1. S

    After seeing this I am convinced that too many options are a bad thing

    Used S500 DESIGNO AMG Sports Pack for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1096427) The interior is a bit yuk but the exterior...hideous The interior would maybe work with a black car if you like that sort of thing, but that paint colour should not be available to S class buyers. It makes the car look...
  2. C

    What is the thing in the upper part of the centre armrest on my R230 SL500 ?

    Inside the upper section is a plastic fitting on the drivers side with three sprung loaded round covered openings facing inwards. At first I thought they were for cigarette lighter plugged accessories but they are too close to the HFP puck for that and the sprung covers just push straight in...
  3. WesLangdon

    strange thing

    Mercedes 190 cosworth | eBay
  4. LTD

    If you buy one thing today - buy a poppy

    Lest we forget the sacrifices that our servicemen and women make on a daily basis to afford us the freedom that we take for granted. It's not a big ask, chuck a quid or two in the tin and pay your respects to those who do their best to keep us safe. Lest we forget.
  5. d w124

    The thing is going on auction next week

    Well,I didn`t know how to name it ^ but this is what I mean Mercedes-Benz CL 500 AG Excalibur For Sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: advert number 180094) | Classic Cars For Sale
  6. poormansporsche

    Strangest thing ive ever seen .......

    1993 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX BLUE | eBay ???????? Must have taken some skill to build but honestly , why ????
  7. moonloops

    Funniest thing I have read for a while..

    BBC News - Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur :D
  8. L

    W124 estate e280 - 93 - strange thing...!!

    Well give the ol girl a good looking over at the weekend... she's just had two new wings and wishbones so i thought i'd check rear end grease a few nipples...!! Shes been grabbing at gears recently and put this down to old age and 170k... the gearbox oil and filter were changed at w124...
  9. M

    Help Am I doing the right thing?

    Hi I am feeling sick at the moment as I am looking to change my car!! I have always had companmy cars and made a rash decision to by a C32 AMG is costing rather a lot in fuel so now need to move on... So...I am getting a E270CDI **********e 03 plate.. W211 I think? it is the 7 seater...
  10. Pitts Pilot

    ABC suspension; a good thing or a nightmare?

    I will be looking at, and test driving, a 2008 “Sport Edition” SL350 this coming week. I believe that there is a possibility that the vehicle has ‘Active Body Control’ suspension. Whilst this initially seems like a bonus, I am concerned that if it goes wrong it will cost a fortune to fix...
  11. P

    Have I done the right thing?

    Hello Firstly I am about to leave to pick up my new car (a 2008 C220 Estate), I actually went out to buy a Range Rover or M Class but saw this thought it made great value for money and for an estate car it looked pretty good. Just wanted to say hello and ask is there anything I should know...
  12. G

    Hard brakes first thing in the morning.

    Hi all, My 2007 C180k has developed a fault were first thing in the mornings (especially when cold) when I first start the car the brake pedal is extremely hard to push, only when the engine has been running for 10-15 seconds am I able to push the pedal easily. The brakes work fine after this...
  13. jaymanek

    Best Netbook or Mini Laptop Thing

    Just sold the Ipad... Perfect as it is, the only times I really use it (on holiday) I feel I need to carry a laptop too. So looking around there dont seem to be as many as there once was? So far the ones that stand out are the Toshiba 520 and the Samsung ones.. Anyone any tips... Around...
  14. R

    A funny thing happened...

    My daughter's boy friend went to see Man U play Newcastle yesterday. This was the first time he'd ever gone to see his team play. He was with his father, a Newcastle supporter...;);)
  15. brucemillar

    E300te 4matic whats this thing

    In the spare wheel compartment I have a thing with a white plastic winder sticking out of it. Any clues what the winder is for/ does?
  16. ringway

    The first thing that comes to mind.

    I saw this sort of thread on another forum recently. Someone posts a word, and then someone else has to post a word/s related to the initial offering. For example: Fraud Squad Car Wheels On the bus Stop Emergency So, I'll begin the thread with: Petrol...
  17. M

    is there such a thing as rubber mats for the 211?

    Have looked on fleabay, etc cannot find any - does such an item exist?. Would like genuine Merc ones please. If anyone has a part number for saloon variants that would be good. Thanks
  18. T

    New member thing about an E55

    Thought I'd better introduce myself. Thinking about a W211 E55 Estate. Seen a couple advertised with one that's pretty close. Just need to decide if rwd is for me since I said the last time I wouldn't go back (although that's in another thread) Currently living just outside Newcaslte and am...
  19. benny

    W202 grill and rear above number plate light cover thing

    I have these two items for sale £5 each (postage extra, not sure what that would cost though)
  20. A

    Fuel baffle problem in sl350,what is best thing to do!

    Hi All, I am new to this site and would appeciate anyones advice. 2 days ago picked up my sl350 2003. First of all,what a car,so confortable and so smooth also shifts when i put the pedal down! However when i first picked the car up the fuel was near empty,so i travelled around 15 miles to the...
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