1. T

    I did the right thing and now have a medically limited licence!

    License was up for renewal. One of the questions on ther renewal form asks "has a doctor ever advised you not to drive". I'm 5 years post surgery for oesophageal cancer. The surgery is major and it screws you up for a while. So after the surgery I was told I couldn't drive for 6-8 weeks, and...
  2. garycat

    Parking sensor indicator half cover - such a thing?

    I find that at night, the streetlights reflect on the back of the dashboard parking proximity and this creates a moving orange light reflected in the windscreen every few seconds which is quite distracting. Is there any way of covering the back of the indicator to stop the reflections? I've...
  3. ringway

    What's the best or worst thing you have ever bought?

    What have you got that you couldn't do without? It may be something used on a daily basis or something that is just used occasionally, but well worth the purchase price. For me, the Dyson Vacuum cleaner and used Miele dishwasher, both of which are heavily abused by Mrs Ringway have been...
  4. Londonscottish

    Is there such a thing as an E350 CGI facelift?

    A mate has asked me for help finding a newer car to replace his W211 2003 E320 petrol. And, because he's in London he's adamant that he wants a petrol I've shown him the 2011 W212 E500 that MIW posted and it's not quite what he wants (he's not a petrolhead like me). So I showed him a 2012...
  5. Palfrem

    E36 dead as a dead thing

    Here's a funny one. Took the E36 for a spin on Saturday - all is well. Put it in the garage, definitely no lights on, door closed, etc. Came to start it today - nothing! Not even the click of doom from the solenoid. It's a newish battery and according to the needle on the charger...
  6. B

    Strange thing happened today

    My s212 e63 threw a wobbly today. There was suddenly quite a lot of vibration thru the drivetrain under medium acceleration. Engine light has come on. I pulled over, stopped the engine and before calling recovery I decided to start it up again and check under the bonnet for anything obvious...
  7. 219

    A really $h!tty thing to do !

    Man jailed for poisoning wife with laxatives - BBC News
  8. gr1nch

    Lots of new members, a good thing

    Just had a look at the new members section and there seem to be a lot recently, which is great. I did a quick post count and that's around 20 in the past week. Maybe it's with new reg 1st March fast approaching affecting new and second hand sales? Or are Mercedes cars just becoming increasingly...
  9. lfckeeper

    Wheel judder - any thing else to check

    Just had the lower ball joints replaced, now I have a 55 to 70 (ish) mph judder. Im assuming a wheel weight has fallen off during the work so going to get that checked. Anything else I should ask them to check whilst Im there?
  10. c32pilot

    Disabling the auto seat & steering wheel thing...

    53 reg W203 C32 AMG. When you get in the car the seat & steering wheel go to your position & when you get out they go back. Can this be de activated at all? Only had the car a few weeks & it's doing my head in. Complete waste of my time & battery.... :wallbash: Cheers.
  11. lisa110rry

    What a lovely thing to happen!

    Today I gave my little green car a nice wash (it's been three weeks as we've been on holiday for a week). This was because I wanted the car to be nice and clean to take a friend to Southport for a social get together, taxis being so pricey. Anyhoo, I've just been back to pick her up to bring...
  12. lisa110rry

    Saw a really scary thing today

    We were coming back from a holiday on the boat today, Norfolk to Lancashire. At that place where the M67 joins the M60 (I think, I was driving, directions by my husband), there was a lovely '15 Merc with two of those sort of triangular exhausts standing stationary, with a Merc Rescue Van behind...
  13. M

    The C63 doing its thing on the Ring

    Car was other way to put it. Started out with 6f/5r on the PSS10s and went up to 7/6. On the AD08R I managed consistent 9.02-9.05 but with the R888R this dropped to consistent 8.44-8.48 laps. Optimal lap (all best splits on one lap was a 7.50 BTG). I'll add a few more vids of...
  14. lisa110rry

    A really lovely thing happened to me today...

    On Saturday, I washed, polished and generally titivated the outside of my little green car to within an inch of its life, then drove 30 miles round trip to a lovely garden centre. Yesterday it rained heavily and I was pleased to see the water beaded up quite nicely. For seventeen years old she...
  15. uumode

    Forget tyre blackening, light grey appears to be the 'in' thing

    Not sure about the look myself... tyres just looks faded or UV degraded :) Or maybe something went horribly wrong with the tyres on the showcased C43 AMG coupe
  16. F

    W205 - Can't bloody get in the thing!

    I have had my W205 C-Class Estate since last September but not done many miles over the winter in UK. Two weeks ago, I drove down to a holiday home in South West France and really enjoyed the trip. I was very pleased with my previous W204 but this was better in every way. Until yesterday...
  17. B

    How does this Phone thing work

    If I push the buttons on it the thing bleeps , does any one know how to work this device
  18. J

    Is it not the done thing to pimp an R170?

    Despite days of searching can't find any R170 UK cars that have been styled, trawled through many albums on here, but few non standard cars. Is it not the done thing in the UK to pimp your 170? Is it the hairdresser image? Seems odd as its a great shape, perfect for styling, or is it because...
  19. D

    Is there such a thing ???

    I have a white C class with black grille etc. I would like to change the blue bonnet badge for a black one. Is there such a thing made???:dk::dk:
  20. S

    W204 PCMCIA card reader thing

    That goes into Comand unit so I can plug in an SD card
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