1. E

    W203 CDI Thermostat Replacement DIY?

    Hi guys, I got a replacement thermostat a few days ago. I was going to have my mechanic install it this weekend, but he's not available. From researching a bit, I understand this is a relatively short and easy job. Perhaps it will be suitable to serve as my very first DIY? I wasn't...
  2. E

    Thermostat Replacement and Correct Coolant

    Hi guys, I intend to replace the thermostat on my 2006 W203 C200 CDI (OM646) this weekend. The coolant currently in the system is G13 (see attached img). It was used after replacing the water pump a year and a half ago by a mechanic very familiar with these cars (used to work in a MB...
  3. B

    W211 320 CDI Thermostat

    So I'm sure this is not a new topic. Been wondering why fuel economy was poor, and performance erratic, and suddenly twigged as I noticed that the water temp gauge was usually indicating around 60 max, when I guess it should be showing 90 degrees. So just a couple of questions, really for...
  4. E

    R129 SL500- It never rains but it pours -Transmission, Injection, Thermostat...

    Well, I fitted the new ignition leads to my 1994 R129 SL500 today. It now has new engine wiring harness, distributor caps & rotors, ignition leads, and plugs. The regular misfire is gone - Hurrah! HOWEVER... It still runs roughly, and misses, splutters and holds back under throttle - quite...
  5. Hawkwind

    The Mystery Of The Thermostat And The Fuel Consumption

    I replaced the thermostat on my w208 CLK320 the other day, simple job and all was well, heater nice and toasty. I was feeling a little smug and pleased with my handiwork, basking in the warm air wafting from my vents. Today I had to drive to Heathrow, mid afternoon, plenty of time, so...
  6. E

    W638 Vito won't warm up

    2002 W638 2.2 108CDI Vito. I've just bought this van with suspected head gasket failure. Pressure tested and leak (gas) tested the system and both tests indicate HG OK. Drove it for the first time this weekend, about 15 miles in total, up some steep hills, along a national speed limit...
  7. chubbs111

    where to buy thermostat

    hi guys can anyone recomend an online company for purchasing a thermostat for a 2000 e320 cdi please.
  8. zakspeed007

    replacing thermostat housing on c250cdi

    Hi. I'm picking up a new thermostat housing tomorrow for my 2010 c250cdi,was wondering how easy/difficult a job it is to do. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers Zak
  9. J

    Thermostat problem

    Changed thermostat and sensor as I broke sensor,now the temp gauge does not work and rad warning light is on even though it on the full line,disconnected battery for 3 hours as told this might reset it did not any idea,s 270 cdi 2001
  10. M

    Thermostat W211 E55 AMG

    Hi Can anybody please tell me the part number and where I can buy a thermostat for a 2003 W211 E55 AMG Thanks
  11. M

    Thermostat W211 E55 AMG

    Hi Can anybody please tell me the part number and where I can buy a thermostat for a 2003 W211 E55 AMG Thanks
  12. M

    W163 ML270 Thermostat replacement and broken fuel line

    Hi guy's, Thought I would pass on some info to help someone else in the future. As seems to be common place on ML270's my thermostat was not working correctly and was either fully or more likely slightly stuck open as my engine was constantly running cool around 60 degC. Having done a lot...
  13. mersum1es

    MB thermostat failed again?

    Espensive Thermostat changed, no avail? Newish thermostat and temperature again 60 deg? Here are pictures from Finnish forum (thanks Sergey!) where they put thermostat of the some Escort LX/Renault R8/R10? inside the upper water hose (location of stat showed, use some soap to install stat...
  14. Jakerook

    Thermostat question

    C180 SE coupe. Just after a 30 mile run and the engine temp was showing a constant 40 degrees. Is this a thermostat issue ? And will this have an effect on the heating and air con in the car as this is performing poorly. Thanks
  15. M

    Thermostat on a 2003 E220 CDI W211

    Hi..How do I change it? not ordered the part yet..ok for a home job?
  16. Clogdiver

    Thermostat C209 200K

    I was going to take a look at swapping out my thermostat because I can do 25 miles and the heater never gets hot and the display never goes above 40. Has anyone seen a fault like this? Is it normal for CLK 2006 200K to be so slow to get hot? When I change it, is there anything to look out...
  17. S

    Genuine MB thermostat inferior parts

    To anybody buying a genuine thermostat as I have in the last few days check it thoroughly as after putting mine all back together when I went to screw the bracket to the thermostat housing that holds the fuel pipe in place, I realised that the hole was there but there was no thread there I've...
  18. Dee James

    how long for a garage to replace a thermostat on a ML270?

    does anyone have any idea how long it would take a garage to replace a thermostat on a ML270? ideally i would give it a go myself but not something i would think is feasible to tackle at the side of the road so i want to get an idea of what a garage will charge if i source the parts. As...
  19. Dee James

    W163 ML270 thermostat question (sorry)

    from looking at posts here and elsewhere i know this has come up many many times - my temp gauge sits just above 60 at all times but the economy is no worse than i would expect for a big heavy 4x4 and the heater comes on pretty quickly - certainly within a time i would say is normal Based on...
  20. M

    where is the thermostat on a c class 180 kompressor 2006

    Hi, please help, I'm trying to find where the thermostat is located and any ideas on changing it, Many thanks
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