with a view to swapping it for an E220. Keen to save £330 on tax, lower insurance, halve my fuel costs, and brakes/tyres/servicing etc. plus the E220 is three years younger. Am I mad? I do love the speed of the E55 but...
  19. haggis2768

    swapping from s203 to an ml

    Although I love my s203 I find that its barely getting used these days,I'm either using the c124 or lately the 'Indian' w124. So am wondering about buying an ML? Not too worried about mpg as I won't use it much,the only thing I use the s203 for is occasional long trips and carting my GSD around...
  20. gIzzE

    W212: Is swapping an Audio 20 to Nav 50 easy?

    I posted in the General forum by mistake.... http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/133217-w212-swapping-audio-20-nav-50-easy.html
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